The Internet of Things

IoT – the Internet of things is a pattern of a computer network of physical objectives (“things”) implemented with built-in technologies for synergy for each other or with the outer environment which reflects the management of such networks as a sensation that can reconstruct economic and social manners by discharging the need for human assistance from chain of activities and procedures.

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Development on IoT

The idea was formed in 1999 as a belief for the widespread using of radio frequency identification means to make natural objects interact with each other and with the outer environment.

Appointing the pattern with distinct technological content and submitting efficient solutions for its implementation since the 2010s is admitted as a consecutive trend in the IT.

Essentially it was reached due to the extensive enactment of wireless networks, the appearance of cloud computing, the creation of inter-machine communication technologies, the inception of an active shift to IPv6 and the expansion of software-defined networks.

Predictions for the IoT

The number of sensors and devices for the Internet of things is believed to surpass the number of cell phones.

The average annual extension rate of this section from 2015 to 2021 presumed to be 23%.

By 2021 out of nearly 28 billion connected gadgets all around the world, around 16 billion will be anyhow connected within the framework of IoT.

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