Our company


We are a global company that works across different time zones and provides multi-location and multilingual outsourcing business solutions. We are a woman-founded, woman-run business founded in 2015 by Anjelika Alkhasyan. We serve companies across the US and Canada, providing outsourcing, call center, and remote employee services in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and other popular languages. The main Front Desk Helpers headquarter is in New Jersey state. Today, our company has more than 50 employees divided between 7 different departments.


We serve more than 24,000 minutes of phone calls every day and have been developing our own proprietary telecom platform. Using this platform in combination with flexible human resources (HR) management, we can provide 65% lower hourly rates per remote employee than the leading competition. We also provide all the necessary settings, optimizing your company’s inside business processes (BPO).

Why remote employees?

Our solution is simple, effective, and, as a result, can significantly boost your company’s revenue just by avoiding popular and significant expenses – you no longer need to pay vacation or sick days, benefits, or even worry about insurance or taxes. We work according to the state and local laws and regulations. Outsourcing the management approach will reduce the costs of many parts of your company expenses or help avoid them completely.


Our priority is the security and privacy of our client’s information, and we work according to PCI DSS compliance v2.0 and HIPAA requirements because it is an important step in successful cooperation.

Front Desk Helpers company is a call center, dispatching, outsourcing and remote employees services provider

Front Desk Helpers works according to HIPAA and PCI DSS v2.0 requirements

With us, you get well-trained, multilingual customer service representatives to keep your business running smoothly.  Consequently, start saving money on hiring full-time office employees and cutting all related expenses. Our outsourcing multilingual call center assists you and your clients 24/7, using online chat, email, and phone customer support communications.


Our customer support service will be glad to help you with 24/7. You can reach us anytime by phone (844)-222-6368 (Toll-free) or at email sales@frontdeskhelpers.com

We will answer all your questions and settle all your issues within the shortest possible time. If you need some information about our services, certainly, our highly qualified remote employees will provide you with it. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Never hesitate to contact us anytime!

We would like to share our latest research "5 reasons to hire remote employees" with an example of how to save up to 65% of your company's expenses. Register here to download our white paper with answers: