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Telecommunications have changed the world. Having subdued time and distances, they entered our life so firmly that we can no longer imagine it without the usual means of communication.

Telecommunication systems are technical tools designed to transmit large amounts of information through communication lines. As a rule, telecommunication systems are designed to serve a large number of users: from several thousand to millions. The use of such a system involves the regular transfer of information in digital form between all participants in the telecommunication network.

The main feature of modern equipment for networks is ensuring a permanent connection so that information is constantly transmitted.

Our company has been operating in the market since 2015 and provides a wide range of telecommunication services, and individually designed corporate networking solutions of any size and complexity.

Innovative Telecommunication Solutions for business
Discover new telecommunications solutions for your business

Telecommunication Services that Boost Your Efficiency

Modern companies and enterprises consider the creation of telecommunication infrastructure of an enterprise as an investment in business development. Today, such telecommunication solutions are in great demand. And they directly affect the improvement of the organization’s business efficiency.

Telecommunication Solution Provider

Our main objective to enable your business to enjoy the following benefits in the short term:

  • Creating your own corporate telecommunications infrastructure and reducing the cost of supporting, using and protecting data.
  • Improving the quality of telecommunication services;
  • Protection of corporate communications channels;
  • Security of corporate information and data transmitted through communication channels;
  • Increase of business profitability;
  • Optimization and more efficient use of staff;
  • Service cost reduction.

Let’s consider the technologies we offer in more detail.

Our telecommunication services for business

Our company offers a wide range of telecommunication services. Along with standard telecommunication services, such as digital telephony (IP-telephony), we offer cloud telecommunication solutions and individual telecommunication solutions and telecom services to improve the quality of communications and create additional opportunities for growth and lower costs. Extensive experience with the corporate segment allows us to develop individual telecom solutions and optimal product combinations to improve the business performance of any scale.

Telecom audit

It is a set of services for analyzing your telecommunications and IT infrastructure.  Telecommunication audit develops recommendations for reducing maintenance costs. In the telecom audit process, we study how you use the transmission channels of audio, video and digital data. We closely analyze local and international communications, the Internet, mobile communications, VoIP, channel rental, equipment maintenance. We communicate with your employees to better understand the needs of end-users. The purpose of the telecom audit is to offer you an optimal, in terms of costs and needs, the model for the use of telecommunication services. The result of our work will be recommendations for reconfiguring your telecommunications infrastructure and changing service providers. Following these guidelines, you may significantly reduce your communication costs.

Inventory management

This tool allows you to store all information about the physical and logical network infrastructure, its configuration, status, and functionality and also helps to manage this information. The inventory management software not only stores network information but also offers intelligent management capabilities. It ensures the growth of business processes in telecommunications: designing and scaling networks, sales, delivery and provision of services, error management, network maintenance.

Front Desk Helpers analyzes location list, network plans, contracts, and customer service records. Based on this information we will work out your individual inventory management policy.

Call center technology

It is impossible to imagine modern business without communicating with customers and business partners over the telephone. It is necessary to expand the customer base and increase sales, provide feedback, make contacts. To ensure maximum efficiency of phone calls, a call center is required.

The corporate call center is obliged to solve very important tasks of expanding, growing and scaling a business – increasing sales, volumes of processed inbound and outbound calls, reducing losses of incoming calls of customers, customer support. If you have an actively growing company, then without creating your own digital remote or in-house call center, you can never solve a huge number of tasks and problems related to the growth of your company. Sometimes executives may not even be aware of the existence of some problems in the business related to sales, discussion and customer contact without having their own call center.

It’s not enough just to open a call center. It is necessary to ensure its effective operation. First of all, it is achieved through the selection of skilled operators and their training. But besides this, the creation of an uninterruptedly functioning structure implies constant monitoring of its activities. We provide the necessary call center technology: the number of calls made and received, call records, duration of calls and other important data.

Our company provides innovative solutions for creating a remote or own call center:

  • remote or virtual call center;
  • remote call center employees (virtual call center operator);
  • cloud-based call center;
  • remote contact center;
  • remote call answering service;
  • remote call center service;
  • own corporate call center;
  • online customer support.

By introducing a modern call center solution from Front Desk Helpers you can solve a number of important business and communication problems:

  • Processing all inbound calls;
  • A reduction of at least 50% in inbound call losses;
  • Increase the number of outbound calls;
  • Implementation of telemarketing and telesales;
  • Registration and statistics of all incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Call recording and analysis;
  • Professional online customer support by phone, online chat, e-mail, etc.
  • Reducing the load on the channels of the corporate telecom network;
  • Implementation of chatbots in marketing channels;
  • The use of artificial intelligence to solve communication problems;
  • Introduction of SMS text messaging technology for technical communications for marketing and corporate communications.

With Front Desk Helpers call center solutions, you can reduce your company’s operating expenses by up to 65%.

VOIP Phone services

VoIP telephony is a technology that combines the capabilities of conventional telephony and the Internet. The principle is simple: the voice is converted into compressed data packets that are transmitted through the destination network and then decoded back into the language. Front Desk Helpers offers you VoIP phone services that will allow you to significantly reduce network load and thus reduce the cost of the call. VoIP telecommunication service provides the cheapest or free long-distance and international calls. You only need to pay the used traffic to your VoIP provider.

Cloud-based services

Cloud-based services are an attractive opportunity to reduce company capital expenditures and simplify the process of further scaling. They make it possible to increase the level of business protection and safety. The use of a cloud service provider allows you to work from anywhere in the world through the Internet. Front Desk Helpers will help you save your budget by using only those products that are needed.

Cloud-based IP PBX

Cloud-based IP PBX is a corporate telephone exchange located on a hosting and provided to the company as a cloud service. Another name is a virtual telephone exchange. Virtual PBX has several obvious advantages. First of all, the lack of the need to install, configure and maintain PBX by the company.

Our team offers to convert your PBX to IP PBX. It will allow you to take advantage of all the modern advantages of telephony: voice mail, faxes, automatic voice menus, conferences and other functions of unified communications.

IP PBX is cost-effective for the client with calls of any volume. Billing is done per second, and transmit calls between employees within the network are completely free.

Convert your ISDN PRI to SIP trunking

The era of good old telephone service is coming to its end. The usual telephone lines like ISDN PRI are transferred to modern flexible technology. And it is SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol). A SIP trunk is a telephone line provided over an IP network using SIP. Using this standard protocol, the operator connects one or more voice channels to the PBX. The telephone numbers assigned by the operator are called Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers and can be assigned to a SIP trunk. In many countries, existing phone numbers can be converted to DID and assigned to a new SIP registration.

Front Desk Helpers suggests implementing SIP-telephony. It will provide effective customer service with efficient call processing technology and unified communications features. Besides, integration with SIP-compatible service will bring significant cost reduction.

SMS messaging system

The popularity of SMS services is a global trend. The largest world messengers surpass the largest social networks in the number of monthly and daily active users. The SMS gateway is an effective means of communicating a brand with its audience. This tool helps the user “here and now”. SMS messages form brand loyalty and increase sales. Furthermore, SMS text messaging significantly reduces the load on the company hotlines.

Unified communication

In today’s realities, problems with effective communications often present great difficulties for modern companies. Just remember when you urgently needed to find an employee of your company, and you were unable to call or discuss a document promptly?

Actually, there is a large number of employees who do not have a permanent workplace. In this case, a fixed telephone line on the employee’s desk becomes a relic of the past. Unified Communication technology solves this issue, enabling the efficient exchange of text, audio, and video messaging. The UC concept integrates telephony, TelePresence, audio, video, web conferencing, text messaging, employee tracking. What is most important, all these tools can be brought together in a single system that can be installed on any platform (PC, smartphone, tablet). As a result, the company greatly simplifies the communication process and improves employee efficiency by combining attendance functions, information sharing, desktop sharing, and conferencing capabilities.

Front Desk Helpers specialists will help you create an individual communication platform. We are ready to assist you in choosing the right system specifically for your company’s needs.

Collaboration solutions

New means of communication should be available to the subscriber at any time and in any place. Moreover, all the necessary services should be provided through the same communication channels. But the main task of telecommunications today is to ensure interaction between individual users – collaboration solutions.

The essence of all systems used in the corporate sphere for organizing remote teamwork is quite simple: to provide appropriate employees with not only quick and free access to business information, but also the knowledge and experience of colleagues. Moreover, access should be provided from any place, whether it is an office, a country house or an airliner, and at any time.

Our specialists will create a virtual office for your company with a unified telephone line, a unified workspace (corporate network), and unified software for work and access to network resources to employees. The solution is not only clear and simple for the end-user, but also safe for corporate data, as well as convenient for management and support.

Telecom expense management

The accounting and control system for telecommunications costs allows you to control the telecommunications costs of the company. Efficient telecom expense management gives a complete picture of the costs, which helps to analyze and make decisions on optimizing the company’s expenses on telecommunications

Another important element of telecom management is to give access to the service to its employees. This approach significantly increases their awareness of their costs for communication services. Employees take responsibility for telecommunication expenses, separating calls to business communications and calls for personal use.

Our team will create an efficient management tool, taking into account all the features of your business.

Phone system installation

Typically, an IP telephony setup is required if you need to expand your computer network. Telephone communications interact with computers. Thus, an integrated approach and a centralized policy for these systems are needed. Also, the installation of a PBX can help your company save money when paying for an external telephone line. Phone system installation should be done by professionals. We can perform all the necessary work in the required time and following your project.

Phone system evaluation

For successful operation, you need high-quality telephone service. The performance of your company greatly depends on prompt contact with potential customers and business partners. Since customers who cannot reach you at the right time will simply go. Properly organized telephony will raise your productivity to a higher level. Today’s telephone networks or city telephone exchanges often cannot provide an appropriate level of services and high-quality communications. As a rule, due to constant overload and old equipment, poor communication occurs, which can negatively affect the quality of negotiations with potential customers. So, regular phone system evaluation is of high importance.

Difficult communication infrastructure management

The presence of well-functioning telecommunication infrastructure can solve many critical organizational problems. In particular, it allows you to: coordinate the activities of individual structural units in the organization with respect to a common goal, ensure stable relations with the external environment, provide organizational units with necessary working information and target instructions, and much more.

To boost management, telecom solutions should include:

  •       Cloud-hosted services;
  •       Software-as-a-service tools;
  •       Global data sharing;
  •       Network security;
  •       Individual access;

The effectiveness of telecom infrastructure management provides information in a timely manner and acceptable and reasonable formats at all levels.

Design and development of individual corporate solutions for telecommunications

Telecommunications solutions are the foundation of the business. Corporate customers choose Front Desk Helpers as we offer an individual package solution. Our arsenal includes hardware and software resources for creating cloud services, virtual telephone exchanges and developing IT infrastructure.

Our services include the following telecom solutions:

  •       preliminary examination of systems;
  •       preparation of technical specifications for the construction or modernization of systems;
  •     remote staff;
  •       supply of equipment;
  •       implementation of systems;
  •       training personnel operating systems;
  •       support and maintenance of systems.

VOIP telephony as a modern solution for corporate communications.

The rapid development of VoIP-phone-systems has allowed companies of all levels to introduce radically new, better and more economical telecommunication technologies. VoIP (Voice over IP; IP-telephony) represents communication protocols, technologies, and methods that provide high-quality voice signal transmission over IP networks or the Internet. When using VoIP-telephony, you avoid any subscription fees, as in traditional public telephone networks, and get complete freedom of telephone communication. VoIP telecom solution allows you to implement solutions that are more difficult or expensive through PSTN technology. For example, multi-channel telephone lines, conferences, call forwarding, caller identification, secure calls, connecting direct numbers to any country in the world, etc. The signal through the communication channel is transmitted digitally and, as a rule, is converted before transmission in order to remove redundancy. Thus, it significantly reduces corporate communication costs between addressees located at a great distance from each other. Today, the cost of a call through VoIP provider is much lower than through PSTN. Besides, VoIP innovations allow you to make voice and video calls at any distance across the planet.

Front Desk Helpers will properly organize a communication system in your company, allowing not only to optimize the telecom costs but also to automate the daily operations of the employees.

Cloud Solutions and Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunication management.

Cloud solutions have penetrated almost all spheres of human activity, and their potential seems to be only growing. And artificial intelligence is interpreted today as systems that can understand, learn, predict, adapt and potentially function without human intervention. The combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data stored using cloud technology will make both AI and humans more capable of analyzing and collecting data than ever before. The main scenario for the use of AI solutions in the telecommunications industry will be tools for monitoring network infrastructure and telecommunications management. The telecom industry is ready for AI solutions that can reduce costs and increase efficiency through automation. Many companies have already begun experimenting with them and are introducing elements of artificial intelligence in their organizations like artificial intelligence chatbots.

Front Desk Helpers offers you the most winning telecom solutions which will immediately transform your company performance. Our company will help create a platform with a good balance of artificial and human intelligence resources. This way your company will reach a high level of productivity.

Call center for customer communication and support.

Technical support based on a call center is an effective solution to a wide range of customer issues related to the use of products or services of your company. Each client will promptly receive the necessary assistance and quality advice from professionally trained remote call center operators.

Technical user support provided by a call center is an excellent solution for optimizing your company’s business processes and efficient use of employee time. Almost all the same types of calls and questions about the supported service will be resolved through call center applications. Only a small part of specific problems will be referred to the profile specialists of your company.

Front Desk Helpers will create a physical or cloud call center for you to automate and monitor all communications with your customers. The call center solution allows you to easily set up and run your own affordable platform with customized individual features.

We will provide your customers with professional help and ongoing technical support.

Virtual contact center for receiving inbound calls.

Virtual call center integrates all communication channels of the company in one stream: calls, E-mail requests. It also allows you to enqueue them and optimize the work of the contact center. An interactive voice menu distributes calls between operators depending on the topic of the question, operator qualifications, time of day. And the recording feature of inbound calls will help the client control their staff.

Using the virtual contact center, you can organize a distributed network of operator workstations: at home, in the office or any other place where there is a computer and the Internet. Using the service does not require capital investments, compared with the acquisition of your own call center. Moreover, such a solution can be implemented very fast. Therefore, this business communication technology is appropriate for the implementation of short-term projects and programs.

Front Desk Helpers want to make sure the outbound calling solutions will meet or even exceed the requirements of your company. So, we act as an extension of your business. We use the data obtained by your company to deal with potential or existing customers. Our purpose is to grow your business and guarantee your success.

Remote call center operators and dispatchers.

Remote dispatchers and operators are the most effective staffing tool, especially for high-tech companies. What benefits does a company get using remote contact center employees?

We can distinguish a few key aspects of the impact of this call center solution on the company’s activities:

  • cost savings. The key elements of savings are the reduction of rental costs, call center equipment and the organization of the workplace;
  • remote call centers increase employee efficiency. Studies show that an average home-based operator is 10-15 percent more efficient than an office worker;
  • reduction in staff turnover. It is a consequence of greater employee satisfaction which leads to a reduction in the cost of training employees and an increase in the effectiveness of the call center as a whole.
  • Increased customer support.

What benefits does your company get using Front Desk Helpers remote contact center employees? You will be impressed by competitive prices:

  • Сall center operator positions cost just $7.00 US per hour per employee;
  • Availability of our services 24/7/365 and in the most popular languages;
  • You can hire a call center operator starting from $280 per week;
  • You can create a physical call center workplace for just $15/month;

SMS-messaging platform with chat-bot for text messaging corporate communications.

When computers integrated into a local network began to be used everywhere in work processes, then the idea arose that they could organize SMS communications between people. To do this, SMS technical services have created that work without access to the Internet.

SMS messaging platforms are constantly developing to meet the needs of users. Their main task is to make corporate communications more convenient. We believe that the ideal communicate app of the future should be more than just an SMS gateway. It will be integrated into all work processes and allow employees to communicate both among themselves and with customers. And the bots will do the whole routine.

The obvious benefit of SMS text messaging is cost savings. However, the use of chat-bot with SMS service has another advantage. Automatic interlocutors can analyze the statistics of conversations and find SMS solution for the areas that most often create problems for users.

Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions

Collaboration technologies provide opportunities for promptly solving business issues and communicating with employees and partners using the most convenient tools, ranging from simple telephone conversations to web conferences and instant messaging systems.

Through the use of collaboration technologies, the workspace is becoming more mobile, social, visual, and virtual. The spread of wireless access networks allows you to effectively include remote employees in the circle of business communications.

Front Desk Helpers will develop a customized communication platform. It will bring the following benefits to your company:

  • Significant cost reduction of long-distance and international calls.
  • You will provide corporate users with both traditional types of telephone services and alternative IP-telephony services.
  • We will build a unified corporate communications environment for a corporate structure and create the ability to integrate telecommunications with directory services and a contact center.
  • You will Invest in a single corporate network, rather than further develop separate systems for data and telephony.
  • We will combine structural units servicing automated enterprise management systems and corporate communications systems within a single IT department, maintain one staff and develop these units within a single technological strategy and budget.

You will get access to the following components:

  • IP communications
  • conferences (audio, video, web);
  • message exchange;
  • mobile applications;
  • processing customer requests (contact center).

Cloud IP PBX. Upgrading legacy PBXs to IP PBX, VoIP PBX.

What is a cloud IP PBX? It is a full-featured telephone exchange located on the Internet. Its location is not defined or determined by agreement between the operator and the subscriber. To connect client equipment, the cloud PBX administrator issues to the subscriber: IP address, domain name, login, password, if necessary, access protocol. Cloud IP PBX can manage telephone communications in an office located in a completely different place. Telephony management can be carried out continuously or in the storage mode of certain important data, and at the same time, office telephony functions will be located on the PBX in the office. Connecting a cloud IP PBX to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) can be done using various protocols depending on the location like a SIP-enabled device.

Today it is already difficult to find a company that does not use telephone communications over the Internet but uses only traditional PBX. Significantly superior in technology VOIP services have advanced now both in quality and in the safe direction of use. Cloud gateway can solve security problems for a company at a lower cost while making communication much cheaper and not depending on the distance between subscribers. Front Desk Helpers offers you all these services. We will provide the evaluation of your requirements, project development,  installation, and technical support.

Discover modern telecommunication technology.

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