Truck Dispatching

Outsource transportation dispatcher

Our dispatch services are

  • Setup and maintaining of drivers logs
  • Setup and maintaining of IFTA reports
  • 24/7 answering and dispatching services (our operators speak English and Russian)
  • Issuing invoices, rate confirmations, bill of ladings handling
  • Initial setup with brokers
  • Driver qualification files for each driver
  • Troubleshooting and money claiming
  • Help to keep up with DOT and reports for Transportation Companies

We know what it takes to make it in the industry and our main goal is to improve your business statistics forward to the next level, not subtracting from it. In all 99% cases fees you, you don`t get now are negotiable, and we do all the work for you leaving you to handle the driving while not worrying about your paperwork or your next load. W9 forms, issuing invoices, IFTA reports, and many more truck dispatcher responsibilities and documents. Want to find out how we can help you with that? Our company can improve your moving business with team of professionals, transportation dispatcher who could look for suitable loads with a decent CPM and endless calls to dozens of brokers each day, while you just doing more and more deals.

We do not only plan and dispatch your loads

We successfully negotiate top rates from brokers and/or shippers for you as part of our service. We’ll make sure you or your company optimizes the time spent out on the road. You’ll have the final decision on which loads and where you want to run. Your Personal Dispatcher will work hard to find and secure the best paying loads while keeping you and you loaded and rolling.

Brokers say that you haven’t followed the procedure and refuse to pay detention fees. Perhaps you had an accident? Trucking company dispatcher is the person that you need in your busyness. There are few main truck dispatcher duties: keeping records, monitoring driver daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring driver’s working hours and equipment availability. Another part of the job is to know the weather of all your drivers locations in order to flag potential issues.

Our independent dispatch service can help you to stop losing your money and to keep doing your job nice and smoothly.