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Hire remote online dispatcher 

Finding suitable employees is not easy if you are looking for them based on your personal contacts and your city. Discard the geographical boundaries, excel your business with a dispatching company that boosting your revenue, facing an intellectual challenge and a commitment to improvement. Front Desk Helpers is an outsourcing company that provides you a team of people from different cities and countries with their worldview. Such employees will help to consider situations from different points of view. Our goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of the transportation services providing truck and courier dispatching services either.

The most obvious advantage of the remote employee for you is a significant reduction of outcomes. Fewer office staff means less costs for furniture, office equipment, parking, heating, air conditioning, and other services and equipment. The remote job also allows you to organize the working process for those who are not able to arrive in the office every day because of the distance from home. Which means now you can hire highly qualified specialists and use the results of their work through the Internet.

  • A low rate of 7$/hour per operator

The main benefit you get cooperating with Front Desk Helpers is low rate – only 7$ hour per operator. Just think about the middle average rate in the USA is 15-16$. Our company offers you 40% cheaper employees showing professional performance.

  • Free 7-days training

This is a great opportunity to select the most suitable worker exactly for your company’s needs. Our staff have many years of working experience in your activity area and do not require long-term paid training. You will select an employee with the strongest skills, who fits exactly the requirements of your position. You teach – we learn. We give you 7 days for a free familiarization with our team potential.

  • We speak at least 2 languages

Front Desk Helpers is a multilingual international team. One of our benefits is you can hire remote employees who are bilingual with English and Russian, and we can provide services in other languages also by additional request. Start your foreign project with a Front Desk Helpers multilingual collaborator.

  • No more HR expenses

The cost reduction opportunities associated with HR outsourcing become one of the most significant parts of your savings. No more costs for the dismissal, training, personnel transfer between departments or any costs associated with employees. All these responsibilities are assumed by our company.

  • No office – no office costs

Can you imagine how incredibly will boost your business if you don’t pay any single cent for office rent, equipment, and all office environment? We provide full-time technical support for our staff at the company’s expense. We invest in the equipment and we are responsible for its installation. Escape from office costs easily, and set up your equipment and all needed telecommunications with our professional engineers.

  • No taxes

You don’t pay taxes for working with us, avoid in addition the bookkeeping routine. All extras related to this part are included in our rate. Outsourcing positions in your company you avoid the average 30% based on taxes you pay to your office workers. In addition, we work according to the NJ state laws and PCI DSS compliance v2.0 and HIPAA requirements, which is regulating this side of our cooperation.

A lot of researches have shown that remote workers are 10–15% more productive and effective than employees who spend all their time in the office. You can say that office disciplines more than working in home environment, however less interaction with colleagues, unnecessary discussions, sharing news and less time for “smoke breaks, tea time” allow remote workers to produce more for the same time.

If your employees are happy with their working conditions they are aimed for long-term cooperation which means the company can reduce the cost of recruiting and training.


In the dispatching field, we determine the 3 options of our services:

Truck Dispatching

If you are a truck services company who wants to enlarge your squad with professional remote dispatchers, contact us today. This is a very responsible field and we are proud to share with you that we have been providing our resilient truck dispatching services for the company who is committing local deliveries for Amazon products. Make yourself and your company a real entrepreneur and partner with our loyal team of dispatchers who can efficiently increase your average rate and optimize your company’s expenses. Our program helps to actualize your potential and our developed virtual administrative support system means you are 24 hours a day in good hands. Our mastered dispatching protocols have become a primary major of our business, and our expanding virtual support specialists system make us constantly able to provide the best possible service.

The freedom of being our partner became as easy as possible. If you are tired because of office staff and environment, wasting your time and energy with paper things – it’s time to call Front Desk Helpers. We offer personalized and customized access for working with truck dispatchers. We give you the reliability all while making sure that truck drivers are getting the necessary information and services they need in a timely manner. Join Front Desk Helpers team and expand your horizons!


Courier Dispatching and services for Locksmith companies

At Front Desk Helpers we have a passion for assisting and helping our partners and clients. As an associate member, we act as the face of your company. We track, handle and process all patterns as well as identify and document any sample. We work directly with couriers for additional pickups if it’s needed, examine traffic situations, alternative possible routes and weather conditions as it expected. We deal with all incoming and outcoming calls received both from couriers and customers by coordinating the requested services with courier staff, routes, and schedules through the use of dispatch system. A locksmith business never stops. People find themselves locked out of their cars, homes at all times no matter if it’s day or night. Front Desk Helpers is the place for you to find the most reliable partner and 24/7 assistant. What’s the difference between us and common dispatching providers for Locksmith companies? Let us highlight a few significant benefits of hiring our remote employee compared to just answering service.

One dispatcher working full time (40 hours per week) will cost you starting from $280. Every dispatcher that works with companies that provide this particular service has the following obligations:

1. Communication with clients

We are not just answering service. We make calls, close deals, receive calls and assign them to the corresponded department or technician. Do you want to make your customers happy? We will give a call asking for feedback on the finished job.

– Experienced in providing the client with all the information about the best solution for their problem

2. Understanding the client’s problem, not just taking note

Clarifying how many technicians are ready and able to take orders on a daily basis, prioritizing the tasks, jobs, and issues.

– Controlling and monitoring the process of every job.

– Solving the issues with clients that call with complaints.

3. A wide range of reports organized by our team

We collect and organize all received information, collect reports, checking every single detail to make sure you have everything noted and inputted into the dashboard or delivered to the correspondent department.

– Making sure of payments and placing them on the job details

4. We do sales

Our dispatcher will be following up with clients that didn’t receive the service because of a lack of communication or any other reason. We will take note and will make sure it will not happen in the future.

When people get locked panic mode sets in. We answer your calls following your protocols, which immediately helps alleviate some of their anxiety. We collect all necessary and any important information for technical needs to service your customers. Once we identify the type of lockout, we take the customer’s name, address and phone number, also if it is a vehicle lockout – the model, year and color of the car. We afford constant communication, support and feedback to help you develop your locksmith dispatching services.

At Front Desk Helpers, we have created an environment that saves your time and money providing best courier and locksmith dispatching options to intensify the experience for your company and your clients.

Online dispatching services with our proprietary software

As the world changes with advances in technology, so Front Desk Helpers does. We are using our own telecommunication platform for making and managing phone calls. Our IT Department is successfully developing proprietary software in order to achieve the best possible results in our tasks. We work in conjunction with our clients and always can adjust the possibilities of our cloud-based platform to current needs.

Front Desk Helpers offers opportunities to advance your work and life. Call us today or apply for a free consultation today!

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