Do you have some trouble with your ecosystem? Is your company requires answers to your customers after working hours? We can offer you a help desk support team that will guide your process of flexible connectivity.

  • Help Desk outsourcing services provide to your infrastructure a great benefit of choosing us.
  • We have come through big hardship and we know what teamwork means.
  • 24/7 monitoring,
  • Graduated specialist
  • Solution of problems just in time as they happened

Properly organized technical support (service desk support) always begins with the registration of all end-user applications, provides a single point for the user to communicate with the solution department. The most popular solutions on the practical organization of technical support are often built on the basis of call-center (ordinary users are identified). It is the initial point of contact with the end-user technical support and service is a source of information about their actual satisfaction level of service that supplements the information about the technical quality of service parameters of the client (internal or external).

Increased use of modern technology leads to the growth of requirements to provide technical support. Many organizations place their technical departments with a remote help desk support in countries or regions where the implementation of their activity costs less. In such the variety – Technical Support serves close value consulting.

The need of online customer support varies depending on the specific product or service to provide help for defective or non-working items that need to be replaced. Customer service can be provided on  a Web site, e-mail address or an entry in a book of complaints or appeal to the IVR-line contact center.

“Customers have a good memory. They remember you, regardless of whether you remember them or not.”

“Customer trust can be destroyed instantly blunder in service or undermined once on set of many small demonstrations of disrespect and incompetence.”

That is our service and we care for every detail we offer!

Our virtual help desk also works with CRM-systems that may include:

  • the front part of providing customer service to sales points with an autonomous, distributed or centralized information processing;
  • operating part of providing authorization of transactions and operational reporting;
  • data store;

The main purpose of the implementation, as a rule, put the increase in customer satisfaction at the expense of analysis of accumulated information about the client’s behavior, regulation of tariff policy, setting marketing tools.

Classification level of information processing

  • Operational CRM – registration and on-line access to basic information on events, companies, projects, contacts;
  • Analytical CRM – reporting and analysis of information in the various;
  • Collaboration CRM – an organization of close cooperation with end-users, customers, up to customer influence on the internal processes of the company (interviews, to change the qualities of the product or order of service, the Web page to track customers order status notification by SMS of the events associated with the order or face-to-face.

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