Front Desk Helpers remote assistance team.

Support Agents and IT tech support

Today, people from 40 countries work remotely in our company, serving our clients. We bring together professionals from all over the world, using the latest technology in telecommunications and network solutions to ensure uninterrupted communication between agents.

Since 2015, our company has held annual corporate events for employees from Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Moldova, and others. Below are photos from the last corporate party in the summer of 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The big family 🙂

Our Team
Our Support Team with a Birthday Cake

Our IT support team

We are an international company with teams from different countries. Our remote employees are from the USA, Canada, India, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Philippines, Italy, Poland, and other countries. This year we celebrated our 8th birthday now invite you to see our Front Desk Helpers team!

Our Team
IT remote support team. We are professional Software and App developers, Engineers and Tech Support

Front Desk Department

Front Desk\Help Desk department
The beautiful Front Desk department serves clients in different languages. Our remote on-call operators are happy to assist in English, Spanish, Russian languages

Remote Assistants Department

Remote Assistants department
Piotr, Svetlana and Natalia – department of Remote (Virtual) Assistants on English, Spanish, and Russian languages
Our team

The Front Desk Helpers brand

Front Desk Helpers branded shirt
Our branded shirts for the team – we love our company and the job we do 🙂



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