Call Script and its Part in Your Business (part 2)

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Call script essentials

What are the essential elements of a call script?

  1. Greeting, introduction
  2. Establishing a personal contact
  3. Finding client needs

Make your conversation in a way, that helps you keep initiative in your hands – build a systemized list of questions that will allow you to make a ‘portrait’ of your prospect and gather his needs. Make it natural, too many questions will tire your client and he’ll just hand the phone.

Explain the purpose of all these questions – it will increase loyalty and help you get answers much easier.

  1. solution presentation

Consider the list of frequently asked questions. This will help you to give your client confident, sweet and short answers.This will also make you sound more professional in clients eyes.

  1. up-sell, cross-sell
  2. objections processing

Consider the reasons of objections. If you know how to work with common objections in you business sphere – it will make things much easier.

  1. closing deal and moving to the next level
  2. scheduling the next contact
  3. summary
  4. parting

Call scripts, as any marketing tool require testing and optimization. Imagine the next chain: advertisement traffic, effectiveness of which is usually measured with CTR-index, is converted in leads on landing page, where effectiveness is determined with conversion rate. Then, all received application are processed by managers that call every prospect and generate sales. Then your secretary send bills and become the last element of a long sale chain, from clock on advertisement to closing deal.

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