New Jersey Logistics Company

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Outsourcing Project for New Jersey Logistics Company

About the Client

Our client is a logistics company subcontracting transportation services to Amazon. It is located in New Jersey and provides freight forwarding as per Amazon’s requests.

Due to an increasing amount of trust from Amazon Co the Client needed to expand the business. His request was a team of highly organized and experienced dispatchers able to provide thorough and competent communication between the drivers and Amazon’s operating entity.

The challenge

What problems need to be solved?

Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) owners should have the highest eligibility criteria in transportation service quality provided.

Because the client had a strict partnership commitment with Amazon (Amazon Delivery Service Partner), this imposed high demands on the needed dispatchers.

However, as the Client showed a lack of confidence in remote specialists’ work quality, our team had the challenge of justifying the owner’s high demands in dedication to the virtual team.

The specifics of the client’s work:

  • The need to work according to Amazon’s strict operating procedures;
  • High volume of reports to accompany the operation;
  • High pressure on dispatchers due to Amazon’s increasing requests;
  • A strict system of penalties and costs which accompany any deviations from Amazon regulations;
  • Experience in Amazon Relay’s proprietary CRM.
Amazon Relay’s proprietary CRM dispatching support


  • Data security,
  • High professional demands,
  • Stress free,
  • High processing speed,
  • Experience,
  • A high level of English language and literacy,
  • Call center and technical support.


To cover the Clients demand we proposed him a team of 7 remote dispatchers and a team lead, supporting up to 50 truck drivers daily, able to operate the logistic processes through Amazon Relay’s proprietary CRM. Telecommunication, software and equipment support.

The remote team cover 24/7 working shifts.

Truck driver takes notifications from dispatcher
24/7 multilingual technical support

Project Progress

This project included a several stages.

On the first stage we organize the interview with proper candidates and the Client.

The second stage included a training process for candidates with Amazon Relay CRM and DMS (Dispatch Management System).

During the third stage we make onboarding and acquisition with the Client’s team of dispatchers and drivers.

On the fourth stage we implemented and customized of our telecommunication system with Amazon Relay CRM and Client’s communication tools.

According to all the cooperation terms we took all the processes of communication, training, replacing, motivation to the dispatchers team provided. 

Any logistics company remote employees support
Possibility to hire remote employees for any industry starting from $7/hour per operator


Our dispatchers are provided with a cloud PBX platform connected with VoIP professional phone stations with exceptional voice quality, completely data secure and accurate call reports for the business. 

The telecommunication facilities are running on a cloud-based telecom platform and professional equipment from our partners: Fortinet, Polycom, Cisco, guaranteeing a high rate of call center response rate and quality technical support. 

This specific logistic project needed the scope of innovative technologies and customization to setup the network and telecommunication, and integrate with Amazon Relay CRM and own Clients management system.


A dispatcher for Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) plays a critical role in managing the logistics of package delivery operations. Their primary responsibility is to coordinate the dispatch and routing of drivers and vehicles to ensure that packages are delivered on time and in an efficient manner. Avoid long stops and provide constant communication.

We started with a team of virtual dispatching agents, which day by day handled operational and managing tasks between the Client’s drivers and Amazon Logistic Entities:

  • Managing driver schedules;
  • Scheduling, appointment trips, and operational support;
  • Assigning routes;
  • Monitoring delivery progress;
  • Reporting on delays, emergencies, breakdowns;
  • Problem solving, repair services searching;
  • Tracking, freight, system updatings;
  • Coordination, managing, control and reporting any stage of delivery process.

Then we provided extra dispatchers when the business expanded.

All stages of the project were done by our team remotely.

Business impact

The most valuable change our remote dispatchers brought to the Client:

  • Managing logistic flows;
  • Penalties and delays reducing;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Clients satisfaction growth;
  • Volume of Amazon’s trust and appointments toward the Client grew;
  • Increased number of orders;
  • Communication between dispatchers and drivers improved;
  • Client’s staff turnover reduced;
  • Revenue grew;
  • Increased number of order.
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