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Business Processes Outsourcing Trends 2016

Common trends are a logical continuation of the trends formed in previous years. However, some of them are replaced with modern technology solutions that were not considered as ‘trending’ in the past. For reading comfort purposes, we will consider call-center

Call script and its part in your business(part 2)

  What are the essential elements of a call script?   Greeting, introduction Establishing a personal contact Finding client needs Make your conversation in a way, that helps you keep initiative in your hands – build a systemized list of

Call script and its part in your business

  In modern marketing, one of the ways of selling your product or service is telemarketing or phone negotiations, and it works well in many business spheres. However, phone sell, especially if you are working with ‘cold’ clients is one

A Call Center as a branding tool

Besides advertising messages and PR events, call centers have direct contact with clients. That’s why customer brand loyalty depends greatly on them.   Basic advantages that call-centers provide to improve your business:   Call centers receive hundreds of calls simultaneously

How modern Call Centers work

> Introduction   In this day and age, most people vaguely understand what a call center is. People make calls to buy clothes, food, books, consult with a doctor, apply for a service, solve problems with a product, etc. In

What is ‘truck dispatch’ service?

Hello world!

Hotline benefits

    > Hotline   Every company tends to provide the highest level of customer service in one or another way, in order to get and increase customers loyalty to them. In many parts of the world companies delegate it

All about Virtual Office

> Virtual office service   | Why you might need a virtual office:   You are starting a new business and want to save money on office rent and employees You need to start your business quickly and have no

Our service for Motor Carriers

> Our services for motor carriers  We here at Front Desk Helpers are happy to assist in any way we can. We offer a truck dispatching service, helping you always stay ahead of the game. Whether you have one truck or many,