Cross-platform application development

Cross-Platform Application Development Services

The Front Desk Helpers successfully developing cross platform apps for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has a lot of experience and deep knowledge in using the most advanced, proven, reliable tools and technologies to develop apps for iOS and Android.

iOS Application Development

Applications developed by us are successfully applied in the following fields of activity:

  • IT development and engineering;
  • Health;
  • Financial services;
  • Consumer products and services;
  • Logistics and transportation;
  • Business products and services;
  • Real estate;
  • Retail;
  • Hospitality;
  • Homecare agencies;
  • Medical companies;
  • Trucking and delivery companies.
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In business, the decisive role is often played by the TTM (time-to-market) metric. To be ahead and introduce new features into your product faster than competitors on both platforms at once - any leading company thinks about it from the very beginning. Cross-platform frameworks allow this to be achieved and, as an obvious bonus, receive a reduction in development costs at each stage. According to our calculations, the development of a cross-platform application allows you to reduce the total cost of product development by 25-30%.

  • 50% discount on app creation;
  • 100% turnkey service;
  • Monitor all processes online;
  • Dedicated Project Manager;
  • Agile/DevOps Processes;
  • HIPAA Compliant and Non-disclosure agreement;
  • WBE owned and controlled company.

In addition, you can get free consulting on each type and stage of cross platform app development.

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Cross-Platform Application Development For Mobile Devices

Make market coverage indicators better and customer interaction simpler. Costs spent on developing app for iOS and Android simultaneously are quickly pay-off and allow the business to grow rapidly.

Mobile applications are 57% of total digital media use and their users find them devices not only convenient, but depend on them. Against the background of a systematic increase in dependence on mobile devices, it is important to adapt business models to the behavior of a key audience.

The main cross-platform applications advantage is that they can be easily moved to a larger market and a wider audience. Thanks to the non-native code they work well on all devices, and can be simply used in the global and targeted markets. This, in turn, increases brand awareness, user base, sales and profits.

iOS Application Development

Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Front Desk Helpers company offers outsourcing services for the effective and high-quality development of cross-platform mobile applications, depending on customer needs:

  • Development. Your personal project manager together with professional programmers and designers will create your application;
  • Testing. The team of QA testers will eliminate all possible errors and guarantee the stable operation of the product;
  • Deployment. Release manager, Database administrators (DBAs) and DevOps team will put the app at Google Play and App Store, and you can start using it immediately;
  • Support, maintenance, and optimization. Our support software engineers provide a full range of break/fix services, and also help in further app optimization.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application

In what points the cross-platform mobile application differs from the native one?

The cross-platform application requires significantly fewer resources and allows to quickly deploy applications without adapting them to specific platforms. Native products, however, work faster. But the target audience with cross-platform app will expand quicker.
The cross-platform app creation process requires less development time. Native ones, in turn, are more flexible in implementation, since the technology of a specific operating system is used. With cross-platform, however, you will quickly launch the product on the market, passing some the testing stages.
When updating a cross-platform product, it is important to consider the different platforms for which it is designed. The native option is easier to test. Still, the launch of the cross-platform product is faster so this solution is better for a rapidly growing business.
iOS Application Development

When determining preferences between cross-platform or native development, you should choose between the specific tasks and the audience for whom the future application will be created, as well as the needs for some features that are available exclusively on specific devices. In this the free online consultation from our specialist should help.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Services

Choose the cross-platform that may satisfy the needs of your business

The success of a cross platform mobile app development project depends largely on the project management methodology. Depending on the specifics of the project, Front Desk Helpers to develop iOS and android app uses flexible methodologies and software creation practices. This allows to create high-quality products in the following directions:

iOS Application Development
  • Corporative Mobile Solutions;
  • E-commerce Applications;
  • Company Service Apps;
  • Fintech Solution Apps;
  • AR/VR Apps;
  • Wearable Device Apps;
  • AI Mobile Apps;
  • Blockchain Mobile Apps.

Get Competitive Advantages

The company creates products that not only perform well in spite of their cross-platform origin but also significantly expand the capabilities of business management

Strong Sides of Cross-Platform Development

  • An increase in the user base due to the immediate implementation of the application in several branches.
  • The common source code frees you from the need to attract multiple authors for each platform.
  • 75% of the cross-platform database of application code can be reused to adapt them to new projects.

Low production costs

Single code allows us to easily configure and after this to maintain the application. In addition, there will be no need for any pause in operation for updating. Simple and quick maintenance positively affects the rate of payback.

This is extremely important for successful business today. However, you must not forget about the need to properly form a team for the most correct optimization of its work processes and proper coordination of employees.

Regular reporting from the Front Desk Helpers team will allow you to conveniently control the development process and make adjustments at each stage of production.

Make the development costs lower too

iOS Application Development

The creation of cross-platform applications always based on the concept of "create once, apply everywhere." Recycling code and quickly developing iOS and android apps can significantly reduce price of the product. If there is a need for use of an app on several platforms and devices, then there is no alternative to cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications.

Recycling Code

When hiring mobile cross platform app developer, he can use the already existing code as an elementary tool. This allows him to be free from creating unique code for various platforms and thus save a lot of effort. After writing the optimized application code, it can be deployed on different devices and platforms without worrying about incompatibility issues. This is a universal approach that is widely used to save development time and money. Often, specialized cross-platform frameworks are also used for this.

Rapid development

Here is another huge advantage of cross-platform applications. Thanks to the same programming code for various platforms, funds spent on cross platform mobile app developer work can be reduced up to 50-80%. This will certainly help you get a good business application in the shortest possible time. You might have heard that testing of functional may suffer due to fast development, but the right approach of Front Desk Helpers in the distribution of the marketing company allows to launch the product on time and receive positive feedback.

Benefits for business from cross-platform easy cloud integration

The common source code also allows us to freely integrate the cross-platform application into the cloud. Enterprise-class plugins for business applications integration with the cloud make them a perfect tool for operations with big data.

Cloud integration allows you to connect data stored on local servers to data stored remotely, and also provides a path to powerful analysis platforms, CRM systems and other applications hosted by third-party providers and this is important for cross-platform.

The new technology eliminates the need for physical equipment for data storage, ensures their constant availability from any electronic devices. In addition, the abandonment of physical equipment and its maintenance frees up valuable resources that can be used for other purposes.

Cross-platform cloud and business

  • Cost reduction. Easy comparison of the data helps to determine the overrun or insufficiency of the resources used, as well as to develop an integration method that meets the needs of the business.
  • Maximizing human capital. The right tools and integration design, proper task automation, and comprehensive reporting capabilities receive from cross-platform app give you more power to make decisions that affect your business.
  • Auto-scaling. Provides cost savings that allows companies to intelligently respond by adding resources during peak of loads or turning them off for calmer periods.
  • More prompt delivery for a business related to the shipment of goods.

Benefits of using cloud integrated cross-platform application

Cloud integration strengthens business intelligence by synchronizing local data with important information from cloud applications. Other benefits include:

  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Improved internal communication.
  • Increased flexibility, scalability.
  • Reduced time to go on market.
  • Increased competitive advantage.
  • Lower operating costs, increased revenue.
  • Improved customer service and support.

Thanks to the new cross-platform app integration technology, organizations get a holistic view of all the important, and often very complex, interactions in their business environment, and can also use the ideas of this process to maintain a competitive advantage in their market.

Rapid development

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