React-Native for developing iOS and Android software

React-Native is a React-based JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications for IOs and Android and a good perspective for future systems.

In plain words React-Native allows web designers to work with familiar scripts and libraries, at the same time creating applications for both – IOs and Android.

Here you can hire remote developers who are working on React Native technology
Development on React Native

React-Native “translates” what a developer does with familiar tools into native rendering for Objective C or Java depending on the system. It “translates” data into real native UI elements.

Existing techniques of mobile application development presupposes a mixture of Java, HTML and CSS, and some other tools. Though this variant works, it may be a bit odd and have a number of bugs in performance.

Benefits of React-Native

React-Native gives a good push for creating cross-platform applications and a good base for future development. It uses any text editor for editing your java code, without any binds to the system or platform.

What is also great here, that is developers do not need to target all the forces for one platform, and they may share knowledge and codes, not all of course, between the platforms.

So you have great savings in time and effort and can use your resources more efficiently. Though the project is relatively young it has a number of advantages.

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