About Front Desk Helpers company

We are a woman-founded and woman-run outsourcing company founded in 2015 with a headquarters in Old Bridge, NJ. Our key direction is providing remote employees, IT services and business process outsourcing. Our goal is to help businesses and companies grow by avoiding the most actual expenses with the help of our highly persistent IT
solution. Our base is a combination of professional equipment, cloud platforms and a range of proprietary software. We have built platforms to cover telecom, dispatching and HR management needs.

Front Desk Helpers team
Front Desk, On-call, and Help Desk departments

Our Founder and CEO Anjelika Alkhasyan has experience in different business spheres working with companies of any size and its customers. Today, we can successfully offer our employees services in such industries as:

  • IT development and engineering
  • Health
  • Financial services
  • Consumer products and services
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Business products and services
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Homecare agencies
  • Medical companies,
  • Trucking and Delivery companies

and others. By selecting the most suitable specialists, preparing and following the project plan and providing regular reports, you get a 100% expected solutions to make our partners happy with their businesses. The full list of our professionals, ready to be hired by your company, can be found on our professions page.

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Get to know our team

Currently, our largest areas are: remote IT developers and engineers services, IT support, call center services, dispatching, translation, business process outsourcing (BPO), remote bookkeepers and personal assistants. We are closely connected to digital marketing including context and targeting research, advertisement, SEO and even social network management and promotion. We have a huge experience in providing dispatching services for truck, courier and local delivery companies including who work for Amazon, and also remote coordination of different processes in-home health care industry.

“Your business has never been so flexible and profitable with us!”

Most of the companies all around the world already have a plan to hire remote employees which creates comfortable conditions in order to get more potential and productivity and increase their employee satisfaction level. Outsourcing opportunities have been recognized and actively being used in the work of online industries giants, and every year the demand for remote employees increases. Nowadays, the distributed team is a top priority in each company who is working seriously on the optimization of their expenses and business processes.  Companies like Microsoft or Google are an example who receive the services of the distributed developers, located overseas.

Five types of outsorucing services provided by Front Desk Helpers

5 of the most popular types of outsourcing services we provide

Front Desk Helpers means that everyone found his place in the growing industries and apply their skills in the best possible way. We have selected the most popular departments and build our strategy to provide actual services. Our family consists of HR, Compliance, Font Desk, Marketing, IT, Technical Support and Billing departments. Anytime we are ready to do what we have to do and it’s always business-like.

Why our company is better than just hire a freelancer?

We are aimed for long term cooperation. However, we are opened to assist your business for a short period as well. The advantage of cooperation with us is obvious: you don’t waste your time to find who matches your criteria to be on top with your tasks. All of our agents pass a pre-interview with us regarding the industry they are supposed to be involved in. You can be absolutely sure that your business in good hands and stay relaxed. Customer satisfaction can be reached thanks to our reliable co-workers, proved by previous performance. High-quality technical support and modern equipment is just an additional argument to receive a 100% expected result. The core of success is our developed HR managing system. In addition, all of our employees pass regular education to stay always on top of their working areas and actual trends both technical and mental. We build the business and make it as flexible as it has never been before.

What is the difference among the competitors?

If you want better results when hiring a dispatcher, see the difference. One dispatcher working full time (40 hours per week) costs $280. Every our dispatcher that works with companies that provide this particular service have the following obligations:

Constant communication with clients

We are not just answering service. We make calls, close deals, receive calls and assign them to the corresponding department or technician. Want your customers to be satisfied? We will give a call asking for feedback on the finished job. 

– Experienced in providing the client with all the information about the best solution for their problem

Understanding the client’s problem, not just taking note

Clarifying how many technicians are ready and able to take orders on a daily basis, prioritizing the tasks, jobs, and issues. 

– Controlling and monitoring the process of every job.

– Solving the issues with clients that call with complaints. 

You can receive any reports you need

We collect and organize all received information, collect reports, checking every single detail to make sure you have everything noted and inputted into the dashboard or delivered to the correspondent department.

– Making sure of payments and placing them on the job details

Completing the full sale process

Our dispatcher is following up with clients that didn’t receive the service because of a lack of communication or any other reason. We take note and make sure it will not happen in the future.

Do you need a hand in IT or probably planning to launch a startup?

We have the option you will definitely like! Our IT department provides services of multilingual remote engineers, developers, L1/L2 tech support to satisfy growing market demand for a Front end and Back end developers, web designers, PHP, Angular developers due to the rapid development of the IT-spere.

✔ If you are a new startup company

We’ll analyze the prospective volume of work and divide the tasks between the specialists – and we are able to suggest a specialist or the whole team in the necessary area. Our employees will be providing reports of the tasks performed under the guidelines of the team leader of our or your company.

✔ If your project lacks an IT specialist

…in a certain area, you may address our company by clicking the button below. In this case, our representative will consult you and we’ll choose a needed person and will get him ready for your project together. It’s free!

If you have a long-lasting project, plan to organize an IT-department of your own and hire a number of specialists of different ranks

…our company can help you with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for small, medium and large companies. It includes building the whole department of engineers and technicians, working in the sphere of project management. Our specialists help to study and to construct the total structure of the department, to adjust all the processes,  and optimize them if necessary.

Why outsourcing your company’s tasks?

We know how hard it is to build your own business. Too many anxieties with hiring employees, recruitment process, office rent, equipment and it’s settings, staff supervising and the biggest concern – taxes.

Most of the remote positions we provide cost 65% lower than the middle average in the USA. With us, you can hire multilingual bookkeepers, dispatchers, professional virtual receptionists, marketers, IT specialists including engineers, developers, web designers or even remote technical support agents.

Cooperation with us opens you an opportunity to avoid investments on the following:

  • HR and recruitment – save your time on learning of hundreds of CVs and interviewing. No dismissal consequences.
  • No taxes – don’t pay extra. No taxes, no insurance, no vocational and sick days.
  • No office – no rent and no need to supply any sort of equipment. Moreover – no bills by the end of the month.
  • International multilingual team – all of our agents speak at least 2 languages.
  • Focus on your own business – delegate your tasks to a skilled team who honestly doesn’t require personal presence.

Our proprietary HR management system allows you to forget about the office environment. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all business time zones. Sounds good? Fill out the consultation form and get free consultation within 2 business hours on how to outsource your job processes on significantly lower salaries. We don’t stop at this point, we offer a totally free 7 days trial with our team.

Don’t be afraid to try. The world is changing rapidly. The question here if you are able to accept these changes? Give us a call and we guarantee that you will turn all your concerns into your strength.

Looking for outsourcing services and can't figure out where to start? We will help
Looking for outsourcing services and can’t figure out where to start? We will help!

We work for you the first 7 days for free!

As soon as you received our consultation and ready to move forward, we send you a quote and reach the agreement on our future cooperation. During 7 days you can perform and explain your tasks directly to our agents – your future team. This week you can teach and tell us all your expectations. You will get an acquaintance with the stuff. Learn everything about their skills, share your protocols, give any advice and select who you think fits perfectly your requirements. These 7 days are completely free of charge for you. Our goal here is 100% of your satisfaction with the job performance of our agents.

5 steps of a successful company outsourcing projects launch

Once you become our partner you can delegate your work tasks to us. We take on ourselves to set up everything and provide all the necessary equipment for our remote employees. So anytime we are ready to take care of all incoming and outcoming calls, make reports, collect data, do research and stay online 24 hours a day. Quality assurance and monitoring on how our workers do is also an obligation from our side. After that, we provide you any detailed report as you might request. Basically, this process can be divided into 5 single steps:

1. Introduction

Give us all the information regarding your industry and the tasks you expect to be done by us. We will analyze it, make some research and pay attention to all possible details.

2. Development plan

We build a project plan. Find and select the most appropriate specialists to fit your requirements. Train them and familiarize them with upcoming tasks.

3. Team building

We schedule an interview with you and your new employees. Once everybody is ready we start our free 7 days training with your new team.

4. Project start

This is a day when your business will change because of our companies cooperation. Open a new page of your company – now you optimize and cut your expenses up to 65%.

5. Successful cooperation

From now on you receive reports and analyze efficiency. You have our support team 24/7 attentive to all your requests.

Referral program for our partners:

If you’re satisfied with our partnership so far, we’d like to introduce you to our referral program. It’s simple and straightforward and offers some benefits to you. If you recommend us to another potential client and they take us on – we offer you credit that can either be deposited to your account or applied to future bills. Our work isn’t just with dispatchers, but also front and back-office support, call centers and marketing services. So there are no limits of spheres we can be recommended in.

The referral program we’re offering would help you earn a 5% extra commission on each invoice paid by the client you refer to.

Why do we value our cooperation

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are aimed to show you next: if you want to get something you hadn’t before – try to do something you didn’t do before.

We would like to share our latest research "5 reasons to hire remote employees" with an example of how to save up to 65% of your company's expenses. Register here to download our white paper with answers: