Call Center Services

Сall Сenter Outsourcing service

Not so a along time ago only large companies could afford a call center, but today small and medium business is also committed to the establishment of such units. And there is a reason for that. Because their own operators are familiar with the product as well as with your company’s culture like it is from the inside. Moreover, thanks to the modern technologies we can use temporary staff for special events in order to save company’s budget.

If you are not ready to invest time and money to develop flexibility of service

If you want your managers have been focused on the development of the main areas of the company, then you have better to get professional help from contact center agents to simplify tasks and organize any marketing campaign in the shortest terms. That is how our call center offices set up their work to handle large volumes of incoming or outgoing telephone calls. We help you manage and grow customer relationships and our approach in every marketing campaign is to meet the needs and requirements of the clients, in order to grow your business and make a profit. On the other hand, we persuade customers that your products or services provide the benefits that they are looking for. We focus on outsourcing inbound, outbound and automated call center services for your business.

Our contact center agents are trained continuously and we can guarantee a professional approach to every step

We provide a wide range of opportunities for advertising and marketing, which involves informing customers and working with feedback on your product or service. Also, we offer a telemarketing to invite your clients for special events, providing a short free number, interactive voice menu application and of course, a record held telephone conversations with access to important statistical information for in-depth research. Our outsourcing customer service will save your money on having a full-time employee, provide immediate support to your customers and relieve workload on full-time staff.

We offer very flexible and customized payment packages which are designed to fit the needs of your company. Regardless of which service you require, the pricing is the same, depending on the number of calls or minutes performing your tasks will take. So, using 50 calls or minutes a month, your company still has a the package that will entail a monthly fee of $39.00, plus the cost of the calls themselves, including taxes. On the other hand, to have a dedicated operator running your phone lines, it is a $7 per hour fee, paid monthly. Proper use of the call center outsourcing service can help you significantly to improve your customer service for all projects and, as a result, to increase the company’s revenue.

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