Recruitment of professional remote staff becomes easy and organized with outsourcing companies.

Concentrate on the quality of care for your patients, and we will make your medical practice sustainable and financially efficient by performing a wide list of office duties at a professional level on time.

The Suitable Outsourcing Solution in 2023 for Healthcare Providers

Outsourcing processes with remote employees services becomes a trending opportunity for business in 2023. Dedicated remote agents cover most of the operations in the healthcare industry institutions, from dental office to a hospital or medical center:

  • nursing facility
  • pharmacy
  • home care facility
  • health care clinics and hospitals
  • community mental health center
  • blood center and laboratories
  • ambulatory surgical center
  • renal dialysis facility
  • emergency medical services provider
  • physician, therapist and any other category of healthcare facility, entity, practitioner, or clinician

Healthcare Outsourcing Services: List of Remote Specialists 

We can help you outsource most of office positions. Here are most popular remote specialists in medical institutions that are in demand in the USA. You can hire one or several specialist at our company:

Call Center Representative

A live and professional intake coordinator is the best solution for answering services and catching incoming leads. By choosing excellent speaking and dedicated call center agents, the company ensures confidence from potential clients.

Social worker

A key person in assisting individuals, families and groups with the challenges they face in healthcare. Remote Social workers with excellent problem-solving and organization skills guarantee the best representation for the medical company.

Scheduling Specialist

Healthcare has exceptionally high requirements for an appointment confirmation agent. Only a professional, accurate, attentive scheduling specialist can multiply the medical company’s revenue.

Clinical Administrative Coordinator

Entrust all the administrative, staff and operational processes to the remote Clinical Administrative Associates. Due to their outstanding organizational skills, they manage all the tasks concerned with medical activities.

Compliance & Insurance Specialists

Find a highly-educated and attentive remote Claims Examiner/Insurance Verification Specialist to improve the position of the healthcare company in the competitive market and guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

Nurse Manager and Auditor

Staff is the key to success. Remote specialist in nurse management and auditing helps control the quality of the medical services, friendly work scheduling, and a productive team environment.

Medical Record Management

Proper and in-time documentation process is a base for the company to operate efficiently. Especially when it comes to medical records. Experienced Clinical Documentation Specialist provides all the documents maintained according to the rules.

Invoicing Specialist

Remote Medical Biller ensures online clients’ support in account authorization, invoices, payments, billings and other financial processes related to the company’s medical services.

Human Resources Assistant

Dedicated healthcare workforce is on the side of HR specialists who manage administrative, personnel, training, compensation and documentation processes related to the company’s employees.

Health Information Technician

Medical Coding is the most responsible and crucial stage in healthcare. There is no tolerance for mistakes or inaccuracies, so entrust it to an experienced professional in Medical Transcriptionists.

And other specialists, including front desk and back office professionals.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Front Desk Helpers


The healthcare providers need to lower their expenses and optimize business processes. Choosing the right and secure company to outsource your needs will guarantee you stable and profitable business for years:

USA-based company

Experienced in outsourcing since 2015

Simple pricing

Most specialists’ rate starts from $12/hour


Any time zone or individual schedule

Up to 65% saving

On staff and office operating costs


Excellent level of writing and speaking English and other languages

Fewer limitations

You can change the specialist to the one that suits you the best

Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing with Our Experts is:

  • Data secure: HIPAA Compliant, PCI DSS compliance v2.0, GDPR
  • Dedicated HR and Project manager
  • Professional Telecommunication Equipment and Software support
  • Short start: we have completed collecting a pool of candidates, training process and needed paperwork
  • Quick assistance and response rate
  • Individual approach
  • Experienced team

Get Medical Outsourcing Staff for Your Institution in 6 Steps

  1. Leave a request
  2. We contact for details to generate a quote
  3. Accept the quote and have an interview with the candidates
  4. Approve your future remote team
  5. Complete the payment for the service
  6. Enjoy the first of all the advantages of remote healthcare support

Healthcare Outsourcing Portfolio

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    Why choose Front Desk Helpers for healthcare outsourcing services?

    The choice of a healthcare outsourcing services from medical bpo provider is the most crucial and important stage on which your confidence in best client services and future success depend. It’s not easy to find the highly-responsive outsourcing vendor among all the healthcare bpo companies operating in the USA. Except for excellent care services, the key factor in client satisfaction is a friendly, sincere and professional support team, with perfect written and verbal English or any other language, ready to help 24/7. 

    For the 7 years of work Front Desk Helpers Co gained the huge expertise in healthcare bpo and healthcare call center outsourcing. So you can be sure we already know how to help in managing remote employees for your healthcare business! You will receive from Front Desk Helpers the specialists who are ready to serve your company’s goals, conduct the support services and assist your clients’ needs. 

    Feel free to contact us for a medical bpo quote and get the trusted source of customer support professionals and healthcare call center outsourcing.

    How do healthcare outsourcing services help save?

    Medical and hospital outsourcing helps free financial, time and human resources in searching and adjustment of highly-motivated and experienced client support professionals. Due to the low rate of most specialists starting from $12/hour you get a significant economy of costs on wages, office, equipment, custom healthcare software, vocation, sick lists and other staff costs. Let your company’s revenue grow with your client’s service with no limits.

    What are the most popular outsourcing services in the healthcare industry?

    The most demanded remote specialists provided by outsourcing are: medical receptionist, patient care assistant, medical assistant, medical billing, healthcare call center agent, human resource assistant etc. Our company provides all these and many other professionals for the best quality care support services. Leave a request and they will be available to you in the shortest time.

    What languages do you provide in your multilingual support team?

    Despite the fact that we work in the US healthcare services market, we have native speakers in English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and other European languages. On your demand we can provide your company with the healthcare customer support specialists of any other language you need.

    Can outsourcing help in medical business management?

    Thanks to a large number of remote specialist and IT services Front Desk Helpers can provide the business management solutions of any level to decrease your operational, time, workforce expenses, increase productivity, response rate and data processing speed to build a high-innovative healthcare company of the next generation.

    How do you provide healthcare management system software support?

    Due to our IT background Front Desk Helpers offers a turnkey software management solution for healthcare business. Whatever you choose: custom healthcare software or one of the popular healthcare IT solutions – be sure our experienced  team will help you in IT and employee business processes optimization.

    How can I be sure that a hospital outsourcing specialist suits my business?

    You can easily choose and outsource the remote specialist for your healthcare company among a large number of candidates we have already collected, trained and approved by their previous experience and personal qualities. Healthcare outsourcing is more profitable than hiring: you can find professionals in any particular healthcare field or change them for the best suitable ones.

    How do you know that each of your agents is doing well?

    Your business goals and customers’ satisfaction are our TOP priority. We use a lot of tools to ensure that all the operations are performed in the highest quality: calls recording and listening, operational routine checking, feedback receiving, etc. Our own healthcare it solutions tracks hold time, talk time, and other statistics that help in management control.

    What are privacy and data security?

    Be confident in the proper personal and medical data security. Due to PCI DSS compliance v2.0, and HIPAA requirements Front Desk Helpers certified we save and operate all the data with the highest level of confidence. All the Front Desk Helpers employees have internal NDA responsibilities and another type of NDA can be signed between you as a Client and our company as an Healthcare Outsourcing Services Provider.

    Are you providing healthcare BPO based on the contract?

    Usually we offer contract-based medical BPO services, but we might be flexible according to your individual needs.

    Other BPO services that may be useful for your revenue growth

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