Virtual Receptionist

Outsourcing to a Virtual Receptionist

The Virtual Receptionist has job of dealing with a large amount of incoming calls. Often, the job involves negotiations with potential and existing clients requiring consultation on matters relating to goods sold or services provided.

In rare cases, the receptionist’s job is a basic call answering service. This involves receiving calls from customers and transferring them to the company’s technical specialists. In both cases, an experienced Virtual Receptionist can resolve all issues and fulfill any necessary tasks.

Large Volume of Received Calls for Processing?

Are you overcome with a large flow of calls? Are your customers having a hard time reaching you due to wait time? To solve this problem, we offer our contact center outsourcing.

This service can help both large enterprises and small businesses in needs of constant communication with customers with the tools to grow alongside your business.


Importance of Knowledgeable Representatives

Phone consultations are often a vital part of any business. That requires an ability to present products, services, and the company itself in the best light. The goal is always to help the customer in any way they may need.

Representatives need to be knowledgeable about the products and services offered by the company and always ready to answer questions. Our support operators pride themselves on attentiveness because any mistakes will be reflected on the face of the business.

Our operators are screened for competence in both work and communication, as well as fluency.

Flexible Schedule

We provide operators who work on and around your schedule. This can be a five-day work week, part-time morning work, an afternoon or evening shift, or weekend work.

Principles of Quality

We pride ourselves on our communication skills, goal-oriented nature, politeness, ability to establish contact with people, friendliness, pleasantness, patience, orderliness, and perseverance.

Advantages of Our Outsourcing Service

  • 24 hour answering service;
  • Simple and convenient call forwarding system;
  • After-hours answering service;
  • Minimum call waiting time;
  • High quality operator service (all calls are recorded for quality assurance);
  • Subscriber’s choice to listen and record desired information or switch to the operator;
  • Subscriber’s information recorded in database (leads to significant increase in repeat purchases by customers);
  • Timely and guaranteed to inform customers about the actual conditions of sale of share.

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