What are the Business Services of the Remote Employees/Outsourcing Company?

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What is Information Technology?

Information technology is the investigation, development, realization, support, and administration of computer-based information systems. IT employees provide consultations and help with the program installation. IT is generally acquired in the context of the business field as opposed to private usage.

The technology involves a variety of specialists, such as developers, coders, engineers, analysts, CIOs, systems administrators. In truth, the list of IT jobs is endless. The matter is that every professional is engaged in computer support work. The employees might help other colleagues with desktop issues or develop the essential programs of an enterprise.

What are the Business Services of the Remote Employees/Outsourcing Company?
IT outsourcing is in great request worldwide

One of the directions is the IT outsource that is in great request worldwide. Such companies work remotely, providing advisors, technical support, and system management. We work both with software and hardware. Our company uses proprietary web-based telecommunication and HR management platform for such areas, like retail, e-commerce, telecommunication, call center services, dispatching and other. In this way, our remote technical support assistants assure you in a high level of customer communication and flexibility offering solutions, to correct the arising issues to avoid any difficulties.

What services do we suggest?

Our innovative and skilled workers assist with bookkeeping, helpdesk support, telecommunication, marketing research, and data operation. We also provide virtual receptionist and personal assistants service, back-office support, technical IT-support, dispatching services, and virtual contact centers.

We offer plenty of remote employees professions who accomplish work of varying complexity. You can fill in an online form and our manager contacts you soon. Our customer support will help you contact the necessary department, where you will receive a necessary consultation and assistance in hiring employees.

The main advantage is that we provide services for every aspect of the business. They include transportation, marketing, technical support, accounting, and sales. In this way, you can find everything in one place. You can choose an employee who meets your requirements as much as possible. If by any criteria, the employee’s skills do not meet your requirements, we will be happy to offer you another professional.

Our remote employes are qualified personnel, you can see how we work and select the most appropriate and skilled team to get the best results and boost your revenue immediately!

Call center services

Business development requires the organization of effective feedback – that is why the call center is in demand. It is a specialized structure responsible for contact with the target audience. Only large companies can afford to have such a structure in their subordination. It is much cheaper to order outsourcing services: from one to several operators for solving specific targets. On our website, you can request a trusted contractor providing call center operator services. We offer outsourcing sales agent and customer support agent services. 

Modern call center offer different telecomuunication services and qualified support
The introduction of modern technological innovations in the call center will require professionals to work with your clients to provide qualified support

Outsourced sales agent

Collection and processing of contact databases, work with incoming and outgoing traffic, promotion of goods and services of customer companies through various communication channels, partial or complete transaction management.

Customer support agent

We can organize a customer support department, taking into account the need for knowledge of languages, the specifics of the direction of activity, and the necessary pass-through function of the contact center.

Our operators call the list of customers in order to talk about new features, advertising services, messages about changes. This is the routine work that any business faces with and which is best delegated to call center operators. It leads to conversion increase and you are also supplied with ready-made scripts.

Dispatching services

We offer 3 types of dispatching: couriers, trucks’ drivers and locksmith services companies. Our employees are dispatchers, who are responsible for delivery control. For such specialists, it is necessary to receive information about freight’s weight and the delivery place.

Couriers deliver the goods safely and reliably. The main focus is to transfer the production on time. The provision of comfortable and safe goods’ transportation plays a significant role in our work. A traffic controller contacts a courier at any moment in order to clarify the specific details while transporting the commodity. We have an individual approach to each client to agree upon the price and way of delivery.

The demand for the services of companies involved in freight transportation is actively growing. Especially often, there is a need for the trucks’ drivers. We cooperate with a large number of trucks’ drivers who transport cargo within the loading range: for example, complex technical structures. Our workers transport the commodity for long distances. They understand the principles of the goods’ transportation, bracing and proper placement of goods.

Truck and Driver dispatching virtual services are starting from a few $/hour
Thanks to our own proprietary dispatching platform we can offer dispatching services starting from $10/hour

Except for couriers and trucks’ drivers, we offer locksmith dispatching. Dispatchers receive calls from customers and monitor the work of technicians, assigning the tasks. The technicians follow the orders and open emergency locks in apartments, cars, safes, etc. While we provide remote operators for the call center of the Locksmith company. Our operators are skilled to control the process and collaborate with clients and performers. Here one needs accuracy and thoroughness to inquire into details of an order. The cost should be distinctly identified. 

The cost starts at $10 per hour. The courier service is fully responsible for the safety and confidentiality of your goods and performs timely delivery.

Marketing services

Our professional marketers conduct a qualitative market analysis. Front Desk Helpers is ready to manage a market analysis for any request. You might adhere to such demands, as the market survey, customer satisfaction survey, and customer service survey. With the market analysis, you will get information on your competitors, economic changes, and the current market stage. A customer satisfaction survey allows you to identify content and unpleased customers. While the customer service survey gives the opportunity to improve the work of the support team. In this way, you can realize the issues the team faces and correct them.

On this basis, we can formulate clear recommendations concerning business profitability. Leave a request right now and achieve your goals.

First, we will determine the goals and objectives of market analysis. We use the information provided by clients, and conduct separate market research, identifying volume, requirements, buying patterns, and market capacity. It is vital to study the competition level. The initial step is to assess the size of the market locally or nationally. Then we define a number of potential customers and their accessibility. We cannot but mention the market need for new product implementation. There are also certain barriers, such as licenses, state regulation, high-cost branding, and needed resources. In all these fields, our company provides consultation and assistance both of a separate employee, and the formation of teams to solve large and long-term tasks, and project management.

Second, identify the potential market capacity and factors that may affect the increase or decrease in capacity. The study of a consumer is essential on this stage, as well as the clarification of the weak sides and desires. A clear understanding of how to work with clients and competitors will help to modernize own communication mechanism and, as a result, increase sales. Importantly, we should understand what guides people to choose a particular product or service.

The analysis includes research on the effectiveness of advertising and various methods of promotion. We should understand what specific characteristics of a product to highlight to reach the target audience. In this way, a forecast of an achievable sales level can be presented.

Software development services

Our company provides a full cycle of services for software development, implementation, and technical support. In addition, we suggest helpdesk and back-office support services. Our help desk support agents can cover night shifts, thus you will not pay higher salaries. Back-Office support includes maintenance, data tracking, accounting, and recruiting service. Both communication with clients and not client-facing services are covered. We prepare documents, manage relations with clients, control the profit, etc. The back office greatly contributes to the reputation of a company. Helpdesk support suggests 24/7 monitoring of client’s inquiries. The usage of own solutions in diverse projects determines the intended outcome. However, our company continues to inform you about the different stages of software development.

Our professionals deal not only with the development but with the modernization of user interfaces and the design of software tools. We developed modules that allow us to work with significant amounts of data reliably and quickly, and we are responsible for the saving of data and the solidity of work algorithms. 

You can surely adhere to process consulting and audit of software quality. In the process of software creation, the difficulty is in a set of commands to perform certain processes. Moreover, the adaptation of the software system to the user and control provision is not less important.

    Bookkeeping services

    Our remote employees are ready to provide efficient accounting for your company. We deal with documentation, taxes, bills, salaries, and pay sheets. It is a rather popular service not only for owners of small and medium-sized businesses but also for large companies. They need to remove the burden from their full-time specialists. Outsource accounting is widespread and constantly improving.

    The experience shows that outsource accounting services guarantees the development of a small-scale business, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate more on their own business. Transferring the functions of accounting and tax reporting on a contractual basis makes it possible to minimize tax payments. Moreover, it propels the work with tax authorities to the new level. Outsourcing of accounting services involves long-term accounting support.

    Our outsourcing company conducts not only remote accounting but also engages in accounting and financial reporting, calculates wages, restores accounting in the company if necessary. Furthermore, we carry out the function for maintaining primary documentation, such as invoices, acts, etc. High-quality support from a professional outsourcing company is the key to the development and prosperity of your business!

    Outsourcing services

    There are essential advantages of outsourcing services:

    • you do not need  to pay taxes for monthly wages, vacation pay, sick leave, endure the temporary absence of a specialist in the workplace;
    • you economize on the arrangement of the workplace. There is no need for procurement and support of computer equipment, purchase office supplies, and specialized software;
    • outsourcing professionals do not need transportation support;
    • there is no need for motivation for regular employees (motivation includes an increase in wages, bonuses, etc.);
    • there are advanced team management capabilities. It’s implemented through the introduction of modern online personnel management platforms;
    • collaborating with an outsourcing company, you avoid expenses such as hiring process, training, probation, medical insurance. In this way, you receive at the disposal of a trained employee or a whole team.

    The influence of remote employees services on your company and clients

    In a virtual environment, a company deals with highly competent employees all over the world. This means the possibility to choose the most efficient and skilled workers. Cooperating with us, you can improve the quality and quantity of work accomplished. No matter what the difficulty of the task is, we select the appropriate professionals with corresponding qualifications. You will significantly benefit from the work with a certain focus.

    You will see the considerable positive changes in financing and reporting. In this way, it is easier to evaluate working systems and implement new standards. Only when you clearly notice critical issues, it is possible to alternate the outcomes to a beneficial situation. So, the economic advantage of remote collaboration is one of the most important aspects.

    Moreover, you receive responsible and organized workers who deliver the work on time and stick to deadlines. Such an atmosphere gives you the ability to withstand competitiveness on the market. When every employee is motivated and reliable, the stabilization on the market significantly increases. Consequently, the competence of the workers maintains the balance and strength of an enterprise.

    We assign a team leader who will help you to solve critical tasks, based on instructions provided, deliver reports, etc. Our remote employees work for our company, and we are responsible for the result. They function under the contract between our company and a client.

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