Special Holiday Prices for Marketing Services

special offer for marketing packages

Hurry up to get your marketing goals reached!

We’ve got a Limited-time Offer for your holiday marketing plans.

Only till Dec. 31, 2022, get 20% off for Marketing Packages to say something important to your clients and partners via:

email marketing for $535

Turnkey Email Marketing Campaign

regular price $665

special price $535

Email marketing is the most popular business marketing and communication tool during the holiday season. It works best for e-commerce, education, healthcare, rental, real estate, transportation services, etc.

Sure, you’ve got to say something important to your audience before the year ends. Gain extra loyalty from your audience with bright and rocky email campaigns – we take on its operational routines while you get benefits:

  • Additional traffic to the website
  • Loyalty strengthen
  • Brand awareness growth
  • Holiday sale offers and personal discount alerts
  • Annual gratitude and greetings campaign
  • Important operational announcement

What does the email marketing offer include?*

  • Idea and 2 concepts development
  • Strong text and design creation
  • HTML-template development
  • Sending to the list of up to 2000 contacts
  • Report

* – The Client provides the contact list, links, and other key business information. The Offer includes up to 2 iterations in concept, design, text.

content marketing for $380

Turnkey content creation for the website

regular price $476

special price $381

Does your website not work in the proper way? Or you just want to get more from it?

Pump it to its full potential. Rich content marketing and content creation on the website is the key factor of growth of search ranking, lead generation, and potential client trust.

Don’t delay! While your competitors have a holiday break, use the monthly content plan to empower your online web resource to win the competition. We fulfill your website with useful content that causes:

  • Organic traffic to the website growth
  • Improve your website indicators
  • Search ranking rising
  • Target audience attractiveness
  • Generate new leads
  • Sales and profit growth
  • Customer loyalty and trust strengthen
  • Return purchases increase

The Offer* includes 4 unique articles created and published for the website with:

  • Idea and 2 concept development
  • SEO-adaptive text writing
  • Web page design creation
  • Publishing on the website
  • Setting up the analytics indicators

*- Offer is available for the website running on the WIX and WordPress CMS, if there is a function for articles or blog posting foreseen. The Client provides access to the website. Each article has up to 2000 characters in length. The Offer includes up to 2 iterations in concept, design, text.

logo creation for $149

Turnkey Custom Logo Development

regular price $185

special price $149

A custom logo is a key and unique presentation of your business for all online and offline interactions. Every modern business owner needs a logo to become more noticeable in a competitive environment.

A trendy and catchy custom logo helps business:

  • Create a strong company association
  • Strengthen first impressions to the business contacts
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Tell the target audience about your advantages

Need a new logo, or do you already have one? Get ready for excellent marketing opportunities 2023 by implementing a fresh look at your logo. Use 20% OFF for our design team services: custom logo development or current logo redesign.

What does the custom logo Offer include?*

  • Idea and 2 concepts development
  • Design creation
  • Transmission of the logo in high resolution and the most popular graphic design formats

*- The Offer includes up to 2 concepts and 2 iterations before the final approval.

Hurry up to make a strong foundation for next year’s growth!

*- All the Offer Prices are actual in the case of making the payment until the 31th of December.

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