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Development on Android

Android is an operating system (OS) for smartphones, tablets, watches, fitness bracelets, digital players, consoles, smartbooks, laptops, netbooks, Google Glass, TVs, and other devices.

Android OS was founded on the Linux kernel and also Google’s personal implementation of the Java virtual engine. Originally it was designed by Android Inc. Later on, it was obtained by Google. OHA – the Open Handset Alliance is currently involved in supporting and future developing the stage. Android enables you to generate Java control applications that are obtainable on Google’s developer libraries. The Android development kit lets you to haven libraries and application elements written in C and additional languages.

Google Statistics

86% of smartphones sold in the 2nd quarter of 2014 the Android on board. In May 2017, Google stated that more than 2 billion Android gadgets have been initiated in the entire history of Android.

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Android App Development

Our professional developers of applications for android devices are ready to offer you their outsourcing services for the development of android applications for corporate needs, gaming android application, product android apps and android applications for e-commerce.

If you want to always be in touch with your customers and communicate without intermediaries, then the mobile android application for business is exactly what your company needs. Today in the United States, more than 122 million people use mobile android devices to read news, communicate on social networks, search for goods and services, important information, etc. Every year this number is growing by about 2 million people.

Take advantage of the opportunities that mobile technology gives your business and order the development of a mobile android application for your company.

Main Stages Of Developing A Mobile Application For Android

  • Business analysis and development of optimal solutions
  • Professional Android application development from scratch
  • Result oriented product
  • Free listing on the Google play market
  • Analysis of the application, installations and user behavior
  • Promotion of Android applications in Google search and Google Play

Compelling Facts About the Benefits of a Mobile Android Application

Mobile users not only play games or chat on social networks. The statistics of the use of mobile applications over the past 5 years tells us that in the mobile segment of the Internet there is an active growth in sales of goods and services, and the first contact of a potential buyer of your goods and user of your services will occur in 80% of cases using a mobile device. Creating your own android application will become the main competitive advantage for your company within the next 6 months, subject to the observance of important rules and stages of implementing a mobile application for your business.

Android Application

Target audience expansion
75% of users choose Android-based applications, and on average per month mobile users download 25 applications.

Android Application

The ability to search for important information, products and services
Mobile gadget users use mobile search to find information about products and services. The 60% of mobile users search for information from a smartphone. The 70% of them searched for a particular product or service in a mobile search or looked at relevant ads.

Android Application

Increase in sales of goods and services
Mobile search statistics say that on the mobile Internet sales of goods and services are growing rapidly. 63% of shoppers using mobile devices shop online every month.

Android Application

Increase the number of orders
88% of people who searched for goods or services from a mobile phone make a purchase within 24 hours. About 70% of mobile device users place an order for a product or service through mobile applications for android within 1 hour

Benefits Of Android Mobile Apps For Business

The mobile market is growing at a high speed. Mobile users buy goods and services, and do this often. This is the main reason that any business today needs to have its own mobile application in order to run its own business, analyze activity statistics, communicate with customers and sell. Among the indisputable advantages that the application will open for you, the following can be highlighted:

Android Application

Your mobile application is always at your fingertips.

Android Application

New Growth Opportunities
Digital technology evolves with mobile capabilities

Android Application

Convenient business monetization
You can accept payment for goods and services directly in your mobile application, as well as quickly create marketing promotional offers in order to earn money using important reasons and market situations.

Android Application

Sales growth
Mobile users are actively searching and making purchases on the Internet.

Android Application

Expanding Reach
Own mobile application on Android allows you to quickly access a loyal target audience and potential customers.

Android Application

Low cost of a transactions and interactions
Significantly more profitable than in traditional media and social networks.

Android Application Development – Milestones

  • Analysis of goals and objectives of an android application
  • Android app design development
  • Android application development
  • Android Application Quality Control
  • Upload to Google Play

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