The Changing Landscape of Work. How Gen Z Is Reshaping the Workplace

The Changing Workforce Landscape. How Gen Z Is Reshaping the Workplace Gen Z Specialists: The Workforce Revolution has Started “Quiet Quitting” and HR Management In 2022, a new “quiet quitting” trend gained momentum as more employees struggled with burnout. A recent Gallup study reports that half of the American workforce is categorized as “quietly quitting” their jobs. The ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is at its lowest level in almost a decade. This trend may be due to more employees opting to scale back their non-required duties rather than quitting altogether because of economic uncertainty. This phenomenon followed […]

Cultivating a Thriving Remote Work Culture: Fostering Connections and Collaboration Across Distances

Cultivating a Thriving Remote Work Culture: Fostering Connections and Collaboration Across Distances Remote employees are a trendy solution in modern management practice The world of work has undergone a significant transformation in recent years due to the rise of remote work and outsourcing solutions for small and medium businesses in the USA. A recent survey by Upwork revealed that 57% of the US workforce is now outsourced, and 71% of companies plan to hire remote workers soon. This trend is driven by technological advancements such as video conferencing tools, cloud-based platforms, and project management software. These tools have made it […]

Outsourcing. Action plan for hesitant business owners

Outsourcing: a guide for hesitant business owners WHAT IS OUTSOURCING OR BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING (BPO)? Outsourcing is a business strategy that involves hiring an external company or individual to perform specific tasks or functions that an in-house team could do. BPO can be a great way for businesses of all sizes to save time and money, access specialized skills and expertise, and improve efficiency. By outsourcing tasks, companies can focus on their core competencies and leave non-core activities to experts who can complete them faster and more efficiently. According to the latest surveys conducted by global research agencies more than […]

Outsourcing in the Global Arena. A solution that is winning business mindset all over the world

Global Outsourcing Arena. Trends and forecasts Outsourcing, when done correctly, can bring strategic benefits. Remote work’s growing acceptance has made outsourcing more favorable. The global outsourcing industry matured and stabilized since the 1980s. As this industry has progressed, service and process quality standards have improved, and client companies have refined their outsourcing approaches. Particularly starting from 2000, IT outsourcing has emerged as a significant source of innovation globally. While IT outsourcing used to handle processes primarily, it now actively contributes to innovation and operates as a specialized strategic partner alongside client companies. This article presents the latest data, facts, and […]

Inside Monthly Client Report: Unpacking Outsourcing Report Contents

What is in the monthly report for a call center outsourcing client Introduction When you choose to outsource your customer support or call center, you can expect a comprehensive solution that covers all the necessary elements. This includes providing the hardware and software required and training the remote team to ensure they can handle your customers’ needs. Quality assessment and monitoring are also part of the package, so you can rest assured that your customers receive top-notch service. In addition, you will receive monthly performance reports and recommendations to help you stay on top of your customer support game without […]

HR Delegation and Outsourcing

New Dimension of HR functions: HR Delegation and Outsourcing Delegation has become a powerful strategy in the complex human resources (HR) world. With other back-office outsourcing services and remote operational assistance, HR outsourcing enables companies to enhance operational efficiency and concentrate on vital business functions. Delegating HR functions involves assigning certain tasks to external service providers who excellent in different HR areas. HR Outsourcing: What It Is and Why It Matters HR delegation involves assigning specific HR tasks to outside experts. Since 1970s this approach allows companies all over the world to use their internal resources more effectively by focusing […]

From Farm to Factory: The Benefits of Food Industry Relocation to Armenia

From Farm to Factory: Relocation of Food Industry Facilities to Armenia Food Industry Relocation to Armenia The food industry is one of the most important sectors of any economy, providing jobs, revenue, and sustenance for millions worldwide. In recent years, many companies have begun to explore new opportunities in developing countries, where labor costs are lower, and regulations are more relaxed. One such country is Armenia, a small but rapidly growing nation in the Caucasus region. With its rich history of agriculture and a highly educated workforce, Armenia has become an attractive destination for food industry relocation. In this article, […]

Fears and risks of outsourcing that stop business owners from hiring remote specialists

Most common myths of outsourcing In the US dynamic business, economic and labor landscape, outsourcing has become an increasingly popular management strategy for companies seeking to cut costs and streamline processes according to changing market conditions.  While cost reduction for staffing and management is a key factor for choosing outsourcing, it’s important to note that outsourcing can also offer other significant benefits that cause additional competition advantages, such as accessing specialized skills, increasing efficiency, and allowing businesses to focus on core activities.  Despite outsourcing has many potential advantages, some business owners have fears that prevent them from fully embracing it […]

How to Start Own Startup

From Idea to Reality: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Own Startup What are the global labor shifts of 2023 The unstable situation in the financial and IT industries, the automation of operational processes, and the expansion of AI tools have led to severe shifts in the labor market.  In addition, the market is shaken by news of staff reductions at major multinational corporations. From Meta to Twitter, they are shedding much of their highly skilled workforce in favor of cost optimization. The official bodies report that US employment in February and March of 2023 combined is 149,000 lower than previously […]

Digital Era in Urban Development: Transforming Architecture with Outsourcing

Outsourcing Architecture services change the Market An architect is a critical person in planning modern industrial and urban buildings. The main task of the architect is to project new or optimize existing building solutions for the environment necessary for normal human functioning. Many traditional businesses still need and use talented Architects on their projects: construction companies, large industrial companies, architectural agencies, design studios, and private entrepreneurs with architecture or interior designer needs. Despite the complexity of the project, the scope of requirements, or the project’s geographical location, they all can be supported by professional architect outsourced specialists working remotely. However, […]