Website Development for Cleaning Service in Florida

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Website Development Project for the Florida Cleaning Company

About the Client

Our Client is an owner of a Huge Cleaning service company in Florida. 

During business expansion, he aimed to launch a new cleaning product with colossal marketing support during its development. The Client needed a modern website developed with the powerful online booking tools. All the booking appointments for new cleaning service must be made using the Client’s website and operated with customized CRM.

In order to achieve this goal, certain tasks need to be completed.

  • New website designed
  • Content creation tailored to engage visitors 
  • CTA (call to action) creation to generate leads, and convert them to customers
  • Custom CRM with a wide range of marketing tools integrated and set
  • Additional functional in-service operating switched

The challenge

What problems need to be solved?

One of the client’s primary objectives was to create a groundbreaking service for cleaning and home renovation companies. The website should effectively showcase the service’s unique features and benefits over traditional services.

So during a website development and CRM integration, we should implement the efficient tools aimed on:

  1. Branding – to build a clear and respected brand message for potential customers
  2. Lead generation – to catch customer share on the market and increase the business’s profit
  3. Customer retention – to stimulate the clients to retain order
  4. Automation – to streamline current sales and requests processes


  • Urgency
  • Budget limit
  • High-speed CRM with comprehensive customer experience opportunities


According to the requirement, we have developed a complex plan of action that included the following:

  • Target audience research
  • Catchy and clear web design and web development
  • Engagement content creation
  • Customer funnel development
  • Website integration with CRM
  • SEO website optimization 
  • Lead generation using innovative forms and tools
  • Customers retention using CRM

To cover the main project works, we provided the services of the following specialists:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Project Manager

Design for a website
24/7 multilingual technical support

Project Progress

Goals to be reached:

  • To present a new cleaning product as an up-to-date and progressive service.
  • Strengthen brand awareness by using brand style in the design.
  • Create UX/UI friendly performance for the best customer experience
  • Make visitors trust the new product (testimonials, support, photo of the complete projects)
  • Force them to make a decision and make an appointment
  • Positioned as a client-oriented company compared to its competitors.
  • Give visitors a wide range of convenient tools for appointment and support service

Service page design
Booking form
Possibility to hire remote employees for any industry starting from $7/hour per operator


During the project, our specialists should become part of the Client’s Company and work tightly with the business owner.


During the initial stage, we researched the service, primarily focusing on its marketing aspects, such as demand, target audience, and the potential need the service could fulfill.

In the second stage, we study the customer journey and how users discover our service. By researching relevant keywords, we optimize our website for search engines and create engaging content, effective call-to-actions, and optimized meta tags.

While the third stage work, we design the interface and make layout designs. Then, do the layout and programming. Finally, set up analytics based on KPIs and business objectives.

During the fourth stage, we establish website payment methods, customize the CRM to align with our business objectives, and implement marketing tools that support the approved general marketing strategy.

Our remote team did all the work.

Business impact

Consistent and coordinated execution of actions was the critical factor to the success of the urgent project.

  • We create a commercial website that is ready to operate and generate revenue from the first day;
  • A new cleaning service awareness;
  • Increased visibility online and makes it easier for potential customers to find them;
  • Improved customer experience by offering online appointment, support and appointment management, which can improve customer satisfaction with the business;
  • Increased customer engagement;
  • Perform modern online lead generation tools to operate 24/7;
  • Reduce the sales loading and additional cost savings due to performing online means of making an appointment;
  • Increased number of orders;
  • Make a strong foundation for further website SEO growth due to proper webmaster settings, metatags, and high-quality content;
  • Competitive advantage by creating catchy and recognizable designs to stand over the competitors;
  • Potential growth of revenue;
  • New tools for data tracking and analysis.

World trusted equipment providers

Applied Technologies

WIX Website development

CRM set up and customization

Google Analytics

SEO analysis package

Payment system setup

Do you interested in commercial website design and development? Or need any other type of website? Contact us for quote!

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