Types of delivery and trends in the industry

Difference between delivery and logistics service When managers talk about logistics, they usually mean the system they’re investing in to control and track components and various materials entering and leaving their organization. Depending on the type of business, logistics can be an incredibly complex process responsible for organizing a huge number of supplies, orders, materials, and work processes for the entire company. When enterprises need to send or receive products, especially large ones, for example, machines, furniture, etc., they need logistics services. Courier services usually don’t deliver oversized goods. Delivery or logistics? Who does what? The primary focus of deliveries […]

Delivery Software: How to improve the efficiency of delivery service and what to do?

According to research made by a number of analytical agencies, since 2015 the US market for courier and fast food delivery has shown a stable growth of 4-5% per year. At the same time, many medium and large logistics companies have their own delivery services – it is difficult to estimate their share, because this segment shows statistical data in internal corporate reports. In conditions when everyone is ready to deliver a purchase, the quality of the delivery service greatly affects customer’s loyalty. We are ready to offer our recipe of establishing a stable operation of the delivery service so […]

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