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for small and medium businesses

Email marketing service can help you tell your potential customers about new products, benefits, offers, etc, using direct messages and unlimited performance tools. Multiply website traffic and inbound requests up to 170% with high-efficient email-offer.

Email marketing remains a potent promotional strategy for US businesses in both B2C and B2B sectors. Our email and delivery services assist enterprises in establishing enduring, one-on-one relationships with customers, thereby driving customer loyalty and revenue growth across various industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Logistic
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Telecommunication and IT
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Education
  • Startups
  • Small and Middle Business
  • Other

Email marketing provides a plethora of benefits for businesses looking to promote their products or services, including:

  • Unlimited pool of potential recipients;
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to other digital marketing tools;
  • Range of engaging content formats, such as animations, videos, GIFs, text, whitepapers, or infographics;
  • Website traffic and sales growth;
  • Personalization options for content and offers;
  • A/B testing;
  • Increased customer loyalty;
  • Awareness of the brand or product;
  • Automated process to reduce the workload on the business;
  • Transparent assessment of each stage of performance.

Our email marketing services may include the following:

  • Analysis of email channel to be used in communications;
  • Long-term email strategy;
  • Special occasion email marketing;
  • Contact base analysis and segmentation;
  • Contact base enrichment;
  • Engagement content creation;
  • Setting up CRM and EPS platforms for email sending automation and monitoring;
  • Mass email campaign sending;
  • Email campaign reporting;
  • other email activities

The benefits of outsourced email marketing services for you:


Up to 50% savings on operating costs


Multilingual team


Dedicated project manager


IT solutions to assess user behavior

special marketing offer

Great experience


Individual approach


US-based company


Woman owned

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Email Marketing Services

3. Get a quote and approve your email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Services

4. Pay an invoice

Email Marketing Services

5. Get the first of all the advantages of outsourced email marketing

Our email marketing projects portfolio


Chicago Beauty Brand

Look at the outstanding growth of online brand performance from implementing the Marketing 360° strategy. Trust web processes to the remote team instead of creating and maintaining of own departments. So that you can invest more in brand promotion and get remarkable results in the shortest time!

Our clients say

“Front desk helpers were extremely helpful to my business with marketing and communication. Although it was so hard to work with such a ” young” company as mine, they did maximum to solve all our problems!”

Grace R.

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Why choose Front Desk Helpers for email marketing support?

Front Desk Helpers is an excellent choice for businesses seeking email marketing support.

While social media and search platforms may offer alternate means of communication, email remains a widely-used platform that can deliver exclusive offers directly to a business’s target audience. Not only does email marketing boast a high ROI, but it is also a speedy and effective means of attracting potential customers. Furthermore, it is easy to perform and integrate with other promotional channels as part of an overall marketing strategy.

With its comprehensive technical capabilities, Front Desk Helpers is equipped to handle everything from the creation and testing of mass email campaigns to the analysis of campaign performance indicators. The team’s IT background enables them to leverage cutting-edge solutions for planning, automation, and execution of email campaigns.

Their strong content creation expertise further bolsters their ability to deliver top-tier email marketing support to businesses of all kinds.

Is email marketing suitable for any business?

Businesses have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the type of email marketing content they wish to distribute, depending on their industry and specific goals. Some of the most popular types of email marketing content include:

1). Commercial advertisement email marketing, which is designed to increase sales by directly promoting a company’s products or services. This type of email marketing can be used to notify customers of special offers, promotions, new product releases, limited collections, and invitations to events. The promotional text may contain a clear call to action (CTA) that customers are encouraged to take, such as visiting a site page or using a coupon for a purchase.

2). Informational email marketing, which involves sending emails that contain news about the business or brand. This type of email provides an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, tips, instructions, and advice that can be of value to the target audience. By providing valuable content, businesses can maintain constant contact with their customers and potential customers, increase brand loyalty, and raise brand awareness.

3). Retention email marketing, which is designed to reconnect with customers and subscribers who haven’t been active recently. This strategy can include options such as offering unique discounts, sending birthday greetings, providing purchase coupons, sending product/service newsletters, and rechecking contact information.

By creating a mailing schedule for customers, businesses can provide regular reminders about their brand, thereby increasing retention rates.

Why email marketing help business increase profit?

Utilizing email marketing, business owners can promote their products and services to encourage customer loyalty. Additionally, email marketing can be used as a softer sales pitch to remind customers of a brand’s value or to maintain their attention between purchases.

As one of the most popular and effective tools for advertising campaigns, email marketing allows businesses to establish and cultivate relationships with a targeted audience. It drives ongoing communication and can increase traffic to a blog, social media, or any other area that requires attention.

The versatility of email allows for the inclusion of relevant information and a wide range of formats and elements, making it possible to create personalized emails that are sure to capture attention.

How long it takes to launch email marketing campaign?g services help business increase profit?

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is one of the most adaptable and expeditious tools available. Although preparing and segmenting the recipient base, creating content, and setting up mass-sending services can be complex, it typically takes a mere 2-4 days from the approval of the email template to receive the first results of the email campaign.

What else should I know about outsourced email marketing services for business?

Email marketing has historically been viewed as a distinct promotional tool. However, to fully maximize its effectiveness, it should be integrated into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, such as a Marketing 360 or Marketing Mix approach.

By thoughtfully and strategically engaging with customers, a business can establish a long-term dialogue and foster trust between the seller and the customer, which can ultimately lead to greater customer retention and loyalty.

To ensure that email marketing is effective, it should be integrated into a broader omnichannel marketing strategy, and the business should have a clear understanding of its target audience and goals.

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