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Front Desk Helpers company is a professional-level provider of telecommunications and cloud solutions.

We have been operating in the USA and Canada since 2015, doubling the number of our customers every year. Professional equipment that we use in the work of our operators and to provide telecommunications services are market leaders and ensures high quality of communication and stable operation of the platform.

Each of our operators follows the requirements and rules of the company in carrying out their work, so our cloud system is optimized for the remote work of the whole team. There are 5 main tasks of the personnel management system:

  1. Provide the enterprise with qualified staff
  2. Get the maximum use of staff abilities and skills
  3. Increase employee conditions satisfaction
  4. Develop effective ways of increasing staff qualification
  5. Create an ability of staff promotion

Front Desk Helpers company has developed its own human remote resources management system to get better results and provide quality outsourcing services. Learn more about it.Those rules with the combination of the equipment, provided by world-leading manufacturers deliver best results and satisfaction of our client. 

Our benefits

Stable internet connection – multiple stable and fast line Internet connection, with a bandwidth of at 5 Mbps, caring of those clients whose remote employees need a fast and stable internet connection on their daily working routine. 

Trusted equipment providers – Today, we work with the following companies:

  • Polycom is the World leader in video and voice equipment for all business desktop solutions.
  • Fortinet delivers high-performance, integrated security solutions for global enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses, providing our platform with cybersecurity software such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, and endpoint security.
  • Cisco – the worldwide leader in cybersecurity solutions, which services we are using

✔ Regular data backups  All information is stored in our cloud storage, whether entrusted by you or your clients

✔ Quality headphones and phone equipment

✔ Phone and video conferences facilities

✔ Virtual fax system  

✔ Official partner of the largest US companies specializing in technical and telephone service

✔ Google Suite online services package for each employee

✔ The highest level of personal information protection: HIPAA Compliant, CISCO certified partner, Fortinet certified partner, PCI DSS compliance v2.0

The technical part of our cooperation

Our company is an official partner of Google Cloud and we use all the opportunities of the G-Suite packet for our team and technical solutions.

Working on Google platforms is:

  • The guaranty of your personal data security and confidentiality
  • A great choice of applications for different businesses
  • Easy and quick process of adaptation and integration for the interchange of information
  • Flexible and transparent work conditions and the control of your remote employee

Our possibilities for your business

Our proprietary telecommunications platform allows you to maintain high-quality communications and handle more than 30,000 minutes of phone calls per day today. You can be sure of high quality of communication and uninterrupted operation of all telecommunications elements. Interesting? Leave us a request today and find out how we can help your business! Submit your application

Our IT team of engineers and developers is constantly working to create and improve the platform for our clients. We added we are trying to cover an increasing number of industries, and already today our solutions are used in such industries as:

  1. Health
  2. Financial services
  3. Consumer products and services
  4. Logistics and transportation
  5. Business products and services
  6. Real estate
  7. Retail

We have developed several cloud services, and we offer our clients one of the directions:

  • SMS Gateway (portal) – our platform facilitates unlined communication between all-size businesses and consumers, providing our clients with an effective and easy way to communicate directly to their customers. It is this strong and agile portal aimed to provide automation and flexibility in receiving and sending messages and teamwork in a single dashboard. 
  • Telecommunications Portal – portal for monitoring and working with telephone calls (inbound and outbound). Our engineers customize the portal to the needs of your company and you can always easily and efficiently manage your own call center. 
  • Create your own (physical) Call Center – Our call center workflow will help you automate your working processes with your current office workers with our own equipment, and even connect and set up a new phone line and get all its additional possibilities. Creating a [hysical workplace for your office employees never been so easy and accessible! Request a free consultation
  • Virtual Fax System –  integrated to the telecom portal system, through which our employees can send and receive faxes through the Internet. All incoming faxes are received as a PDF file, which was sent to a direct phone number, and can be sent to our client’s email address.

Technical specifications:

Telephone calls:

Our company is an official partner of the largest companies specializing in technical and telephone services. The setting of your telephone line and connection to a new one for our employees will be one of the main steps in our cooperation.

We suggest you two variants of your telephone line and number settings.

  1. We provide each new client with a telephone number,  from which we redirect calls to our operators.
  2. If you want to keep your own telephone number for a work, we can import it into our platform. Our specialists will take care of all the settings and call migration.

Need more details? Request a free consultation in less a few seconds, just submit us your application

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