Web-based application for delivery, courier dispatching, tracking of couriers, and deliveries. Use simple delivery software to automate your logistics and delivery business.

Advanced courier and delivery management system for dispatching, planning, and tracking your deliveries and courier routing with wide development opportunities. Manage your couriers and deliveries perfectly with 100% efficiency.

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Build a sustainable delivery chain management system

The FdhCloud Delivery System provides necessary technological tools for dispatchers, logistics managers, and various delivery services to make delivery processes at any distance and last-mile more manageable and efficient.

Booking System

online booking


dispatch note

Delivery dashboard

delivery dashboard

Automated tracking

automated tracking

Automated  accounting

automated accounting

A simple step for your team, an important development stage for your business

Fast planning

Delivery routes are planned instantly, taking into account the conditions of the order

High system flexibility

Necessary changes can be made at the last minute without risking the order of delivery

Real field data

Use statistics to identify growth points and your strengths. Making the right conclusions means increasing efficiency

Get steady growth

Improving performance enables you to sustainably grow your business with the resources you already have.

No installation or credit card required

Delivery management and dispatching software with full control of delivery processes

dispatching software laptop

The FdhCloud Delivery System is a web-based platform that helps automate delivery and courier management by controlling and scheduling all stages of delivery from placing an order for delivery to notifying the recipient of the arrival of a package.

customer service

Your dispatcher can manage the entire workflow -  plan, track, notify, build a delivery route, etc. Manage your delivery, transport, and couriers as one organism without unwanted incidents and losing money. Deliver groceries, goods, clothing, fast food to people in any weather just in time using the power of moderninnovation.


The FdhCloud Delivery System gives logistics companies the opportunity to achieve their goals by automating delivery processes, optimizing delivery routes using transport, tracking in real-time, and efficiently predicting the flow of goods in transit.

Delivery solutions for various businesses


food delivery


pizza delivery


water delivery


meat delivery

Fast Food

fast food delivery


grocery delivery

Restaurant Food

restaurant food delivery

Fruit & Vegetable

fruit vegetable delivery


alcohol delivery


catering delivery


courier delivery


laundry delivery


local delivery

Movers & Packers

movers packers services


logistic service

Pick Up And

pick up and delivery


flower delivery


home delivery


e-commerce delivery


roadside delivery


pharmacy delivery


furniture services


cleaning service

And much

Key Benefits of Delivery Solution

Steady Growth

Delivery software integrates essential delivery management tools to provide you with everything you need to run and manage your business.

delivery software

Delivery Dispatching

Manage what's currently on dispatch, schedule deliveries and track them.

Apply a smart delivery dispatch and courier management system that allows the dispatcher to plan, assign and track delivery of a package, manage courier activities, and automatically match incoming requests and notifications to close orders. Our delivery dispatch software provides flexible management and customization.

manage an organization

Manage An Organization

With our user and courier management tools, you can quickly add new administrators, managers, dispatchers and couriers as users to the program. Manage user permissions and access to choose which settings you want to show to which user group

Easily Customizable And Secure Delivery Solution

Let your customers book pickup and delivery quickly with automatic notifications. Your online booking app for services and the purchase of goods can be integrated with the delivery application, as well as be branded

Delivery Management Gets Easier

Submit new orders instantly, use route planning, automate receipt generation - use smart algorithms to speed up time-consuming tasks and increase efficiency.

delivery management

Try the online version of the
FdhCloud Delivery system for free

The delivery management solution for a delivery business

Automate Delivery Planning

Add hundreds of orders quickly and get the best routes and schedule for your drivers and couriers. You’re getting a maximum of completed deliveries while significantly reducing the cost of performing workflows.

Detailed Orders And Tasks

Optimize routes and schedules by observing all the conditions of the order: time, priority, day of the week, logistics tasks, duration of work, skills and much more.

Manage Drivers, Couriers And Cars

The FdhCloud Delivery identifies working hours and delivery costs to help you avoid overtime and reduce delivery costs. The solution allows you to take into account the type of vehicle and use the correct vehicle without overloading and failures.

Track Deliveries In Real Time

Take control of all deliveries. Eliminate the element of surprise and randomness. Control where your couriers, vehicles and parcels are. Track the estimated time of delivery in real time.

Confirmation Of Parcel Delivery

Submit delivery documents in real time right during the transfer of the shipment. Save digital signatures, photos, and receipts in the app for easy claim resolution.

Attach Delivery Locations

Attach popular parcel delivery and drop-off locations to plan the load on couriers and transport

Task Execution Time

Inform the courier about the time and date of completion of the delivery before the task is completed.

Route Change On The Go

Place orders and last minute shipping rerouting. Plan a sequence of delivery locations or change the delivery route when the courier cannot work.

Rate And Review

Write a review, comment and rate the quality of the service after receiving the shipment.

Support Service

Customers can ask for support if they have problems delivering items

Multiple Payment Modes

You can integrate an electronic payment gateway with various payment solutions popular with your customers: PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, etc

Real-Time Tracking Of Shipments

Send SMS messages or emails to customers informing them of the planned arrival of couriers and shipments.

How to get the most profit from using the FdhCloud Delivery

Manage Your Couriers
And Deliveries

Control all stages of delivery and actions of couriers. Turn all deliveries into a fully managed process and take 100% control of your workflow.

Everything You Need For
Delivery Is At Hand

Keep your dispatches and deliveries, notifications,complications, information and couriers in a manageable circle.

Manage The Delivery Service
From A Single Platform

Manage delivery and couriers from a single platform to improve the quality of delivery. Increase the efficiency of couriers, transport and dispatchers. Increase the productivity and sales of your services.

Automate Delivery, Tracking And
Scheduling Processes

All workflow processes are automated, controlled and monitored by the delivery program to eliminate incidents and improve efficiency.

Control All Operations From
Start To Finish

All work processes are recorded and monitored to avoid failures and errors. Monitor critical stages and processes in real time to get 100% results.

Use Multi-Channel

Integrate the FdhCloud Delivery with chats, messengers, email, sms to resolve issues and communicate in convenient communication channels.

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*After the trial period, you can subscribe and continue to work in the system
without losing the entered data and settings.

How to get the most profit from
using the FdhCloud Delivery

courier fdhcloud delivery


Barcode Recognition
Billing & Invoicing
Compensation Management
Customer Database
Delivery Tracking
Dispatch Management
Label Printing
Order Entry

delivery management


Customer Portal
Delivery Tracking
Dispatch Management
Driver ETA
Driver Management
For Courier Services
For Freight
For Restaurants
Mobile Signature Capture
Surveys & Feedback

logistics 3pl management


3PL Management
Cross Docking
Fleet Management
Inventory Management
Order Management
Shipping Management
Supplier Management
Transportation Management

route dispatch management


Dispatch Management
Drag & Drop
Driver Management
Live Driver Tracking
Performance Metrics
Territory Management

Try the online version of the FdhCloud Delivery system for free

Easy integration with the Bitrix24.CRM

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Bitrix24.CRM in cloud and box versions

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bitrix24 crm system

Are you ready to try?

A free 7-day full-featured demo version of the FdhCloud Delivery System
with a limited number of users is available for you!

Custom Delivery Software Development

The Front Desk Helpers offers software development customization services of the FdhCloud Delivery system for needs of clients. You can ask us to customize functions and capabilities of the Fdh Delivery software for your needs for a fee.

Add additional features

Set up data exchange with
the website

Carry out integration with your
CRM, ERP, PMS systems

Integration with professional
analytical systems

Our satisfied customers are already using the FdhCloud Delivery application

Hundreds of customers in the US and Canada trust FdhCloud Delivery app and use it for efficiency gains and customer support.

• 100+ companies use FdhCloud Delivery in the North America

• 7,000+ FdhCloud Delivery app users in the US and Canada

• Easy-to-use and simple cloud-based delivery software system.

• FdhCloud Delivery app contains basic functions and tools, as opposed to expensive and complex delivery software systems on the market.

• FdhCloud Delivery is an inexpensive and convenient software for managing deliveries and couriers.

customers fdhcloud delivery

What is a Delivery Management System?

Simply put, delivery management software connects your drivers or couriers on the road with the delivery dispatchers at your office. Having this business solution allows you to manage your drivers and couriers, and your dispatchers have full control over delivery and routing.

Delivery management software, DMS, is an innovative digital delivery and logistics tool used to manage, plan and optimize delivery. DMS also carries the functionality of a communication system between a client, dispatcher, driver and a courier, which allows each participant in the delivery process to interact and exchange messages and information through a single platform.

Today's customers’ expectations for delivery efficiency are higher than they were a few years ago. Today it is imperative that you provide your customers with a fast, accurate and smooth delivery process for shipments and parcels. One way to improve your company's efficiency in this matter is to invest in a modern delivery management software solution.

Why do you need the FdhCloudDelivery System?

Our system for delivery service is distinguished by the use of innovative software for delivery and courier management. The delivery system was created taking into account the requirements and the necessary functions. Our support team gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with our support specialists in setting up, using and integrating with other business systems over the Internet.

Advanced delivery management technologies and cloud architecture differentiate our delivery system from the competition. The FdhCloud Delivery offers only the features you need, unlike the competing software for delivery services. You can manage courier delivery and analyze all key delivery KPIs right from your computer or mobile device.

We are fully confident in the functionality and value of the delivery system, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for shipping and courier services. You can get a free consultation from our specialist and a demonstration of the system's capabilities in order to quickly assess its value and individually, familiarize yourself with the potential for your company.

The FdhCloud Delivery system will help you cut your existing shipping management software costs and your midsize courier company by an average of 15 times!

The FdhCloud Delivery program includes the tools dispatchers, couriers and drivers need to complete delivery tasks efficiently and accurately.

The delivery software solution for B2B and B2C customers, where a grocery store manager is waiting for groceries to be delivered on time, or a fast food client is waiting for snacks before a party can start, or a repair team leader is waiting for an urgent delivery of materials and equipment.They all need to know where the deliveries are and when will they receive their orders.

There is an impatient anticipation of the required delivery. And, perhaps, life will make some adjustments: delays, traffic jams, schedule inconsistencies make necessary adjustments from your computer or mobile device because Your customers need to know when you will deliver their orders. They expect to see their order where they ship in real time.

Benefits of a Delivery Management System

Reduced Operating Costs

Delivery management automation allows you to successfully control operating costs, which allows you to minimize office and courier costs, optimize routes, reduce delivery times, reduce fines for late delivery, overspending of the wage bill and save on the salaries of additional couriers involved.

Having received savings of several thousand dollars, the business will be able to reinvest these funds in development and increase of efficiency. Using delivery software will reduce the need to hire additional drivers or dispatchers for manual control.

The delivery management system is a reliable digital system that will eliminate several problems created by people or circumstances along the route.

Best Customer Retention Rate

Customer retention rate is one of the most important criteria for a delivery management company. Attracting new customers is the most expensive event for any company. Competition does not forgive mistakes or neglect of this factor.

However, in order to increase the level of customer loyalty, several fairly simple processes that form the value of the service must be implemented. It's quality of service, just-in-time delivery and affordable delivery rates.

With a delivery management system, you can make the necessary changes to all three factors to add value to your service.

The better you keep your promise to deliver on time, the higher your customer satisfaction level is. This is the basis of high loyalty between your company and your customers.

Real-Time Courier Information

The greatest benefit of using a delivery management system is that it allows you to track your courier drivers in real time.

You get access to location data of courier drivers and customers, which allows you to improve the manageability of delivery processes. This will help you identify any delivery problems that may incur unexpected costs or disruptions and quickly resolve them.

Receive Incoming Orders For
Delivery In Real Time

Once the delivery software is deployed and integrated, you will receive automatic real-time delivery updates. The delivery of the shipment may be delayed due to traffic jams, courier errors, inaccurate address, etc.

The system will automate all possible actions for the courier-driver, so that he can focus on doing the main thing in his work.

Professional communication tool

The delivery management software handles incoming delivery orders and processes the information received. After the dispatcher compiles the information, it is sent to the system database for automatic transmission to your courier.

The courier receives appropriate instructions on the route and has the information necessary for delivery at hand. The system allows you to control all processes as soon as the order enters the system. In case of any delays or changes, the delivery system will inform everyone: the dispatcher, the courier and the client.

Advantages of the FdhCloud Delivery software

Get a complete analysis of deliveries

With the delivery system, you can send order delivery notifications to drivers and arrange couriers to fulfill their duties to ensure compliance, receive updates on new deliveries and much more.

Improving the efficiency of
courier drivers

Your drivers receive all the information they need to deliver a parcel or passengers. This greatly reduces the chance of error, which can lead to late delivery.

Better tracking and manageability
of deliveries

The delivery software gives you the ability to record any date, time and location information for each individual delivery, including incidents or any problems and unsuccessful deliveries. Having information is critical in the event of billing or delivery disputes.

Get information in real time

You can upload information from courier drivers to your ERP or CRM system, collecting real data needed for analysis and reporting. The ability to track deliveries in real time is key to delivering the best customer experience.

FdhCloud Delivery Key Features

Simplify billing

Making invoicing easy and accurate with customer accounts that store digital invoices and bills of lading.

User Roles And Access

All team members are assigned to different roles and access scopes, no employee or client can see other people's data.

Best customer service

Improving customer service with route monitoring, estimated-time-of-arrival notifications, and signature capture as proof of delivery.

Reduced operating costs

Save on transportation costs with tools such as route optimization and transport selection.

Cloud-Based Application

Available anywhere with Internet access using a web browser, works on computers and mobile devices.

Task Managemen

Keep track of your orders, couriers and deliveries, assign them to your team.

Route Optimization

Integrate the app with a route optimization service to provide a high quality customer experience.

Real-Time Data

Get real-time information to improve delivery planning.

Deployment & Support


Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Desktop - Mac
Desktop - Windows
Desktop - Linux
Desktop - Chromebook

On-Premise - Windows
On-Premise - Linux
Mobile - Android
Mobile - iPhone
Mobile - iPad


Email/Help Desk
Phone Support
24/7 (Live Rep)

Where is the FdhCloud Delivery Solution used

Courier services
Same day courier services
Courier delivery services
Delivery services
Delivery services for food
Amazon delivery services
Food delivery services
E-commerce delivery services
Pick up and delivery services
Movers & packers services
Meal delivery services
Grocery delivery services
Water delivery services
Flower delivery services

Meat delivery service
Pizza delivery services
Car delivery services
Local grocery delivery service
Alcohol delivery service
Prepared meal delivery services
Local grocery delivery services
Cheap food delivery services
Restaurant delivery services
Home food delivery services
Delivery service for restaurants
Wine delivery service
Home delivery services
Laundry delivery services

Home food delivery services
Delivery services for furniture
Snack delivery service
Plant delivery service
Furniture delivery services
Alcohol delivery services
Home delivery services
Fruit delivery services
Beer delivery services
Pickup and delivery services
Milk delivery services
Fast food delivery services
Vegan meal delivery services
Vegetable delivery services

Smoothie delivery service
Grocery home delivery services
Clothes delivery service
Dog food delivery services
Pet delivery services
Package delivery services
Local delivery services
Liquor delivery service
Home meal delivery services
Home delivery water services
Fresh food delivery service
Dinner delivery services
Supermarket delivery services
Fresh food delivery services

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with a limited number of users is available for you!

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