Amazon Web Services

AWS – Amazon Web Services is a business public cloud owned and produced by Amazon in 2006.

Accompanying with the Google Cloud Platform, AWS inspired the general development of the idea of cloud computing and arranged the central objectives for the construction of a public deployment pattern.

AWS was the most comprehensive public cloud in the world for a long time.

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Development on AWS

The cloud is established in various geographically distant data centers, named “regions”. There are “accessibility zones” inside each region. And there is a high availability of hosted services inside each zone.

Today there are 60 zones are succeeding in 20 regions. There are also possibilities for arranging data exchange and data transfer within these zones.

How AWS was managed

AWS was officially started on March 14, 2006, as a section of 3 services – Amazon S3 cloud file storage, Amazon EC2 computing capacity rental services and Amazon SQS queue service. At the same time, the business started the first tests on providing such services in July 2002.

At the point of 2003, Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black formed a technical and commercial pattern for the future of AWS. It was providing the same computing foundation as the basis and application solutions.

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