Outsource accounting and bookkeeping

Why do we need bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a part of the company management structure, that keeps all financial accounting. Bookkeeping provides to certain members, first of all for directors or owners, all and impartial information about the financial stance of the company.

Bookkeeping tasks

The main purposes are activities to provide proper transaction accounting and financial reports with counted characteristics of business and technologies that process accounting.

Bookkeeping based on accuracy, elucidation, sequence, continuity, an accrual and matching of revenues and expenses, substance over form, historical (actual) cost, the only money measure frequency, periodicity.

Main functions that we do and we can provide

  • continuous accounting at the enterprise;
  • organization of accounting according to the law and the constituent documents, ensure adherence to common methodological principles of accounting;
  • monitoring compliance with the order of the primary documents;
  • systematization of information that contained in the primary documents on accounts of synthetic and analytical accounting by double-entry.

Our responsibilities in OK Transport, Inc. were

  • reservation of goods,
  • setup with brokers
  • full documentary support
  • invoicing of the goods delivered,
  • the solution to all the problems that arise from the driver at the time of delivery,
  • preparation of IFTA report,
  • payment of the quarterly tax,
  • payment of personal and corporate current accounts,
  • the extension of the registration documents,
  • the control of receipt of payment for invoices to an account.

    Our responsibilities in All Heart Home Agency were to

  • make timesheets;
  • make care plan in the system;
  • preparation of a report on overtime HHA;
  • preparation of cases for billings.