Software development. What is it about?

Software development is the most rapidly developing of the outsourcing business sector in the world. No matter what company you are – selling, educating or producing one- you can’t avoid having computers or computer-based elements of production lines – and all of them require software and programs designed either especially for your needs or to satisfy the requirements of the industry you are in.  Nowadays, almost every aspect of our life can be automated, especially it’s true for big production companies- starting from flower and tree planting and up to the T-beams welding.

Outsourcing companies tend to locations in Asia and India, don’t they?

Partially that’s true. A great number of software developers live & work in Asia cooperating with freelance teams from all over the world. The Asian work market is open for many projects. At the same time, there are many talented designers, developers, and engineers who are from other parts of the world, who are more convenient for cooperation due to many reasons and the time difference is not the only one. Our main office is located in NewJersey but we have remote developers from all over the world who work with different programming languages for various operating systems and platforms

Full technology circle of Front Desk Helpers company

What kind of specialists work for us

We have a number of dedicated team members who can work in close contact with you through that channel that is more comfortable for you – e-mail, Google Hangouts, Slack, wide list of CRM systems and databases. We can provide you with a specialist that will suit your demands in the best way, so you not only get a professional but also do not waste your time and have total control over the project. Interested?


We work on the principle of entire transparency as we understand that is extremely important for our clients. Our clients have all tracking tools for evaluation of the project progress.

What kinds of services we suggest:

  • Development of mobile applications
  • Software development
  • Hosted solutions for different call and contact centers
  • IT support 

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