Today a lot of companies address to outsourcing third parties for an assistance in order to cut expenses and focus on earning more money. Outsourcing companies provide remote virtual services for businesses to help them grow and increase their income. Business owners have a chance to save time and money by delegating a part of work to remote staff and taking care of the most important for their companies things. Virtual staff assistance is very popular now and it’s not in vain. Remote virtual services become a solution for most growing companies. The last ones, most of all, want to save money and get professional help at the same time.

Our company provides a range of an in-house call center services. It may become a reliable outsourcing support for your business. No matter how long you are building your own industry, a year, 2 years or 3 weeks…We know exactly in what way our team can help you at your current stage. Our professional team can give you a helpful hand in the following areas, including but not limited to:

Frontdeskhelpers remote virtual services

  1. Virtual contact centers -inbound and outbound
  2. Virtual personal assistants
  3.  Bookkeeping
  4. Helpdesk support
  5. Telemarketing operator
  6. Telecommunication manager service
  7. Marketing research
  8. Data entry operator
  9. Virtual receptionist
  10. HR/ other departments outsourced services
  11. Remote technical support
  12. Outsource dispatch operator
  13. Dispatching
  14. Hosted solution for contact centers

 Also, our virtual staff will help you in other domains like word processing, event planning, excel tasks, project management, marketing, and business development. Shortly saying, all work which can be done remotely – our experts is ready to help with.

Remote virtual services for business | Call center | Help Desk Support

Remote virtual services for business | Call center | Help Desk Support

Virtual contact centers -inbound and outbound

For example, you already automated your sales and support services but while some people still prefer to call you directly. Maybe they’ve got an issue with a service or have other questions that need to be answered urgently. Customers like being in touch and communicate with businesses via the phone, SMS, and social media. These methods are the most familiar ways for your clients to contact you. It is instant and more personal. Try to mix your approaches in your B2C communications and offer your customers omnichannel choice.  As a result, it will definitely be viewed more professionally.

In this case, you would prefer to create a call center or contact center to enhance the customer experience.  Therefore, it is better for your business to hire virtual employees or get some help from an outsourcing company. They already have their virtual business support services and can customize it on your demand.

Virtual personal assistants

Very often managers of a higher rank have to be multitask-workers and they simply need some extra help in various fields starting from everyday planning and up to booking hotels or mailing. And frankly speaking, there is no need for such helpers to be nearby. Instant Internet excess, smartphones and other types of communication allow hiring a remote personal assistant who will perform working duties on a constant or hourly basis. or company will help you in finding the right person with a demanded number of skills according to your needs, so you won’t waste your time surfing through hundreds of resumes or CVs. Your personal assistant will have a telephone line, chat or other variants of communication on your demand and will be ready to help exactly when it’s necessary.    

Therefore, to help you grow your business we also offer a wide range of outsourcing support services. Our company can organize an administrative support and executive assistance, help desk support, Internet research campaigns and IT support, telecommunications, telemarketing, telephone answering and other kinds of remote services for you.

Frontdeskhelpers solution is flexible and easily customizable!

Our remote team is providing 24-hour call center services while your business team builds a new strategy for your company. Whether you are looking for remote helpdesk support service or outsourcing online virtual support service, we are flexible!  We will customize a solution in order to fit your specific requirements and provide you with needed remote/virtual assistance.

First of all, our company’s goal is to help your business grow by using our knowledge and experience with other companies. Secondly, we want to grow professionally by our selves. That means every company or every single customer that uses one of our services or maybe some range of them is an integral participant in the formation of our professionalism. We work to save you time and money!

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Using VoIP call center, you don’t need to look for an office for our team. That means we can provide your company with high quality outsourced customer care from our own office. Our professionals are able to allow the business to open up simply by providing quality service in the right direction. At the time, you will be able to reach new levels of your business.

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