Live Chat Support

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Live chat is a convenient way to connect with those visiting your website. All questions and concerns can be answered in real time. Live chat, paired with all our other great communications services, helps to upkeep and strengthen client relationships and your brand’s image.

live chat support

Live Chat support is suitable for

Customer Support

Ideal and effective customer service is available at all times on the client’s own terms. Meaning, wherever and whenever they may need assistance. Clients may prefer chat because of the real time accessibility and the freedom to multitask while chatting. In our busy and mobile world, chat-room solutions are a necessity. Chat conversations can be resolved on the spot or transferred to another channel. They can even be converted to a trouble ticket.

Visitor Concierge

Your website is the face of your organization to many of your potential and current customers. A polite and personalized concierge experience can make your contacts feel welcomed. Thank your repeat customers and visitors, and offer special assistance to those who are meeting you for the first time. By creating a memorable interaction with your contacts, you ensure repeat visits.

Tech Support

Live chat enables you to provide instant technical support. Our agents are trained to be able to provide full resolutions, or simply tier one support. For the latter, they will hand off complex support requests to an internal team more prepared for the job.

Lead Acquisition

Capture prospects and actionable leads at the peak time of interest by reaching out to your site visitors. By capturing contact information, you can build your database. With that, you can best serve your potential clients and build a pipeline for future marketing endeavors. We provide you with actionable data that would be otherwise unobtainable.

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