Outsourcing. Action plan for hesitant business owners

Outsourcing: a guide for hesitant business owners WHAT IS OUTSOURCING OR BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING (BPO)? Outsourcing is a business strategy that involves hiring an external company or individual to perform specific tasks or functions that an in-house team could do. BPO can be a great way for businesses of all sizes to save time and money, access specialized skills and expertise, and improve efficiency. By outsourcing tasks, companies can focus on their core competencies and leave non-core activities to experts who can complete them faster and more efficiently. According to the latest surveys conducted by global research agencies more than […]

How to solve general healthcare company’s operations using business process optimization 

How BPO solves general healthcare company’s issues Since 2020A series of global financial crises that have hitten businesses worldwide. They forced business owners to accept competition challenges by changing the fundamental approach to business management. For companies whose success is based on high-quality customer support, business process optimization has become a central solution in operational cost-cutting without losing the quality of the answering and supporting functions. In the past, business process optimization was mainly concerned the production issues. As a result, the producers used third-party subcontractors to run single manufacturing processes that were part of their primary activities. However, the development […]