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We Are Expert Outsource Software Developers

Our approach involves a combination of highly experienced developers, client-oriented services, and a passion for IT.

Software development outsourcing provides a vast variety of choices for a growing company. Hundreds of companies provide outsource software development services around the world.

We offer a wide range of opportunities depending on many criteria, such as your budget, the urgency of the project, and the presence of your own development team or development platform.

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    Outsourced Development

    Looking for the best developers to

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    • Group lending

      Our team has only talented and qualified specialists who apply various technologies, create efficient algorithms, and perform tasks on time.

    • Efficiency lending

      Are you looking for efficiency, creativity, technology, knowledge, and flexibility? This is what we provide as a software development outsourcing team.

    • Repair lending

      Regardless of whether you are a software developer or not, we can help you create a software product tailored to your needs within a certain budget and time.

    • Maintenance lending

      Our 5-years long-term experience in software development allows us to offer you IT support at any stage of your software development project, from concept and analysis of tasks to implementation and finished product and even subsequent support.

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      Outsource Software Development

      We work with the following technologies and tools:

      React.js Outsource Software Development
      AWS Outsource Software Development
      .NET Outsource Software Development
      Node.js Outsource Software Development
      iOS Outsource Software Development
      PHP Outsource Software Development
      Objective-C Outsource Software Development
      C# Outsource Software Development
      Java Outsource Software Development
      Python Outsource Software Development
      C/C++ Outsource Software Development
      Android Outsource Software Development
      Go Outsource Software Development
      Angular.js Outsource Software Development
      Ruby Outsource Software Development

      Check out the technologies and tools we specialize in

      Software development outsourcing provides businesses with a competitive advantage by minimizing costs, enhancing customer service, and maintaining product quality on a limited budget.

      3 simple steps to success with us

      Tell us about your development goals


      1 Tell us about your development goals.Share your requirements and development goals with us.

      We give you our development team


      2 Task analysis and planning for your project.We analyze and plan the stages of preparation and development

      Task analysis and planning for your project


      3 We give you our development team. Front Desk Helpers developers join your team working remotely.

      Projects that we launched


      Retail, Logistics and transportation, consumer products and services

      ( delivery management service)

      Project delivery management

      Improve the way you delivery, assign couriers, plan routes & more. Get a total control with our integrated solution built on a Google Cloud platform.

      Financial services

      Any industry (time management tracking system)

      (Chrome Time billing extension)

      Project Time billing

      It makes time tracking simple. Focus on your tasks and let your team become more productive.

      Consumer products and services

      Any industry (advertising)



      Mobile platform for hi-tech direct advertising to local customers.

      Logistics and transportation

      Health, Retail, Business services, Real Estate

      (Wifi Captive marketing portal)

      Project Wifi Captive

      It’s a marketing tool to collect data and segment users with the help of a free WiFi in your venue.

      Business products and services

      Any industry (text messages communication)

      (SMS portal)

      Project SMS portal

      Send SMS online through the SMS web portal. Get a powerful tool to deliver information faster.

      Real estate and retail.

      Business and financial products and services. Retail.



      The true revolution of mobile marketing. Mobile e-commerce retail platform to advertise your services and goods.

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        IT Outsourcing As Software Development Services

        Front Desk Helpers is an outsourcing company that focuses, among other things, on developing software for its clients. We offer software development, IT project support, and engineering services. Over 8 years, 50 of our IT-specialists have supported support the development of our clients with their services.

        We work with software development companies, digital agencies and enterprises to improve their advantages in a competitive environment, support them in the field of IT outsourcing and increase the efficiency of their business.

        Software Development

        High-end Quality Software Development Services compatible for web and mobile applications, providing users, and customers with modern and effective solutions.

        Read More

        IT Support Outsourcing

        Remote IT Support is the best way to cover you and your clients on any technical questions that may arise and at an affordable rate. We are ready to provide 24 hour L1 and L2 remote technical support.

        Read More

        Dedicated And Integrated Teams

        We are professionals in the field of IT outsourcing. We have experience in developing software, web applications, and mobile applications. We outsource selected software development teams for your projects.

        Read More

        Mobile Solutions Development

        Mobile application development services for iOS and Android platforms.We provide native and cross-platform iOS and Android mobile solutions for business and consumer applications.

        Read More

        Product Engineering & Technology

        We have expertise in product engineering and technology development. Our software development teams operate remotely to enhance your benefits and effectiveness, which can help you create innovative and scalable products.

        Read More

        Intelligent Digital Security Solutions

        We provide the latest security solutions and high-quality expertise in the fields of electronic, industrial, corporate, and cyber security.

        Read More

        Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Solutions

        FDH offers customized solutions for virtual reality technology. We create VR applications for various industries, including the gaming industry, advertising tools, educational institutions, real estate, hospitality and medicine.

        Read More

        Wi-Fi Network Solutions

        Secure wireless Wi-Fi solutions for marketing and company infrastructure to support your business growth. FDH provides secure and reliable Wi-Fi network connectivity solutions and Wi-Fi network services to businesses and organisations of all requirements.

        Read More

        Artificial Intelligence Solutions

        Artificial intelligence technologies set of that increase your capabilities for analyzing your big data. Artificial Intelligence technology combines machine learning and deep learning to manage and analyze structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of business processes for production, retail, finance, insurance, medicine, law.

        Read More

        Telecommunication Business Solutions

        The telecommunication platform for communicating with your customers through all communication channels with in-depth data analysis and learning artificial intelligence: call center, online operators, SMS messages, email correspondence, etc. We offer the perfect state-of-the-art telecommunication solution with many customization options.

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        Get to know our IT- employees and their competencies in more detail

        photo Alexander G
        Alexander G.

        Team Lead, Full Stack Developer

        I am a full stack developer. I specialize in developing web applications and services, building tabular data models and the development of analytical reporting.

        Front-End Development, Back- End Development, Project management

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        photo Alex M.
        Alex M.

        PHP programmer

        I have practical experience in developing modules and system components, as well as finalizing individual functionality within the system, and implementing a third-party API.

        Backend developer, PHP developer, Bitrix24

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        photo Nazar C
        Nazar C

        Middle PHP developer

        Completed projects under budget and within the deadlines stated in the initial estimation.

        Full Stack Web Developer, Front-end developer

        Read More
        photo Ali P.
        Ali P.

        Project manager/Business Analyst

        My way is to propose improvement methods and appropriate solution options. Develop, document and prioritize business requirements.

        Analysis, Project Management, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Scrum, JIRA

        Read More
        photo Andrey P.
        Andrey P.

        Node. js, Javascript, Full stack Software Engineer

        A contractor for various companies by flexibility in operation systems: Javascript, Nodejs (+Express, etc), Angular 2, Typescript, ES6, React, Bootstrap UI, Ninject...

        Senior Software Engineer, System Architect/Developer, Team Lead / .Net Developer

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        photo Oleksandr L.
        Oleksandr L.

        IT Manager, Senior Business Analyst

        I can coordinate IT services within an enterprise, providing expertise for projects and program support for multiple businesses areas.

        Business Solution, QA Team Lead, BI Team Lead, BI Developer

        Read More
        photo Sergio K.
        Sergio K.

        Data Analyst/Business Analyst

        Education in Economics and Business Development with specialization in Statistical analysis. Has relevant experience as a Business Analyst: Client analysis and segmentation, Business Intelligence application development

        Real Estate market analysis, Business Intelligence application development, Data Mining

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        photo Sergey P.
        Sergey P.

        Fullstack ASP.NET/C#/MVC/Angular

        Over 5+ years of experience as a web developer. ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL. Web developer ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WebServices, .NET, Angular 2/4/6 / 1.5 (angular components), Material Design for Angular, CSS 3.0 / HTML5, etc.

        Angular (latest), HTML/CSS, typescript, TFS, git, VS 2017

        Read More
        photo Serhi V.
        Serhi V.

        Full Stack Senior .Net (Angular) engineer

        Participate in architecture development and enhancement. Execute a full software development life cycle and closely collaborate with the customer

        Full Stack .NET Developer, C#,JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native

        Read More
        photo Taras K.
        Taras K.

        Full-Stack Developer

        System and technical administrator. I create websites and API

        Front-End Team Lead, System Administrator, Web Developer

        Read More
        photo Taras S.
        Taras S.

        Developer (Java, Javascript)

        Design and implementation of web-based home accounting systems and learning systems.

        Spring, Hibernate, Angular, React, Node.js, Nest.js

        Read More

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