The Go (Golang) description

Go (also Golang) is a compiled multi-threaded programming language produced spiritually by Google.

The creation of Go started in September 2007, with Robert Griesmer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson who were earlier associated with the development of the Inferno operating system.

Conventionally, the Go was preceded in November 2009.

Development on Go

Nowadays, the support for the sanctioned compiler generated by the authors of the language is implemented for the operating systems FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, macOS, Windows, DragonFly BSD, Plan 9, Solaris, Android, AIX.

The Go is also being assisted by a set of GCC compilers, there are diverse autonomous implementations. Currently, a second variant of the language is being developed.

Creation of Go

The Go was formed as a programming language for building highly efficient applications operating on actually distributed platforms and multi-core processors.

It can be seen as an effort to produce a replacement for the C and C++ languages. According to Rob Pike, “Go was invented to solve real-world problems in app development at Google.”

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