Web development of a company website on a modern WIX platform with full functionality in 14 days for doing business in an era of innovation.

Get a fully functional website for your company to sell more, to promote your brand and attract new customers.
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Powerful WIX Web Solutions For Business And E-Commerce

We offer high-tech web solutions for corporate websites and e-commerce that will take your business to the next stage of development. We use the professional web platform WIX to embody the most daring ideas. Creation of a website on the WIX platform takes much less time due to the cross-platform and high functionality of the platform. Flexible design settings and a wide range of tools make it possible to quickly create high-quality business websites at a bargain price.

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Selling Website With Custom Design For A Business

Wix Custom Design

Automate the processes of selling and finding new customers in order to do your business to the maximum. Take control of the latest web technologies and online marketing for better results. Anything is possible with experienced web site developers. Front Desk Helpers create websites so that our clients can handle any flow of clients. If you need to add new functions or tools, we are always in touch and provide support 24/7.

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The Website Development In 4 Easy Steps

Promote your brand and company products, communicate with your customers, sell more and provide better customer service with a functional website. We will create a website for your company in 14 days, so that you can run your business right away, and not spend months developing a company website.

step 1

Send A Request

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step 2

Choose A Design Of Website

Convenient design and functionality

step 3

Add products

Add a products to the website

step 4

Launch The Website

Place website and start selling

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The Modern WIX Website For Big Sales

The website must support your strategic vision and scalable sales.

Focus on product presentation

Focusing on the right product presentation is essential to generate effective sales.

Optimized website structure

The correct structure of the website allows users to use the website in the best possible way, minimizing the time wasted finding the products and information they need.

Adaptive web design

The design of web pages with dynamic adaptation to the specified dimensions of the web browser window.

Mobile version of a website

The mobile version of the website provides a user-friendly experience for mobile devices.

Increase customer loyalty

Strengthening of customer loyalty allows you to reduce marketing costs and thus increase the effectiveness of your company's sales.

Fast and easy ordering

Convenient ordering of products on the website allows shoppers to focus on purchasing the product and thereby reduce the level of losses from abandoned orders.

Bring your ideas to life with a modern WIX website

SEO optimization

Extensive SEO functionality will help increase organic traffic and improve your site's search engine rankings

Advanced features

Blog, launch an online store and take orders online. We will always help you add more essential features to your website as your business grows.

Mobile Version

Your site will be perfectly displayed on the screen of any mobile device.

Why Do We Love Building Sites On The WIX Platform?

A business could exist 10 years ago without a high-quality website, when some of the customers made purchases differently. Today 85% of users search for an information about products and services on the Internet on mobile and desktop devices.

The WIX platform is a convenient, technological and effective tool for creating a website and its development. Our all-in-one WIX-based custom web site development service provides over 500 design options, advanced SEO tools, and 24/7 support.

Sell products and services, accept reservations and receive payments from customers online. Use built-in website marketing capabilities and customer management system to improve sales performance.

More than 180 million users use WIX websites for their business.

We Create Beautiful Sites With All The Necessary Functions

Online shopping

Online Shop

An advanced eCommerce platform allows you to create a beautiful and user-friendly online store.

Online shopping


Create a blog to share knowledge, grow your audience, and improve SEO.

Online shopping


Get a personalized domain name that matches your company's brand.

Online shopping

Online booking

Provide customers with the ability to book a meeting or service, as well as pay online.

Online shopping


We will create a stylish brand for your company.

Online shopping


We will improve the ranking of the site in the search results using search engine optimization capabilities.

Customized Web Solutions For Doing Business On The Internet

Clients choose us because we offer individual turnkey business web solutions for doing business on the Internet. Help your customers learn more about your company and the products you offer.

Website Tech Support

We provide technical website support to keep your company website running smoothly, generating sales growth. The website takes orders and sells your products automatically, even when you're not at work.

Regular Updates Of The Website

We continually make website updates and backups to provide the required website functionality. And each of them is needed, we check.

14 Days Launch

Using the latest technologies and platforms, we launch a company website in 30 days. Simply choose a website design for your company, add products and start selling.

Remote Call Center Service

A remote call center will allow you not to lose customers and provide stable communications with customers to confirm orders, inform customers, support customers, etc.

CRM connection

By using innovative technologies, you will understand what your customers want and what their preferences are. Integration of the website with CRM allows you to increase sales by at least 50%.

Order A WIX Website To Take Your Sales To The Next Level

High-tech and functional WIX website to increase the sales of your products. We propose to create for you a new automated web tool for promoting and selling your products, communicating with customers, in order to provide new opportunities to increase income and expand your audience.

Innovative website for business automation

Reach out to a wide audience of buyers
Sales funnel automation
Responsive design for any device
Comprehensive analytics to increase sales efficiency
The optimizing for mobile devices
Reach thousands of interested organic customers
Sell more with CRM integrations, call center and customer support
A personalized offer to the customer based on the interaction history

A fully functional website allows you to effectively represent the value of a products and increase sales.


Wix Advantages

Wix Websites is all about technological excellence and functionality. We will help you choose a beautiful design and the necessary website functionality for your business. Front Desk Helpers offers over 200 website designs. The website design can be customized to suit your business processes, marketing strategy and brand identity. A custom website design and interface allows you to attract your customers and helps you stand out from the competition. You get a unique and memorable custom-designed website at no extra cost.

Our website support team works for you 24/7

24/7 We monitor the site's performance around the clock

9:00 - 21:00

We answer questions in chat, by phone and by mail


We update the site without requests and delays, so that your online store is always relevant


We perform site setup, SEO and administration of the product catalog

Business Automation, Optimization and Integration

We integrate with many popular services and platforms required to automate the business processes of your website: marketplaces, payment services, delivery services, accounting systems, CRM and many others.

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Feedback from our customers

Steven G., New York
Steven G., New York

Front Desk Helpers have been working with us as our Accountant for over two years. We have found their expertise and knowledge extremely valuable as they have assisted with the business planning, accounts, and tax areas. They are forward-thinking and very thorough professionals who genuinely care for their clients. We recommend Front Desk Helpers highly and look forward to many more years of doing business with.

Anne G., Staten Island, NY
Anne G., Staten Island, NY

I work in an agency that helps new businesses in settling all start-up activities. When my clients ask me about financial advice or income tax preparation I always refer them to this company. They have put countless hours into helping people and are always willing to answer questions. For those who are on low income and doing their tax return the first time, Front Desk Helpers provide their service free of charge. That is just an example of their generosity and willingness to help people.

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