IT Outsourcing Services

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IT Outsourcing And Programming Services

Information technology is a set of methods, production processes, software, and hardware potential integrated into a technological chain that ensures the implementation of information processes in order to increase their reliability, efficiency and reduce the complexity of using information resources.

Due to the coming of information technologies in all areas of working spheres, the need for qualified specialists who can control and maintain IT systems and ensure the stability of it’s producing processes grows unbelievably fast.

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a term created to explain how to find suitable resources or contracting out of the company’s jurisdiction for IT services. Different companies now can use IT outsourcing depending on needs beginning from software development, engineers staff to maintenance and IT support.

For example, your company can outsource IT, staff, because it’s cheaper and much easier than to build your own IT team. Anyway IT outsourcing now is a part of every middle and large enterprise. Per “IT Outsourcing Statistics 2017/2018” published by “Computer Economics”, outsourcing as a trend is gaining huge popularity.

The percentage of the total IT budget being spent on outsourcing rose from 10.6% in 2016 to 11.9% in 2017. And this percentage grows every year.

If you are targeted for creating your own IT office department think about keeping professional IT staff assumes serious financial costs. Another story that the job process can be easily hampered by human factor: one of the employees can go on vacation, the second one just not to show up in the office and what will happen to the entire company because of impossibility to solve any single problem?

The best alternative nowadays is IT outsourcing – appealing to third-party companies for IT infrastructure maintenance. Based on your goals, plans and job scale outsourcing companies can control the whole IT infrastructure or partial IT services groups either, which is selective IT outsourcing.

Also, the regular IT department always requires control and discipline from the company’s management, which takes time and resources. IT outsourcing makes the organization of your business as flexible as you can imagine: now you can increase and decrease the scope of your activities with no need to hire and dismiss the IT staff.

Front Desk Helpers Outsourcing Services

Front Desk Helpers is an outsourcing international company based in New Jersey. Since 2015 we have been assisting to different companies and businesses in the USA and Canada by providing remote employees. Today, our key directions are: IT development, IT engineering and multi-level technical support.

Our staff has the highest qualification and considerable working experience thanks to giving remote services exclusively in the IT area all over the world.

The advantages of hiring an IT outsourced team with Front Desk Helpers compared to building your own office IT department are obvious. First of all, you pay strictly for services based on our quote which is significantly more profitable than the maintenance of IT infrastructure by yourself.

Just because the cost of received services is lower than paying salary for regular staff. No more HR expenses and office rent! From now you can avoid all possible hiring processes and setting up all office equipment. We take it on us.

Cut your expenses up to 35%

Moreover, due to the fact, that hiring our remote employees you are not obliged to pay for any social standards, sick and vacation days, taxes, and other related payments.

Cut your expenses up to 35% or even more! Forget about staff supervising – our company’s flexible personnel management system always keeps in reserve a number of highly skilled developers, engineers and multi-level support specialists capable to perform any service on IT infrastructure maintenance even in the emergent work model.

The Benefits Of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Services
IT outsourcing

Let us resume some benefits of IT outsourcing with Front Desk Helpers:

  • reduce the IT infrastructure maintenance costs
  • focus on your own business with a skilled team
  • increase the efficiency of IT-processes
  • no HR, office payments and taxes
  • we speak 2 and more languages

Boost your business and cut the company expenses with us! Give us a call today or request a FREE consultation on your onboarding project – learn more about our benefits, we will offer the most affordable rate after the first consultation!

IT Developers and IT Engineers

IT developer who is also known as a software developer is the main foundation behind any software and application. A software developer basically is competent in at least one programming language and accomplished with writing code for software or program and with the art of structuring.

IT specialists can be ranked as software developers, application developers, mobile developers, web developers, and others, regarding the type of software being developed.

In spite of the fact that primary job responsibility is coding, IT developer can also collect any requirements for website, design or application as well as any other information about the whole software architecture and development process.

We would like to say some words about the difference between a software engineer and software developer. Let’s take a look on particular role descriptions. An engineer can be easily involved in any step of the development process but only a small number of developers can be called engineers.

It is important to hire the right professional. With our remote employee's services, you can hire the right specialist and start working on a business processes optimization (BPO)
It is important to hire the right professional. With our IT outcourcing services, you can hire the right specialist and start working on a business processes optimization (BPO)

IT Engineering

IT engineering applies strictly to engineering concepts of application to assemble the most satisfying software for the user. IT engineers take a big part in the software development process generating and producing the customer’s requests into relevant technological solution.

The primary major of a remote software engineer is to drive an engineering process to implement the exact function.

To sum up: IT engineer has to find and execute the most suitable engineering concepts to establish the final product on time.

Going back to IT developers who are specialists concerned on all aspects of the software development process including research, programming, bug and software testing. Software developers take all possible responsibilities for the development process step by step.

IT developer is the one who stays in touch with the customer to perform a preliminary design. Together with programmers, they will write a code which makes the software run smoothly and properly. After that programmers will test and debug any upcoming issues.

IT developer is an experienced project leader, he provides all necessary management and guidance everywhere around software evolution life cycle.

Front Desk Helpers Outsourcing Services

Our IT developers and engineers have a perfect understanding of all main methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Crystal Clear, Spiral, RUP, FDD, RAD, Scrum, XP, and others. The analysis of requirements and risks is one of the priorities of our developer’s job.

Front Desk Helpers is always ready to provide remote developers and engineers working with C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Angular, and most of the actual programming languages. Also, we are specialized in providing a 24-hours L1 and L2 remote technical support in English and Russian.

Front Desk Helpers is always ready to provide remote developers and engineers working with C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Angular, and most of the actual programming languages. Also, we are specialized in providing a 24-hours L1 and L2 remote technical support in English and Russian.

Join our team and convince yourself our remote IT employees are professionals who build and create. We write, debug and execute the source code of software and applications remotely, using our own IT projects model and proprietary developed cloud-based telecom platform.

Multi-level IT Support

We live in an extremely technological world which means this kind of service is really necessary. IT support also known as technical support or tech support is a service where companies provide their assistance and help customers with computer technologies, sometimes with digital recorders and even cell phones. IT support can be easily delivered by phone, email, online software or any other tool where customers can report their issues.

What if your enterprise doesn’t have a tech support department working with troubleshooting for your staff on the related computer, network and everything regarding IT area?

Remote employees are the best solution for new IT projects and IT startups
Remote employees are the best solution for new IT projects and IT startups

Remote Tech Support

The remote tech support being provided by our company is oriented to solve regular person or company’s issues either. We set up our own all necessary equipment and software. Remote assistance is the best way to cover you and your clients on any technical question and also it is an affordable rate. Anytime or even 24 hours a day we are ready to provide L1 and L2 remote support on English and Russian as well.

Did you know that around 75% of customer’s cases can be solved on Level 1 as known as Tier 1? At this step, we collect all the needed information about the client and his issue. Our operator determines it with the help of analyzing the symptoms and identifying the problems behind the case. After we know what is exactly a problem L1 support specialist offers all possible and already known before solutions based on the experience of solving typical problems. Or he delegates the problem to a higher level of tech support.

L2 / T2 is a more qualified technical support level. Here our specialists are more experienced and more accomplished about particular product or service. Mostly this is an administrative line of support which provides performance of technically more complicated methods for solving problems. L2 remote support specialist can be responsible to assist the L1 employee in solving basic technical problems.

Using our appropriate software and highly experienced IT staff we will make your business excel. Do you want to grow as fast as information technologies?

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