Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development Services

Cloud Application Development

Cloud application development is a great solution for a company that needs software with advanced user settings, good scalability and easy integration with the server. It enables you to store, data and use of software in cloud storage and work with them online without loading the hard drives of the computers.

Front Desk Helpers offer the development of a cloud application because smart cloud applications for business allow customers to access data in real-time from anywhere and from any device. Businesses get a possibility to automate their processes and simplify internal work.

What do we offer?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We offer server hosting based on the model “Infrastructure as a service” (IaaS). It is the rental of cloud resources on our cloud infrastructure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud platform and tools which developers use to create and deploy cloud applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) includes all available cloud app solutions. They include many services from email, sales and customer relationship management, to billing, collaboration, and human resource management.

The Scope of Cloud Applications

Cloud solutions are in demand among small, medium and large businesses. Small organizations migrate mail services, accounting, data exchange applications to the cloud. Large companies use cloud solutions for organizing computing centers for processing and analyzing big data, transferring the entire digital infrastructure to the cloud, such as a virtual office, contact center, ERP, CRM, PMS.

Cloud Application Development


It eliminates the need to buy and install complex and costly solutions. Our team handles all aspects of the service from installation to privacy settings.


Cloud apps are vital for online startups. With the advent of SaaS solutions, preparing and launching an global online store or online service is now much easier. A big advantage for startups is the rapid deployment and scaling of the business. Cloud technology considerably reduces expenses.

Scientific Solutions

Modern scientific research requires the use of huge computing power and the storage of a large amount of data. The cloud application allows you to use for your scientific project all the advantages of a cloud data center: storage, flexibility, scalability, high performance and easy integration.


The lion's share of the cloud application market is focused on a particular service industry. Medical services, insurance services, financial services, trade and much more - everyone is interested in the benefits of cloud-based business solutions. The cloud application increases efficiency, allows you to quickly automate operations, communicate with customers and analyze company activities.

Restaurant business

Cloud-based apps optimize the reception of an order, interaction with customers, loyalty programs, work with menus, inventory control, work with documents, personnel management and control over the entire establishment.


Cloud services boost business scalability by creating travel platforms (aggregators) that offer combinations of services in the tourism sector, covering the entire sphere of consumer interests. Proper use of cloud services for these purposes will enable high speed data exchange and its security. Optimization benefits: availability from anywhere in the world and at any time, the ability to serve a huge number of customers during the peak season.

Video surveillance

Cloud application will allow you to save and process multimedia data in the cloud, which is faster, more reliable, and accessible from a large number of devices. Cloud video surveillance allows you to monitor objects not only from special centers but also from phones and other gadgets.

Advantages of cloud applications

Front Desk Helpers guarantees that cloud technology will optimize your IT infrastructure and spendings for hardware use and maintenance. Cloud-based applications offer simple, flexible and affordable access to any amount and range of computing power and applications located outside the corporate network. Your business will gain:

Advantages of cloud applications
  • Reliability and security of data storage
  • Possibility to extend your IT infrastructure in the cloud
  • Local and cloud deployment of applications (creation of hybrid applications)
  • Adjustable scalability and load balancing
  • Quick access to data from anywhere and any device
  • Creation of secure isolated virtual networks in the cloud
  • Enterprise cost optimization

Reasons to Trust Your Project to Front Desk Helpers

We offer a full cycle of cloud application development from start to launch.

Consulting and Cloud Strategy Services

Our team will develop and implement a cloud strategy that will meet the individual needs of each customer.

Implementation and Transition Support

We fully support the project at all stages. Every development is fully customized.

Application and Data Integration

We integrate all applications and data into your environment and build the platform for flawless performance.

Application Management Services

We monitor the status of your processes and applications and offer our support upon request.

Optimization and Improvement Services

We ensure the optimal operation of your systems and applications and, if necessary, implement improvements to your cloud architecture.

Cloud Management

We support the accessibility of your cloud application at any time.

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