Some companies are on the stage where they suggest starting a customer service or running an e-shop. Sooner or later you will need a call center solution. Companies offer to create the call center on your demand in order to let even the small business could to present itself as something serious in the client’s eyes. There are different options depending on your preferences and necessities.

The main advantages of the cloud call centers are the affordable prices, minimum expenses with no equipment to buy, flexibility in usage and easy maintenance. A regular hosted contact or call center providers offer different utilities related to the maintaining of the customer service. Usually, these services include the complete call center solutions, like, telephone answering, telemarketing, virtual assistance, customer support, contact center, etc.

Cloud-based easy to install hosting solution

The other option is a cloud-based hosted solution. What does that mean?  Customers may access the service through different applications installed on their computers or mobile devices. You pay a fixed rate per each agent and receive a ready-to-go solution designed exactly for your needs. All technical issues aren’t your headache any longer. The maximum you had to worry about is the headsets for your office staff. What is convenient here – is your employees even do not need to work from the office. They can work from their homes or during the business trips.

Virtual office hosting solution


for each staff member with equipment included

Setup your own call-center in 3 easy steps:

✔ Place an order

✔ Receive the equipment

✔ Connect to a local network

 24/7 multilingual support for your call-center included

Front Desk Helpers Co is the hosted service provider

Front Desk Helpers Co will help you with remote employees. We specialize in the setting up the virtual offices and organizing remote workers for businesses. Our experts will choose a remote team of professionals for you in the field where you are occupied. It will help you to cut costs: to avoid office routine and health insurance medical expenses, vacation or sick days; unemployment or staff replacement.

The provider of hosted solutions will take care of the rest. They, actually, have the necessary equipment, regularly deal with different software and may choose the best variant for you and keep it up. Actually, it is reasonable – if we are ill we go to a doctor, if something is wrong with a car – to a mechanic. So, if we need a call center – we should address a professional in this area. 

Being a remote service, hosted call center solution is fully customizable. So, any cloud-based contact center, cloud call center, call center hosting, virtual call center or another kind of virtual service center can be set up on your demand. And all the features will fit your business area activity.

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