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Automated Bots Boost Your Productivity

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11 500+

Сreated Bots daily
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Increase The Number Of Payments

Set up a sales funnel in the ChatBot

PayBot Results
(Bot Assistant for Female Intensive)

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Up to 82% increased payments
for the main product

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24/7 Chatbot involves users
in a sales funnel

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Increase in Sales Volume

Get 30% more orders through the chatbot

SysTechBot Results
(chatbot event administrator)

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Up to 18% event reach increased

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Third administrator at the event
was replaced by a chatbot

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Automate The Receipt Of Requests

Delegate Chatbot processing
new requests and briefing

Medical-bot Results
(vaccination assistant bot)

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Down to 44% reduced time for live
communication with the visitor

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Up to 78% increased visitor loyalty

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the company pays an average of 15,000 to 20,000 for people to service the subscriber base


the price of one SMS in the mailing service now


a business pays on average for all mailings per year per year

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Chatbot Saves for your business on promotion


Shop-Bot Saves on sale costs



Send and receive data from over 100 online services

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a convenient tool for those customers who want to get an answer to a specific question quickly. It isn`t necessary to search for information on your own, just formulate and send a request.

How do Chatbots work?

After connecting with a Chatbot, users of your bot will be able to write messages that will be sent to you in a chat, where you can quickly respond to them.



Smart self-learning bots.

These are bots with partial or full artificial intelligence, capable of conducting a full-fledged dialogue with customers and selling goods and services.

Their answers are as close as possible to natural human speech. Such chatbots can learn to understand human speech in every dialogue. This assistant can give an answer even if the request is entered non-standard or incorrectly.


Standard bots.

This group includes those bots that answer the visitor questions based on the keywords from his request. They look like a menu with buttons and options.

Communication takes place by pressing the buttons, and the bot responds to them like commands. For each entered phrase, a specific command is given. However, if the request is entered differently, the chatbot will not be able to respond. In this case, tips and dialogue options will help to avoid customer misunderstanding. Such a bot is suitable for communication, obtaining leads and data, determining the subject of calls, answers to typical questions.


There are many types of chatbots. Bots are classified according to the tasks they perform. The most common chatbots for everyday tasks

getchat Seller

getchat Lead generator

getchat Interface

getchat Communicator

getchat Consultant


Chatbots Have Important Advantages:


No need to install new applications - this saves the device’s memory because even in the latest smartphones, you often have to delete something to download a new program.


Communication takes place in the familiar interface of a familiar messenger or social network.


Communication applications are available on most devices - developers themselves take care of their availability.

Chat Bot Features

Chatbots are used for
the following tasks:

Features Customer consultation on products and services

Features Sale of goods and services

Features Lead generation and acceptance of applications from clients

Features Getting customer feedback

Features Answer questions about the upcoming event (conference, seminar)

Features Make an appointment with a client (to a doctor, lawyer, bank, etc.)

Features Offer alternative or complete products (within the framework of up-sell and cross-sell)

Features After-sales customer support


Features and functions
of chat bots

features Communication with customers.
You can conduct a survey of visitors and customers. After connecting the bot, you will be able to communicate with your bot users through a dialogue with the bot, or by connecting a separate chat, where your call center can be located.

features All types of messages.
Chat bots support all types of messages - text, photos, videos, voice messages and even stickers.

features Multilingualism.
You can add several languages ​​for your connected bot and connect a chat for each language. Users who have chosen English will write to the chat, where are the managers who respond in English.

features Saving users and communication history.
All users of the bot, as well as the history of communication, are saved in the database for future use by you.

features Subscription database.
You can send newsletters to your bot users by selecting a specific language, or by sending newsletters to all users.

features Chatbot statistics.
You can see the statistics of the bot - the number of users and messages.

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