Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services

Why do we need bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a part of the company management structure, so it keeps all financial accounting. This kind of services is provided to certain members, first of all, for directors or business owners. Bookkeeping keeps tracking the information about the financial position of the company. Actually, bookkeeping helps you keep your company’s books and finances on track. Business owners should remember that bookkeeping consists of record payables and receivables, but that’s not the end of the story! The reality is more than that – bookkeeping is a guarantee of someone’s business security, power, and success.

Bookkeeping Services Remotely - Virtual Help for Business

Bookkeeping Services Remotely – Virtual Help for Business

General bookkeeping tasks

The main purpose of bookkeeping services is to provide proper transaction accounting and financial reports including the business’s characteristics and its technologies that accounting work with. Bookkeeping is based on accuracy, elucidation, sequence, continuity, an accrual and matching of revenues and expenses, substance over form, historical (actual) cost, the only money measure frequency, periodicity.

The bookkeeping and accounting all together are including more than just business’s support role or it’s technical needs. Specialists deal with taxes, business planning, creating the financial statements by making month-end closing entries. It also includes duties like data entry, a creation of invoices, adjusts entries etc.

There are different virtual remote bookkeeping services. Those of them, which give a reliable and accurate solution at optimum cost, are especially relevant. So, you think why you have to choose us over the others? Probably, because we are time-tested and proven bookkeeping service. Our virtual bookkeepers’ schedule is flexible and can be adjusted on your demand. They also can update data on a daily basis if you really need it.

Main functions that Frontdeskhelpers can provide

  • Continuous accounting at the enterprise.
  • Organization of accounting according to the law and the constituent documents, ensure adherence to common methodological principles of accounting.
  • Monitoring compliance with the order of the primary documents.
  • Systematization of information that contained in the primary documents on accounts of synthetic and analytical accounting by double-entry.

Our responsibilities may include but are not limited to, performing and coordinating a variety of duties and tasks for a real bookkeeper or accountant in the office. This position can be a permanent part-time as well as a full-time position. Therefore, it’s up to you! Since we offer a fully customizable service, you have a chance to adjust all the options!

In addition, we want to give here is a couple of examples of our cooperation with other companies:

         Our responsibilities in OK Transport, Inc. were:

  • goods reservation;
  • setup with brokers;
  • full documentary support;
  • invoicing of the goods delivered;
  • the solution to all the problems that arise from the driver at the time of delivery;
  • preparation of IFTA report;
  • payment of the quarterly tax;
  • payment of personal and corporate current accounts;
  • the extension of the registration documents;
  • the control of receipt of payment for invoices to an account.

    Our responsibilities in All Heart Home Agency were to:

  • make timesheets;
  • make care plan in the system;
  • preparation of a report on overtime HHA;
  • preparation of cases for billings.

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