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Modern society cannot exist without programming. Almost everything that surrounds us is computerized today, which means it works on a certain kind of software.

Most of the current programming languages ​​ are brought to a high level of perfection and are able to solve almost any task assigned to them. At the same time, every language is just a form of expression of human thoughts.

In order to count something, we use numbers, to transmit verbal information we write, and to pass visual information we draw. The same goes for the programming world, there is simply no universal toolkit.

All programming languages ​​are designed to maximize the effectiveness of specific tasks. Each project has its own set of tools that will work best for him.

Today we will talk about C# which for many years remains in the top 10 programming languages.

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Development on C#

C# Programming Language

C# is a language which allows to write a wide variety of applications designed to run in the .NET Framework. The C # language is simple, type-safe, and object-oriented.

Thanks to many innovations, C # provides the ability to quickly develop applications, but at the same time, retains the expressiveness and elegance inherent in C.

The C # programming language was created at the end of 1998 by a team of Microsoft specialists.

The developers had a purpose to create a variety of applications for Microsoft.NET platforms. The attachment of C# to Microsoft .NET ​​was later eliminated, but the .NET platform itself contains a code compiler for this programming language in all versions. It allows you to run applications without configuring additional software.

The very name “C #” is explained by the fact that its syntax is very similar to C ++. In general, C # has taken on many positive features of its predecessors – Delphi, C ++, Java, and others. At the same time, problem algorithms were removed from C #.

The C # language still remains relevant as it allows you to more rationally create popular Internet applications today. C # is tightly integrated with XML, a variety of web technologies.

Also, the popularity of C # among developers is due to the fact that it integrates the benefits of Java and C ++, with C # excluding some questionable directives, macros, global variables.

What is C# Used for?

C# has a huge set of use cases:

  • The C # programming language is mainly used to create enterprise software, financial projects, such as banks and exchanges, including mobile applications, cloud services.
  • C # is easier to interact with than code Java programs written in other languages. And as a rule, C # is being used for writing extensions for other programming languages. These extensions act as an interlayer between the C # library and the language which capabilities need to be expanded for specific purposes.
  • Popular blockchain is in C #.
  • C # is widely used in game development on Unity. Have you ever heard of Unity? Unity is the most successful game engine. It means that thousands of games, including the most popular ones, were created using C #.
  • C # is good for working with hardware, for so-called embedded programs. What is this technology about? Embedded system is a specialized computer system or computing device designed to perform a limited number of functions (traffic lights, cash registers, vending machines, television sets, controls, etc).
  • The popular C # programming instrument is equally good for IoT, where every byte and every millisecond counts. Again, what is IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) is a concept of inclusive internet, the internet connection of refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, and even sneakers in order to provide more comfort to its owner. On the other hand, it increases the profit of the retailers, calculating how the stock requirement, getting certain information about customers, their habits, the environment.
  • Science and its applied use such as complex experimental calculations, cryptography, pattern recognition and the like.

C# Development – the Basis for Creating Software in the Modern World

The C # language and .NET Framework can be called the most significant of the currently offered technologies for developers without exaggeration.

The .NET environment was created to ensure the development of almost any application to run on Windows, and C # is a programming tool that was specially created for use in the .NET Framework.

For example, using C # and the .NET Framework, it is possible to create dynamic web pages, Windows Presentation Foundation applications, XML web services, components for distributed applications, database access components, classic Windows desktop applications, and even new smart client applications, which can work in online and offline modes.

Development of High-Performance Business Application in C#

Business applications are multifunctional software systems designed to automate key business functions and processes within the company.

These applications increase the efficiency of key business processes of the enterprise, reduce the time for searching and processing information, save material and human resources, automate typical actions within the framework of processes, etc.

The timely receipt of full necessary information is the key to a successful business. С# allows you to create customized software products for specific tasks of businessmen:

  • increase in productivity;
  • reduction in management costs;
  • timely identification of problem areas;
  • automation of routine operations.

Console Applications

A console application is a program that does not have a graphical interface, e.i., windows, and which runs in text mode in a black and white console.

Commands in such a program have to be entered from the keyboard. Besides, console applications display the results in text mode. The C # language allows you to develop both console applications and applications with a graphical interface.

Although GUI applications look more attractive, from a programmer’s point of view, they tend to make it difficult to understand the program code.

Therefore, where there is no need to create a graphical interface, it is recommended to work in console mode or, as it is also called, in command line mode.

There are plenty of console programs, and they are often used to simplify the user’s routine.

Web Sites and Web Applications

A web application is a set of interconnected files located in a virtual directory on a web server. To develop web applications on the .NET platform, the ASP.NET class library is used.

It is a web application development platform, which includes: web services, software infrastructure, programming model from Microsoft.

ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework and is a development of older Microsoft ASP technology.

Game Applications and Console Video Games – Unity, as a Game Engine in Conjunction with C#

Unity is the most widely-used game engine for developing indie games, and it uses C # code. It should be noted, that the engine is written in C ++. This fact makes the life of the developer easier, as does not need to know the speed of execution. And it is ideal for beginners.

Some other engines also have the C # support:

  • Monogame allows you to write a universal game;
  • WAVE is a cross-platform engine;
  • Xenko is a fairly strong cross-platform engine;
  • Duality supports only 2D;
  • Xna is the official Microsoft engine;
  • Flatredball is a 2D engine.

All may use the above engines to create game code in C #. Though, Unity remains the most famous engine from the commercial point of view. It is enough to recall such games as Rust and Forest, they are based on Unity, and consequently in C #.

Software Development in C#/Java

From a developer’s point of view, the Java and C # languages have many similar features​​. Both languages ​​are strongly typed, object-oriented. Both incorporate much of the C ++ syntax, but unlike C ++, they are easier to learn for beginners. Both languages ​​rely on garbage collection.

Both languages ​​have rich collections of libraries. But languages ​​also have their own characteristics and differences, strengths and weaknesses. C # took into account many of the shortcomings of Java, and fixed them in its implementation.

But Java does not stand still, developing in parallel with C#.

These two languages are widely used for writing different types of softs for various businesses.

Main Reasons for the Demand of C#

There are many good reasons why users usually choose some other programming languages. But C# has several good benefits which still keeps it in high demand.

· Instruments

The main advantage of learning C # is the huge number of tools and frameworks that this language supports. Every developer will agree that Visual Studio offers numerous features and powerful development possibilities.

The .Net framework provides a wide range of libraries for building web applications, providing security, smooth work with file systems, etc.

Previously, the main objection to all of this was that the .Net platform was closed source, and that fact confused many people. Though, in November 2014, Microsoft decided to make .Net an open source. The company provided free open source to Visual Studio licenses to use its toolkit.

· Support

C # is reliably supported by Microsoft. New functions and syntactic improvements appear much faster than in other programming languages, such as, for example, in Java.

· High Demand

C # remains in high demand today. It matters for IT specialists, because the wide use of the language is directly proportional to how accessible online materials are.

As a rule, everyone turns to Google or Stack Overflow to solve development issues. And most often C # provides a large number of answers. It saves a huge amount of time for beginners when solving various development tasks.

· Flexibility

This feature of the C # language is a significant advantage over a lot of programming tools. A great number of applications that can be developed using C #, .Net and Visual Studio:

  • Windows apps;
  • mobile apps;
  • web app;
  • games.

You may achieve all this with the help of other programming languages, but in such cases, third-party tools of other developers are used. Programmers who work with C # have an exclusive set of tools supported by Microsoft for creating any type of application.

A Large Number of Mobile Applications Made Using C# Programming Language

The C # language has almost unlimited potential. You can write anything on it, starting from simple desktop console snakes and calculators, ending with large web projects using ASP technologies, working with a database through various ORMs, or developing file systems.

It is possible to write everything in C # (with the exception of, perhaps, drivers or operating systems). If you are going to write mobile apps in C# you will need Xamarin.

Xamarin is a framework for cross-platform mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) using the C # language. Xamarin provides a possibility to create one unique application logic using C # and .NET for all three platforms at once – Android, iOS, UWP.

Benefits of using Xamarin:

  • You can write just one code for all platforms;
  • Xamarin provides direct access to each platform’s native APIs;
  • When creating applications, we can use the .NET platform and the C # language, which is quite productive, and at the same time clear and easy to learn and use.
  • Xamarin supports several platforms. Main platforms: Android, iOS, UWP, Tizen. Additional platforms in preview state: MacOS, WPF, GTK #.

C# Language Application with Microsoft.NET Framework

The .NET Framework appeared 15 years ago. Then it included only one stack of .NET technologies. So it was impossible to develop applications for PCs running Windows and web applications.

But over time other .NET implementations have appeared, for example, Xamarin, designated for developing mobile applications for iOS and Android and classic applications for macOS.

Later it became clear that the classic .NET Framework does not have the necessary flexibility. Thus, it was decided to standardize basic APIs. And two new tools were developed:

  • .NET Core is the newest implementation of .NET. This is an Open Source project with versions for multiple operating systems. .NET Core allows you to create cross-platform console applications, as well as ASP.NET Core applications and cloud services.
  • .NET Standard is a set of core APIs (also known as BCL, a library of base classes) that must be supported in all .NET implementations. .NET Standard allows you to create libraries suitable for any .NET application, regardless of the .NET implementation or the operating system in which they run.

Outsourcing of C# Software Developers

C # /. NET developer is a programmer who uses .NET platform technologies in his work. The Microsoft .NET Framework platform consists of a large number of development tools and technologies, using which the developer can create various types of applications, from ordinary desktop applications and sites, to solutions for mobile platforms and computer games.

The Microsoft .NET Framework is based on the C # programming language. It is this programming language that the .NET developer must master in detail.

Front Desk Helpers C # /. NET developers have the following skills:

  • OOP knowledge;
  • Knowledge of database technologies;
  • Practical experience with MS SQL Server;
  • Transact-SQL Skill;
  • Knowledge of Entity Framework;
  • Basic skills and experience with the .NET Framework;
  • Knowledge of WCF Technology;
  • Basic skills of ASP.NET MVC technology;
  • Knowledge and ability to use teamwork, the ability to read and understand someone else’s code;
  • Knowledge of SCRUM or Agile Team Development Basics.

Finding the right IT professional is a difficult task not only for companies from other fields of activity, but also for the IT companies themselves. A good specialist must comply with a rather large list of requirements. He must be well-versed technically and possess the necessary knowledge.

Besides, he also needs to be self-motivated, take a responsible approach to work, etc.

To take all this into account when selecting a candidate, you need to have enough experience both in the selection of specialists and in working with them.

Working in the field of information technology, Front Desk Helpers know all these nuances from the inside.

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