New York Homecare Agency

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Project for the Homecare agency in New York

About the Client

A New York based agency of more than 1500 active employees currently, providing Home and Disability Health Care services and working under CDPAP initiative. Such a company has a lot of different internal processes and requires strong internal communication and quick operation.

The challenge

 What problems need to be solved?

The Client started to build operations in the traditional way, like a brick-and-mortar business, a self-enclosed unit with a team of executives managing the facility. This way needed a complete control and autonomy of unit, but also complete liability. In addition, it was hard and very expensive to scale up resources to create a best-in-class healthcare facility at this point. 

Company offices were eating a significant amount of the company’s revenue. Its organization and expenses pushed the business to renovate its management and staff collaboration. The optimization of business processes was the decision for the future changes that brought grow of the revenue from the first month. 


  • Reliability
  • Urgent deadlines
  • Autonomy
  • High processing speed
  • Data security


Providing the remote healthcare staff:

  • Intake specialist
  • Nurse Assistant
  • Social worker
  • Appointment confirmation agent
  • front desk assistant
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist 
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Claims Associate
  • Patient Service Representative

Appointment confirmation agent
24/7 multilingual technical support

Project Progress

We joined the Client’s team in 2017, providing remote outsourced resources as a service. From call center activities to back office support, we built a variety of departments and completed teams with experienced specialists under the supervision of the team coordinator. The FDH outsourcing model improved the quality of customer service and internal HR management for better operations.

Part of the services that were outsourced, reduced the time required for operating and preparation room inquiries turnover by 35%, allowing the organization to add more than 100 extra patient cases each month. When Front Desk Helpers connected to manage the Nursing and Appointment Schedule, there were increases in the number of patient sessions with MRIs, ultrasounds, and CT scans, thanks to optimized scheduled frames, resulting in 10% annual savings in departmental spending.

Healthcare facilities develop proficiency in particular areas for various reasons, based on organizational mission, community needs, competitive area, or availability of financial resources. By outsourcing human resources and whole processes a facility lacks expertise in, you can maintain exceptional service and do so more efficiently (with huge cost savings), keeping the excellent quality of customer services.

Possibility to hire remote employees for any industry starting from $7/hour per operator


 Building the procedures step by step, gave our company the opportunity to understand the homecare industry from its backend. Due to its social meaning and the practical challenges we had to use a complex approach to integrate remote specialists. It took some time for the upper management to be assured that remote specialists are capable of achieving the goals as efficiently as the office employees could.

The telecommunication facilities are running on a cloud-based telecom platform and professional phone equipment, guaranteeing a high rate of call center response rate and call distribution.


We started with one single department of on-call specialists, proving day by day that remote specialists can handle other tasks in a home care agency. After one year we were 15 people in billing, coordination, intake, and social worker departments. After 7 years, non of the agency’s departments can operate without remote specialists, with a total number of 50 employees. Our specialists are now assisting in caregivers’ application process, processing invoices and authorizations, assisting with incident reports, checking insurance eligibility requirements etc. 

We created and manage the following departments:

  • Billing
  • Front Desk
  • In-Take
  • Human Resources
  • Personal Assistant
  • Marketing
  • On-Call
  • Coordinators
  • Customer Support
  • Nursing
  • Development
  • Social Development
  • Compliance

Business impact

The first and the most valuable change remote employees brought to the homecare agency are:

  • strong communication bonds within each department and cross-department coordination; 
  • solid organizational structure, where each employee knows their tasks and responsibilities;
  • increased number of patients;
  • promoted the agency in NY and helped to achieve top rates in the state;
  • helped to diversify the languages spoken (the biggest language groups are English, Spanish, and Russian);
  • increased caregivers’ retention.
Home Service

World trusted equipment providers

Applied Technologies






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