How do we build our virtual office? Pt.2

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Virtual office and call center solution are build on our cloud-based telecom platform

Since virtual office services become more and more popular, there are several things you need to know to stop wasting your money and time losing your business in the process of daily routine and take care of growing it.

Keeping large-scale full-time employees, that are lost in everyday routing such as incoming calls, payrolls, mail scanning and database administration looks like an archaism in our information age. As well as managers who worry about sick leaves, holidays, days off or night shifts – that is almost the story from the last century. Bosses with a headache of paying rent for large offices on time that causes him extra work and stress. And we can continue this list of expenses. We spend money on office equipment – such as computers, printers, air conditioners, water coolers and other office devices. First, we buy, install, take care of it, after that we have to repair or replace it. We have to take care of employees’ personal issues, office dress codes, religious and sex conflicts in the workplace. And so on …

Anyone wants to take off the burden of all that long list of issues that have no end.

Our solutions

And there is a great solution came up with the technology progress. Virtual office became the go-to solution! Today businesses save a huge amount of money, that regularly had spent for overhead. Virtual remote employees it is a guarantee that a necessary piece of work will be done in any case. At the same time you do not need to rent large offices, or move to another place because of growing business or other issues. Salary of remote employees also is lower, and you are not limited with borders, and may find a person with necessary qualification elsewhere. Professionals in different activity areas started working online – and you can easily find a high-qualified staff in bookkeeping, programming, database administration, personal assistance, interpreting, and so forth. Now people with disabilities or those who have to stay at home for different reasons can find a job much easy working remotely.

Daily activities like shopping, booking tickets, reading, surfing the social networks, etc, moved people’s attention to the Internet as well.

Advices for business

For business owners this practice of virtual offices suggests a variety of advantages. While office expenses are low, but you can expect high professionalism from all your remote employees. And, sometimes even better than in a traditional office.

So, today we offer you to taste the waters and try your first virtual office! Take your benefits today!

We live in generation where people do not like waiting or calling twice to get an answer. Sure, your business and calls would be received and make your customers satisfied. Even when you are busy, try our service. It can be easily changed to fit your custom requirements. We provide with exactly the same functionality your staff that works from home or at the remote offices as their head office colleagues. With us you will experience the significant cost-saving and increased operational efficiency.

How does the virtual office help your business succeed? Minimize your office expenses – professionals are working from home or common office.  A virtual office also can include a landline number, where a real person, not a machine, takes a message or forward the call as required. It helps you to extend your market into other cities at a minimal expense.

Full technical support and our own telecommuting

Let your work will be done while you are away from the office, or take your time and finish up your tasks from home after you’ve done with all of your emergencies, or check your email before you got into the office!

Our practice shows that telecommuting increases work productivity at least by 10% and even more.  

The main goal is to create the best environment for work.  Our professionals assist to IT group in solving issues of how to support telecommuting employees and increase their productivity and potential benefits. We take care and provide with phone lines, make adjustments, install workstations and connect phones, faxes, managing emails, making cold calls. We do our best to cover every aspect of running your business. Our company create customized system dashboards with online interactive tools. We provide statistical information for certain activities or data segments in reach of your business. Our services include a full development to cover all office needs at the individual request.

Interested in get a free consultation? Fill out our consultation request form and get a professional advice!

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