Call Script and its Part in Your Business

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Call script

Telemarketing or telephone conversations as a way of sales

In modern marketing, one of the ways of selling your product or service is telemarketing or phone negotiations, and it works well in many business spheres.

However, phone sell, especially if you are working with ‘cold’ clients is one of the most complicated methods. Often, call center specialists get lost even with really easy questions, and on the ‘work with objections’ stage they completely lose contact with a prospect.

So how can we help our sales department stop getting lost in the middle of conversation and make phone negotiations more effective? In this case, elaborated call script – a detailed call scenario,  will be most helpful.

It’s not important whether you are working with cold calls or inbound leads, your company must be in control of all conversations.

> What is a call script?

Basically, call script is a prepared forecasted call scenario, that will help to work with common objections, answer on frequently asked questions and what is most important – reach your main goal, close a deal and sell your product.

Script envisages many variations of possible conversation flows and has a prepared answers that consider particular business specifics. Although it doesn’t guarantee a successful sell in 100% of cases, it will raise success rate.

Working with a script increases your sales rate. You get more clients whereupon you get more income.

The correct order processing in call scripts

Usually, processing orders or making outbound calls is on your sales managers or a call center. Their qualification and skills may differ, that will make motivation control of each employee really difficult. Managers may give too many unneeded information to the client, without researching his essential needs and working with his objections.

This way, elaborated call script could help your staff not to lose client and achieve assigned tasks.

From our experience, calls made by script have much more higher success than call made by manager that improvises(unless he has a great experience in sales). However, that doesn’t mean that manager mustn’t use his charisma, personal skills or other methods, because strict reading of conversation template is noticeable and can even decrease your chances.

That’s all for the first part. In the next article, we’ll explain how to make your call script, what are it’s essential parts and more.

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