JavaScript as the enclosed programming language

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language. Complies object-oriented, functional and imperative methods. JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMAScript language (ECMA-262 standard).

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Development on .js

JavaScript is ordinarily managed as an enclosed language for programmatically reaching software objectives. It is most popularly used in browsers as a scripting language to provide interactivity to Internet pages.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript is a programming language that makes it possible to implement complex web page behavior.

Each time you see a web page, it not only displays static content, but also does more – timely displays content updates, displays interactive maps, 2D / 3D animations, scrolls videos, etc. – rest assured, JavaScript was not complete here.

There are many interesting suggestions for developing JavaScript that are in the third stage of approval. It will be interesting to see them in the ES11 and ES12 standards.

Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will use them all, but some of them will definitely find wide application and will contribute to the growth of the quality of the JS code.

Developing Functional Javascript Applications

JavaScript frameworks exist to help us build applications with similar capabilities using a generic approach. However, many applications do not need all the power that frameworks provide.

Using a framework in a small or medium-sized project, which has certain specific requirements, may well be an unnecessary waste of time and energy.

The advent of Progressive Web Application (PWA) has contributed to the arrival of new architectural solutions in web development. This allowed web applications to load and display faster.

The combination of the App Shell architecture and the PRPL pattern can cause the web application to be fast and responsive, similar to a regular application.

Some projects, in order to quickly achieve the desired result, it makes sense to create in pure JavaScript, without the use of frameworks.

This approach opens up the freedom of expression for the programmer, allowing him to create exactly what he needs, without limiting himself to the capabilities and features of the framework.

JavaScript modern features

During the development of a web application, the programmer has a choice – whether to write their own implementations of such features as change detection, routing, data storage, or use existing packages.

Component creation is an important part of the javascript application development process.

Here it’s quite possible to use some modern tool, like web components, but it’s better to use ordinary JavaScript objects, which you can create either using object literals or using the class syntax that appeared in the ES6 standard.

JavaScript vs Java

The principal architectural features are weak typing, dynamic typing, prototype programming, automatic memory management and functions as segments of the first class.

JavaScript was affected by many languages; the purpose was to form the language look like Java during its development, at the same time simple for non-programmers to practice.

JavaScript is not owned by any corporation or business, which makes it different from numerous programming languages applied in web development. The name “JavaScript” is a certified trademark of US Oracle Corporation.

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