Chicago Beauty Brand

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Chicago Beauty Brand

About the Client

Our Client is an owner of a small business in the beauty industry: a Beauty Salon, Beauty Academy and Accompanying Products Shop in Chicago, Illinois. 

Business directions and activities:

  • beauty services for women in Chicago and its suburbs;
  • regular training sessions in services for people who want to change their occupation or become a beauty artist;
  • online and offline stores of professional instruments and cosmetics.

All the booking appointments in Salon and Academy and purchases in the Store are made using the Client’s websites. Therefore, working with digital platforms was critical for sales growth, brand awareness, business development, and profitability increase.

Beauty Service in the Client’s Salon

The challenge

What problems need to be solved?

The main problem the client mentioned was a highly competitive environment formed in the Beauty Industry and Beauty Services Education field in Chicago and the dumping price policy many of the competitors were providing.

The Client wanted a new firm and catchy brand style to differentiate themselves from the competitors. But most existing clients knew the old logo and needed to be informed about the changes in the proper way not to be lost.

So in marketing strategy, we should implement the efficient tools in:

  • Branding – to build an easily recognizable and respected brand among potential customers. 
  • Strengthening expertise – to defend the cost of services compared to competitors, we need to build an image of a highly expert community in providing services.
  • Lead generation – to attract new customers and increase the business’s profit.
  • Customer retention – to stimulate the clients to retain purchases.


  • Tight deadline
  • Budget limits
  • High processing speed


According to the marketing 360° strategy, we have developed a complex plan of action that included the following:

To cover the main project works, we provided the services of the following remote Project Team:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • PPC Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • SMM manager
  • Project Manager

24/7 multilingual technical support

Project Goals

Goals to reach:

  • Switch existing Clients to a new Brand name and its products.
  • To represent LashBou Salon as an up-to-date and progressive service company that cares about its reputation and is ready to communicate with its Clients.
  • Strengthen brand awareness by using brand style in the design.
  • Stimulate the Clients to visit the website, and social media, leave reviews, decide on the next visit to the Salon, take a course in the Academy, and buy the products in the Shop.
  • Strengthen the Clients’ satisfaction by providing extra offers, tips, and reminders.
  • Position itself as a more client-oriented company compared to its competitors.

Possibility to hire remote employees for any industry starting from $7/hour per operator


Beauty Industry Target Auditory has a specific behavior. It requires very aesthetic performance. As most of our work was focused on unique content, our team demanded on-time and significant client involvement in high-quality content creation.

During the project, our specialists should become part of the Client’s Company and work tightly with the business owner and its representatives. 

Brand Book elements for the Client
Beauty Salon Website Design
Design of the Beauty Services Academy Website
Design of the Cosmetics Online Store Website


This project included a range of services, that were decided to perform by the stages.

Stage 1. Early 2022. Rebranding.

Our team developed now Logo, Brand book and printed materials

Stage 2. February 2022. SEO research, Web design and Web development.

We created three websites for three business directions: Eyelash & Eyebrow Services, Eyelash & Eyebrow Academy, and Accompanying Products Shop. Each one has its specific functionalities, third-party services, and payment systems. All the websites were Search Engine Optimized and enriched with the keywords content to generate leads immediately from the launch. Additional Request forms were performed.

Stage 3. July 2022. Email marketing.

We developed and implemented additional customer support by launching a sequence of emails based on custom-designed templates, integrated and automated by CRM. The emails were triggered by the event or customer action

Stage 4. August 2022. SMM marketing.

The social media accounts were redesigned according to the new Brand style. The content plan was created to build an easily recognizable brand among the competitors. For the most engaging posts paid promotion was used.

Stage 5. September 2022. SEO and Content marketing.

 We developed and run out a cross-platform marketing strategy. Its purpose was to raise the website’s search ranking and improve website statistics compared to the competitors. Among the main results we achieved was attracting new customers to the website and social platforms.

Stage 6. October 2022. Google Ads campaign.

We prepared a media plan for the PPC campaign for the most demanded services and run out the Ads. The main goal was to support the permanently increasing traffic to the websites and leads generation

All stages of the project were done by our team remotely.

Example of Beauty Salon Posts, performed by our Team
Example of Beauty Services Academy, designed by our Team
Example of Online Cosmetics Store Posts, designed by our Team

Business impact

Consistent and coordinated execution of actions was the critical factor to the success of the whole marketing strategy.

Using the most efficient target audience channels of communication, the Client got impressive growth of the online performance statistics, website traffic, relevant leads, incoming requests, sales, and revenue.

Compared the website statistics before and after all the work with online marketing improvements, the Client’s monthly analytics showed:

  • +260% of new users; 
  • +1121% organic traffic;
  • +146% of social media traffic;
  • +3,2% retention users;
  • clients satisfaction growth;
  • increased number of online bookings and sales;
  • revenue growth.
Beauty Salon Website Traffic research
Website Traffic Channels
Website Traffic Channels
Beauty Salon Website, Traffic vs. Conversion research
Beauty Services Academy Website, Traffic research
Beauty Services Academy Website, Conversion research
Beauty Salon Website, Traffic vs. Conversion research

World trusted equipment providers

Applied Technologies

WIX website development

CRM customization

Payment system setup

Google Analytics

Meta Business Suite

SEO analysis package

Do you want to get to know the details? Or want a similar project? Contact us for consultation – it’s free!

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