The C and C++ languages

C was basically created to implement the UNIX OS. But it was afterward integrated to various other platforms.

Based on the design of the language it closely correlated with traditional machine guidance, and because of that, it has found application in projects for which the assembly language was unique, including both in operating systems and in different application software for many devices – from supercomputers to enclosed systems.

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Development on C and C++

The C had a meaningful collision on the expansion of the software industry, and its syntax became the basis for programming languages such as C ++, C #, Java and Objective-C.

Difference between C++

C++ is generally used for application development and is one of the most common programming languages. Its range covers the production of operating systems, a variation of software programs, project drivers, applications for enclosed systems, servers with high performance and also games.

There are multiple implementations of the C++, both free and business, and for different platforms. For instance: GCC, Visual C ++, Intel C ++ Compiler, Embarcadero (Borland) C++ Builder and others on the x86 platform. C ++ had a tremendous influence on distinct programming languages, essentially Java and C#.

The C++ syntax is derived from the C language. One of the principles is to maintain compatibility with C. However, C++ is not a superset of C; a lot of applications can be equally transmitted by both C and C++ compilers, exclude all potential C applications.

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