Your business has never
been so profitable!

Get the best experts for your company from all around the world!

Give the second wind to your business saving enough
money to start another one.

We are a Remote, Multilingual
Service Desk Team

Our virtual call center consists of a skilled team of representatives providing cloud-based
customer support services. Front Desk Helpers’s main goal is providing quality outsourced
resources for all business needs.
We are an international company with staff spanning nearly every region and time zone. Front
Desk Helpers is a New York tri-state area based company focused on easy, dependable connectivity.
Because of this, we can offer multilingual phone tech support, as well as always having someone
ready to serve the needs of you and your clients.



Hiring Frontdeskhelpers services you don’t need anymore to look for competitive, smart, creative
and positive employees - we already found them for You!!! We gathered a potent remote team of
english-speaking and multilingual professionals from different countries such as phone
receptionists, economists, programmers, IT-professionals, experienced managers, psychologists,
social workers, translators, designers, writers, copywriters, business analysts, etc. Our
experts are able to optimize your business realizing all kind of work on daily basis, the same
way your office staff would do.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Due to our own in-house software, IP-telephony system and of course IT technologies you don’t need
your employees’ physical presence in your office in most cases.

Once your office management is redesigned to remote collaboration mode, you’ll never want to come
back to an old scheme of work, because you’ll experience all the benefits of collaborating with
remote staff from the first month.

And especially two main benefits that are: high quality and dedicated professionals and significant
office costs reduction. So don’t waste your time and money anymore.

Call us today to start saving your money right away!
It’s worth a try!!!

complete system of staff management


We have created a complete system of staff
management and control of realizations
of multiple business operations

Every day our remote employees realize a wide range of activities for different types of business: sales, advertising, IT-technologies, medical and sport business, etc. Our team-building techniques allow you to know each of your employees enough to feel confident and delegate such an important duties as communication with important clients, execution of payment transactions, analytic work, accounting and many more.

Contemporary world almost doesn't have limits of communication.
And we proved it once again with our successful projects.

Call us to hear about success stories.

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Consider the possibility of having a Virtual office for your work.

You would not only save costs for your business, you could also transform your business into a new format, opening up opportunities for further development and finding new investment ideas.

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