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What Is A CRM System?

A CRM system is one of the most important for the business related to the sale of services and products among the necessary business applications. The CRM system stands for Customer Relationship Management system; a system for managing customer relationships. Integration of a website with a CRM system is a must-have procedure for managing customer relationships and making management decisions based on real data. The CRM is a smart business application that in most cases helps to increase profits by 40-50%, reduce costs, reduce sales losses, and speed up the processing of applications by company managers by 2 times. The CRM system definition, it follows that the system is intended for customer relationship management.

Types Of CRM Systems

CRM systems differ depending on the purpose:

  • CRM systems for large business
  • CRM systems for middle business
  • CRM systems for small business

Some CRM system developers make specialized and simplified CRM systems for e-commerce, marketing, sales in restaurants and cafes, for real estate and others.

How A CRM Helps Increase Marketing and Sales Performance

A CRM is a customer relationship management system that allows you to customize the marketing business processes of a company, automate the work of sales managers and provide better customer support. Integration of a CRM with the company's website is a mandatory stage developing and scaling of a business in e-commerce, sales of services and products.

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How does the CRM system work?

The CRM system helps to build relationships with customers more efficiently by automating processes. The CRM allows you to increase the level of sales, reduces the loss of customer transactions due to errors and miscalculations in the work of salespeople and, as a result, allows you to sell more with minimal marketing costs. Many CRM systems are built on the basis of a ticketing system, which automatically generates a ticket request for an application form from a client.

Why integrate a website with a CRM system?

The CRM system integration allows you to establish the work of the sales department and increase the quality of customer service in the company. Integration of the CRM with a website will enable you to prevent the loss of leads and process all incoming requests in a timely manner without delays, view detailed reports on the company's processes in real time, correct the work of managers and optimize the internal processes of the enterprise.

Benefits Of The CRM System

Analysis of the effectiveness of the sales department

It allows you to assess the effectiveness of each manager separately, coordinate and distribute the workload among employees, and analyze the stages of the sales funnel.

Storing and organizing customer data

The CRM records the entire history of customer interactions with the sales department. Purchase history, contact information, preferences are saved, all messages and conversations with the operator are recorded. This allows     you to increase customer loyalty by sending    personalized recommendations and suggestions.

Business process automation

The CRM system reduces the burden on company managers and allows you to optimize business processes. The system simplifies the workflow, will enable you to translate transactions by funnel stages, and automatically launch mailings according to ready-made scripts.

Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels

End-to-end analytics allows you to track the full path of a customer from viewing an ad to paying for a purchase on the site. This module in CRM will enable you to determine the effectiveness of marketing investments and the operation of advertising channels, plan and adjust the company's budget.

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Capture Requests From Site

After the website is integrated with the CRM system, the information that the buyer leaves on your website in contact forms immediately goes to the CRM system, where an event ticket is automatically generated. The CRM system will itself create a new request or deal and ask the manager to process the request. Sales or customer support staff do not lose incoming requests, calls and process inquiries from customers faster without delay. We can connect any website to a CRM system by performing a few operations and changes to your usual form of contacting customers or ordering. Separate integration modules have been developed for websites created on the popular CMS WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and others.

How to use a CRM system.
The main features of CRM systems.

Benefits of data exchange between the website and Bitrix CRM

Imagine a table similar to an Excel spreadsheet with your customer base, but only when you click on the customer's name, a convenient card opens, which contains the entire history of working with him - from the first call to the purchase. Here you can listen to calls, view the purchase history, create documents according to a template, write an e-mail or sms, set a task. When a customer calls you, CRM prompts you to open his card, and you immediately greet him by name. Even if another manager led earlier this buyer, you can easily answer his questions without any "clarify and call back". CRM itself will send the client an SMS about the order status and remind them of the meeting. As a result, you save time - both yours and the client's. This means you make him more loyal and inclined to buy.

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What does the integration of the website with Bitrix CRM?

Automatic lead


The CRM system will automatically create a new contact and application when the visitor leaves in the feedback form. The CRM will immediately appoint a responsible manager and task him with contacting the client.

A request goes
straight to work


Set up automation of business processes just once, and the system will process the request itself: create a task for the employee, send an SMS to the client about the status of the order, and issue an invoice in two clicks.

Sales control


Control not only the appearance of new applications but also the speed and quality of their processing. All deals are collected in one window and grouped by stages of the sales funnel you can immediately see how the work is progressing.

Always correct data


Has the client changed the data in his personal account? The information will immediately change in his card. You always have up-to-date information, and you can effectively build a dialogue with the buyer.

How process automation works

Automation of business processes helps to put communication and sales management of your company on an automatic machine - so that everything works quickly and accurately, and mistakes of the "human factor" are minimized.

The CRM system takes care of the entire routine:

  • We customize the system not only for your internal users but also for external stakeholders.
  • We provide an effective, highly efficient and user-friendly online experience that leads to better net results.
  • Thanks to responsive design & technology, we look and function great on all devices, including mobile ones with over 60% of users using them.
  • You and all users receive the best customer service and support through various means: Messenger Live Chat, online support portal, e-mail, telephone, etc.

Thanks to the CRM system implementation, managers make fewer mistakes, which means they sell more often. And it becomes easier for the manager to manage the company: he spends less time on control and gets more resources to develop the business.

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What effect does a CRM have?

The CRM system helps you sell more and make money easier. With it, you will be able to develop your business more successfully. In 2019, our company surveyed 300 companies and found that after the implementation of CRM, their profits increased from 25 to 35%. For some companies, profits increased by 1.5 times after the implementation of CRM. Thanks to CRM, other indicators are also growing. Bitrix CRM has helped our clients to increase profits, increase employee productivity and speed up the processing of customer requests.

Better customer results

accelerated the preparation of documents
more calls to clients
accelerated the processing of applications
Increased the company's profit from sales by 1.5 TIMES
The average check increased by 10%

What kind of CRM systems are there?

A Cloud-based CRM system

A cloud-based CRM system, is hosted on a cloud server and works via an Internet connection CRM system online. This version CRM system provides the ability to work online via the Internet, and you get the opportunity to work on any device.

Cloud based CRM system
A boxed version of CRM system

The boxed version of the CRM system is installed on a corporate server and allows you to use the CRM system in a corporate network. In this version, you can use your сorporate desktop access from your desktop PC.

Boxed version of CRM system

Methods for integrating CRM and site

You can connect the CRM service to the site manually using built-in product tools, or third-party applications or programmers' services. Let's analyze the features, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of all existing methods of implementation.

Free (built-in) integration methods

Integration with the site can be carried out without third-party intervention - for this, the built-in product toolkit is used. Of the free methods of synchronization, it is worth highlighting the installation via a ready-made script, or a connection via email.

Setting up a link form or widget

setting link form or widget

The most popular solution is to add a ready-made widget or contact form. To do this, in the CRM synchronization settings section, you need to create a new form: set a name, enter a site address, select the characteristics and functionality of the form from the proposed options. After saving the new form in CRM, the program code will appear, which must be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the source code on the site pages. It is important that the code is added between the lines and - otherwise, the data will not be transferred to the CRM.

Connection via mailbox

connection via mailbox crm

This method is usually used when it is impossible to carry out correct integration through the widget. Connecting via email is only possible on sites that use a contact form with the ability to send emails. For example, when, after a purchase, a check or a confirmation letter is sent to the customer by mail. For synchronization, you need to connect the mailbox to CRM, and then set up duplicate mail for the client at the address specified in the email address. Additionally, it is required to indicate that the mailing address of the client should be registered in the addressees. Otherwise, each new letter will not be registered in CRM as a new lead, which will lead to false requests and cause the analytics module to work incorrectly. The Main Advantage Of Such A Solution is the ease of setup and the absence of financial investments. The disadvantages are the lack of UTM tags and custom fields breakdown.

Integration with paid solutions

We can integrate a CRM system with a website using third-party software. For synchronization, it is enough to purchase a ready-made solution from the CRM system integrator or on the website of the integrator company. The cost of a ready-made solution directly depends on the functionality of the product and the popularity of the system used. The Advantages Of The Method, more extensive settings for synchronizing and loading data into CRM stand out. Of the minuses - the need to install a third-party application, often problems arise when finding a suitable product for unpopular CMS or self-written sites. Separately, it is worth noting the complete absence or problematic work of the application's technical support.

API Integration

Integration method using API

The API is a programming interface that accepts requests to the server and sends responses, allowing you to configure synchronization of third-party IT products with each other. Integration with CRM systems via API allows you to implement and configure sending any data from the website, including special ones. For example, through the API, we can configure the distribution of customer requests by CRM groups based on the format of contact data, as well as transfer values from UTM tags. This allows you to fully control the sales funnel, as well as launch end-to-end analytics and analyze traffic sources. The Disadvantages Of This Method are the complexity and high cost of implementation. To integrate a website with a CRM system, it is necessary to involve a team of qualified specialists. In addition, for the stable operation of this method, you need to install the website on a hosting that supports processing PHP, Java or JavaScript tags.

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What problems does CRM solve?

Managers forget to process requests

The CRM captures requests from the site, appoints responsible managers, assigns them tasks at each stage of the sale. If the task is overdue, the manager will instantly know about it. You will not lose a single client again.

Difficulty analyzing sales

The number of new leads, the amount of transactions, the number of calls and meetings - the CRM will provide visual reports on all business processes. The CRM will give a report on each employee and help you figure out lazy people in the sales department.

Staff turnover affects sales

The history of working with clients is collected in the CRM: a new manager can immediately get up to speed. He just needs to complete the tasks set by the program, transfer the deal to new stages and communicate with clients competently.

The manager leaves and
takes the customer base

Set up access rights in the CRM so that managers can see only their clients - now no one except you will have access to the full client base and will not steal it.

Order an online presentation and acquaintance with the CRM system! In 15 minutes, in a screen sharing format, we will tell you how Bitrix CRM solves your tasks and increases the efficiency of your activities.

What should be in the CRM?

There is a set of functions that must be present in the CRM system:

  • Customer accounting module, which stores the entire history of customer interactions.
  • A module for managing sales with a visual sales funnel, where it is indicated at what stage each transaction is.
  • Automation of business processes, which allows you not only to set tasks, but also to send sms-mailings, change data about objects, remind you of the approach of important dates - for example, the expiration date of the contract or the birthday.
  • Real-time analytics and reports in the form of visual graphs and charts, as well as tables with detailed data.
  • Task management is built in such a way that the manager instantly receives messages about completed and overdue cases by employees.
  • Integration with mail, website and IP-telephony, so that all incoming requests, through whatever channel they arrive, are immediately recorded in CRM.
  • API programming interface that allows you to set up integration with 1C, corporate software, mobile and other applications.

Everything you need in the Bitrix CRM

Working in the "cloud"
Our program is a cloud service, which means that it does not require installation on a computer, you can work in it outside the office from anywhere with the Internet.
The CRM at a competitive price tag
Bitrix CRM has an affordable price and discounts up to 20% when paying for a long access period. Other CRMs with the same functionality have 2-3 times more price tag.
Flexible system
Bitrix CRM is easy to customize for the individual needs of the company: you can create your own fields, sales funnels, checklists for managers, remove unnecessary modules, etc.
Integration options
Bitrix CRM is integrated with mail, IP-telephony, website, sms-mailing services and Telegram messenger. All incoming applications are automatically recorded in the program.
Control over employees
Bitrix CRM records every step of the employees, you always know how much time the employee spent at the workplace, how many calls and meetings he made, what is the amount of his sales, etc.
Save time
Bitrix CRM automates work and saves you time: sets tasks, controls deadlines, generates documents according to a template, sends sms to clients, reminds of important calls and letters.

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