Objective-C for Apple software development

Objective-C is one of the compiled object-oriented programming languages applied by the Apple Corporation. It was created on the principle of C and the paradigm of Smalltalk.

Objective-C is performed as a superset of C, so C can be completely possessed by the Objective-C compiler.

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Development on Objective – C

The Objective-C compiler is a section of GCC and accessible on significant platforms. Objective-C is essentially handled for Mac OS X (Cocoa) and GNUstep –  the interface executions of OpenStep. Moreover, Objective-C is managed for iOS (Cocoa Touch).

ID type of Objective-C

Objective-C applies a specific id type to indicate objects (this is an analog of the Object type in Java). A variable of id standard is actually a warning to an absolute object.

The constant nil (= NULL) is applied to determine a null pointer to an object. Furthermore, you can use a more common notation with a precise class indication instead of id.

Particularly, it deducts the compiler to carry out some test of the message supported by objects – if the compiler from a shifting type cannot assume the message supports another message, then it will give a signal. Thus, the language maintains type checking.

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