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It is our deep experience in hiring remote employees for projects of any size and difficulty that makes us the best option as a Remote Employee Outsourcing Service... for you!

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  • Up to 50% cheaper in operating costs
  • Saving on Office and Equipment Rental
  • Increases Employee Efficiency
  • You Control All Processes
  • Dedicated Project Manager
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We do all the Remote Employee Management for Your Company to Enjoy Remote Employment Opportunities!

The results of teleworking indicate a 10-20% increase in employee productivity. Why? When your employees work in an office environment, they may tend to increase the amount of time needed to complete tasks, because if they complete them earlier, they are more likely to be assigned new tasks to complete the remaining time. As a result, they are not motivated to maximize their daily tasks in the office.

  • Remote Employee Recruitment Expands the Potential of Your Staff
  • You get employees with a broader thinking
  • Remote Performance Helps Create Trusted Relationships
  • Less Staff Rotation

Forget the Problems and Challenges of Managing Remote Employees and Optimize Your Business Ensuring You Can Sell Better!

Today, many of the barriers that have limited teleworking in the past are disappearing. Technology has developed enough to make it easier and more frequent for employees to work from home. Today, we recommend taking that change in business mentality, and to take that big step, at Front Desk Helpers we work very hard to provide solutions so that you don't have to worry about the most common challenges for entrepreneurs.

  • Don't Worry About Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

  • Don't Worry about Labor Laws for Remote Employees

  • Don't Worry About How to Maintain Safety When Employees Work Remotely

  • Don't Worry About How to Supervise Remote Employees

  • Don't Worry About How to Support Remote Employees

  • Don't worry about finding the best way to communicate with remote employees

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Remote Employee Hiring Services

Our Experienced Professionals Are Ready to Help You with HIPAA Compliance for Remote Employees and Any Type Of Business

Dozens of customer cases that our team of professionals has accumulated in the business field of Remote Employee Outsourcing is the best example of how we can help businesses facilitate sales. We have been leaders in this field of work for years, as evidenced by our portfolio. Front Desk Helpers, as a business partner in outsourcing services, has gained an amazing amount of support from our customers around the world.

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  • Outsourcing of Remote Virtual Assistance Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Dispatching Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Technical Support Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Information Technology (IT) Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Software and Application Development Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Back-Office Support Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Call Center and Customer Service Specialists
  • Outsourcing of Remote Sales and Telemarketing Specialists

Always Stay Ahead of the Competition by Hiring Remote Employees for Any Project

We are a great team of experienced professionals and are excited to make our mark in the field of remote employee outsourcing whatever industry your business is in. Remote professionals help drive your business and generate more profit for your company. We offer you custom employees who are perfectly suited to your business needs, understanding your requirements in the best way.

Outsourcing of Remote Virtual Assistance Specialists

Your virtual assistant can work anywhere on the planet. In addition to experience and knowledge in a certain field, all you need to do your job is a computer and a good Internet connection. Our virtual assistants are first class and specialized in a particular field. For example, you may need someone to help you market your business digitally. And in the universe of virtual assistants there are highly qualified professionals who can perform this function. However, a specialized assistant knows he can achieve exceptional results in a specific area of digital marketing, such as creating advertising campaigns, developing content, SEO strategy, creating conversion funnels, etc. First, you must know the real needs of your brand and then ask for specialized help. And this can make it a really effective investment for your business.

Outsourcing of Remote Dispatching Specialists

A logistics agent is a specialist who is responsible for designing and organizing all strategies and processes related to the logistics and supply chain aspects of another company. Our remote logistics operation specialists take care of the processes and activities related to the storage of goods and products. They also perform tasks such as handling and classification of customer goods, and then manage their shipment and distribution. On the other hand, they stand out in the tasks related to the transportation of goods. FDH operators are also in charge of organizing delivery times to customers, ordering the most appropriate transportation services for each operation, and tracking and tracing. They also plan the most efficient routes and manage the necessary customs procedures. All a plus to make your project closer.

Outsourcing of Remote Technical Support Specialists

We offer specialized remote IT support employees who provide IT support. They are responsible for guiding customers and teaching them how to use or solve a specific IT problem related to the company's IT products and services. These products may include computers, smart phones, software or other various technologies. They are highly trained to diagnose and resolve technical problems by phone, email or online support chat. An IT support technician should be prepared to receive customer complaints/questions. And to better serve the customer, we offer experienced and qualified professionals with the products for which they provide technical support. So, just try FDH's specialists and see the results!

Outsourcing of Remote Information Technology (IT) Specialists

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specialist is responsible for the design and maintenance of information storage, processing and delivery systems. During the development of the system, the ICT expert can design and implement specific devices together with the rest of the development team. At the same time, it is important to consider what changes may be necessary in the future. The installation of information technology components is also an important part of the ICT specialist's work. This may include making recommendations about the client's software and hardware, as well as performing the installation personally. Once the installation is complete, the ICT professional should continually review it, which may include training personnel who are ready to take on the task. Some companies have an internal IT department that provides ongoing maintenance and support. In our case, FDH offers you remote employees to perform this service externally achieving high efficiency and cost savings.

Outsourcing of Remote Software and Application Development Specialists

We offer multidisciplinary remote employees highly prepared to offer you the most appropriate solution to meet the challenges and specificities of your organization. Our long experience in this sector and the ability to adapt to the changing environment of new technologies makes us a supplier that must be taken into account for your project. As our client, you will feel heard at all times, only then we can find the best solution for your business. Therefore, we offer personalized attention and constant communication.

Outsourcing of Remote Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialists

FDH accountants are trained to act as financial advisors, auditors and seek to maximize client benefits in an effort to reduce costs. The most common functions of our accountants are; performing financial audits, documenting financial statements for clients, managing financial documentation, systems and budgets, advising clients on financial issues, including improving their operations and reducing costs. Find out how Front Desk Helpers' remote accountants can help you ensure that your business is more efficient!

Outsourcing of Remote Back-Office Support Specialists

This is one of the most common concepts in a business organization. But what exactly is its purpose? The Back Office is the part of the company that focuses on the tasks related to the management of the company itself. Therefore, there is no direct contact with the customer (as in the case of IT or HR tasks). The remote employees that we offer you from Front Desk helpers are specialists in providing back office services for companies, adapting to the specific needs of the clients. The key element in the management of a company is the back office, performed by the company itself or by subcontractors of other companies as part of the outsourcing service. We will be happy to talk to you without obligation, and make us an accomplice in the management of your company!

Outsourcing of Remote Call Center and Customer Service Specialists

We call customer service to the service that a business organization offers in order to relate to its customers. Thus, the customer must get the desired product at the right time and place, in addition to knowing how to use it properly. In Front Desk Helpers we know how important is the customer service to retain new customers and give them all the support they need. To achieve this, our remote employees use a series of marketing strategies and techniques based on the following concepts: reliability, accessibility, security and empathy. If these components are achieved, it is very certain that the customer will become regular and the company will make a profit.

Outsourcing of Remote Sales and Telemarketing Specialists

Telemarketing is a telesales or telephone sales service which allows you to increase the turnover of your organization. We offer highly qualified remote employees so that you can make the most of each contact, analyzing the objectives, desires and buying behavior of your leads and customers to better adapt to them in the future campaign. With real salespeople perfectly trained for telesales, who have become strategic consultants. In Front Desk Helpers we take care of understanding the real needs of the clients and adapting to them. Respect and excellent treatment are the cornerstones to carry out this activity with total professionalism. We know how to take care of the image of the brand as our own. Because our achievement is to make you make a profit, be prepared to significantly increase response rates and achieve a return on investment!

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