Why will artificial intelligence and chatbots never replace the call center operator?

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Chatbots are available in most mobile devices and websites

Progress never stops, and every year new technologies and methods are introduced to make every day work easier, to make life and work more comfortable and enjoyable.

Over the past decades, such a profession as call center operator has become virtually indispensable, as workers are needed in banking, medical, industrial, and many other areas of human activity. This is a person who is the connecting part between the client and the company, and therefore the results of his work directly affects the efficiency and success of the company as a whole.

But can a call center operator be replaced by a Chatbot or artificial intelligence?

It takes money to maintain a call center, and it is not always possible for a company to allocate enough money to operate a large call center. In order to save money, companies try to find more profitable and efficient solutions, among which Chatbots are the most attractive option. But can a Chatbot or artificial intelligence really replace a call center operator?

Advantages of a call center operator over a Chatbot

Before introducing Chatbots in your company, it is advisable to carefully analyze your customer groups based on several parameters and assess the situation rationally. Will a chat-bot effectively serve the client, solve the problem and generally help the company to reach the next level of development?

  1. Many people still prefer to communicate with a live person, not a robot, which sometimes can’t find the right answer. 
  2. Elderly people who find it difficult to touch new technologies and applications simply will not be able to use Chatbots and need additional support.
  3. A chat-bot can be very smart and effective, but the number of calls to live operators exceeded the number of questions solved by the Chatbot.
  4. Loyalty of clients depends on many factors, among which quick and qualified assistance in service plays a very important role. 
  5. Non-standard tasks and situations happen quite often, and their solution will require the involvement of a “live” person who understands how to get out of this problem the best.
Call center work

Yes, although Chatbots couldn’t ever replace live call center operators, most businesses use a combined solution: when remote call centers are supported by Chatbots and artificial intelligence to improve customer support service, reduce response time and optimize the call center work at some stages of communication.

In our portfolio there are successful Front Desk Helpers cases of implement innovative Chatbot automation for best front desk and client support services. For example, to cluster callers on the phone line, reducing the waiting time. In addition, there are a considerable number of tasks that a Chatbot can help you solve. And they still expand every day!

Most demanded Chatbot functions

Most popular Chatbot functions:

  • answer simple questions;
  • sales follow up;
  • customer support and service greetings;
  • help find the information on the site;
  • give personal recommendations and advice;
  • collecting the additional information;
  • put the customers on hold, apologize for holding on;
  • book an appointment, tickets, restaurant reservations, and hotel rooms;
  • perform delivery status and track orders;
  • promotions and discounts informing;
  • proactive triggers running;
  • process monetary transactions.

Popular built-in Chatbot for businesses

Popular customer support Chatbot for businesses:

  • ChatBots built into the most popular messengers and social media (Slack, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp other)
  • Chatbots made on the websites
  • Chatbots built-in business applications 
  • Chatbots built into voice management systems (like Siri)
Chatbot is operating request


Chatbots are highly-demanded in businesses nowadays. They cover many customer communication functions. But the business owner needs to have the right approach to problem-solving and choose customer service efficiency over profitable deals in the first place. In most ways, business Chatbots must be supported by a skilled team of support managers for the best client satisfaction.

Our company Front Desk Helpers will help to solve the problem of high-quality customer support: either by attracting qualified call center operators, or by implementing modern Chatbot technology, if the chatbot will really become an effective tool for your business to interact with customers.

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